The Heart Never Grows Old

The Heart Never Grows Old

"Oh well here goes nothing" Sam sighed to herself as she stepped through the blue event horizon. The SGC had received a call from the Tok'ra a few days ago inviting them to attend a martial arts orientation. Which basically meant that they would be engaging in handto -hand combat with Tok'ra who specialised in martial arts. However jack had been volunteered to train a few cadets who were selected by the joint chiefs to participate in the stargate project. O'Neill hadn't been happy to do that at the time but he soon got over it when the Tok'ra called in fact he was for some reason ecstatic that he was training the cadets.

Daniel poor thing was ill in the infirmary yet again. He had contracted a very sophisticated virus on a planet that they had recently visited. He had been looking really pale for days, and then when he collapsed in the gate room well that was it old doc Frazier wouldn't let him out of her sight. Not that any of her nurses cared they enjoyed tending to Daniel's every whim. Especially giving him sponge baths lucky devil. Daniel failed to see though why they did it so often.
So that left Sam and Teal'c. Teal'c was quite looking forward to spending time with the Tok'ra. He would finally have a good sparring partner who could match him in strength not that Teal'c minded sparring with O'Neill its just that he didn't put up much of a fight.
Sam was looking forward to seeing her father again and maybe Martouf if he wasn't doing anything. According to the last time she had seen her father Martouf had been given a promotion by the high council. He was now in charge of the all of the soldiers and the Tok'ra equivalent of armed forces. Sam remembered from Jolinar how skilled a fighter he was and was looking forward to maybe going one on one with him if he was there and had the time.
Sam and Teal'c would probably stay the weekend and so they decided that they would each were civilian clothing and not SGC uniforms it would help them blend in with the Tok'ra culture as quite a few members of the Tok'ra did not were beige uniform.
Teal'c not being for earth wore black trousers and shirt under a long brown robe.
Sam on the other hand couldn't decide what she wanted to wear. She wanted to look feminine and yet tough like a man. In the end she decided on a pair of blue boot cut jeans, a bright pink top that had I am your queen respect me written on it in bold gold letters and a pair of black sensible boots.
Sam really excited to be seeing her father. It was about time that they spent some proper time together. After Naetu they were supposed to go on a father daughter vacation however there was an emergency back at the Tok'ra base and they never got to go.

Sam stepped out of the stargate clutching her bag, in which she had packed uncompleted work fresh clothes and a few other things.
Teal'c also had bag, which Sam assumed was full of candles.
The planet the Tok'ra were currently on was very hot, with dunes of sand that resembled the planet that SG-1 had first met the Tok'ra on. There were a few shrubs and desert planets scattered about.
There was a man about 6,2 grey hair and green eyes that had been sent to greet them and escort them to the council chamber.
Sam knew instantly were the transport rings were located. She could sense them because they were made of the same element that the stargate was made of. Since Jolinar has been in possession of her body Sam could sense other symbiotes and naqudah, which was really useful when they got a lost on a planet and they couldn't find their way. The rings whisked them down to the underground tunnels were the Tok'ra lived. The patterns of the crystals were different shades of blue and they were very relaxing when someone was stressed. As they made their way to the council chamber they bumped into many people. Some said hello and others nodded and some just stared at them. Sam had a feeling she knew everyone but she couldn't put names to faces, there were some faces that she didn't even know.
" Samantha, Teal'c how delightful it is to see you again" councillor Persus addressed them politely.
" High councillor Persus its good to see you. How are you?" Sam inquired making small talk which years of attending military social functions with her father had taught her.
"My health has never been better thank you and how may I ask are you" he replied honestly.
"I will feel much better when I see my father" Sam answered unaware that her father was standing right behind her.
"Well Sammie I am glad to know that you have missed your old dad," He said holding out his arms, giving his daughter a big hug.
Teal'c raised his eyebrow and cocked his head to one side. Jacob then turned to Teal'c and held his hand out.
" I would hug you Teal'c except that Sam might get jealous," Jacob explained laughing. Sam thumped him playfully he pretended to be hurt. Teal'c shook Jacobs hand and bowed his head in acknowledgment. " Samantha I assure you, you don't have to anything that you don't want to" Persus tried to reassure her smiling briefly.
"Its not that high councillor, I might slow you down" Sam mumbled slightly embarrassed. Persus shook his head.
" I work all my classes at a steady pace so you won't be slowing me down" He insisted.
"Oh go on Sammie you will enjoy it" He father asserted giving her the please agree look. " aye ok let's get on with this" Sam answered.
Teal'c and Sam parted company. Teal'c went with Jacob and Sam went with Persus.

Sam had to admit it she had a great time. She had been pleased to see Aldwin and Korra again and they were pleased to see her. The morning past free of incident. Incident meaning any one insulting each other or Sam being sent to the healers.

Persus showed Sam to the Tok'ra equivalent of a mess hall. There were rows of tables and benches all made of the crystals There were about twenty people in there. Fifteen men and five women. Sam looked over to the table in the far corner where the high council was sat. Sam saw her dad, he didn't see her because he had his back to her. There was a woman about sixty earth years, medium build, silver hair sat next to him. Suddenly the woman turned to her father and she kissed him and it wasn't just a peck on the cheek either it was a proper kiss. Sam's jaw full opened.
"Dad has a girlfriend?"
Sam's shock was replaced by anger, hurt and resentment.
"How could he betray my mothers memory?
Garshaw saw Sam and waved to her. Sam shook her head disgustedly and walked out of the mess hall.
The other council members had witnessed this event also. Garshaw bowed her head to allow Yosef to speak.
"Jacob I think you had better go and see your daughter" She told him. Jacob studied her " Naw we agreed to meet here she's probably just still with Persus".
" I don't think so Jacob because Persus is over there and he has been here ever since you kissed Emerald" She whispered. It sunk in.
"OH you mean Sam... oh Emmer I'll see you later I have to go and find my daughter" Jacob announced getting up from the table.

Sam stormed down the corridor ignoring the looks she got form various people. Sam turned around a corner and she bumped into none other than Martouf.
"Samantha it is good to see you" Martouf said smiling he was very pleased to see her. He had thought that he was going to miss her because he had to go on an important expedition, but the leader of the expedition had postponed it until noon giving Martouf a chance to say hello to Samantha which he was really looking forward too...
"Piss off!!" Sam yelled angrily at him, shoving him out of her path and walking on.
Martouf was stunned.
"Jacob what is wrong with Samantha?" Martouf questioned he looked a little puzzled. Jacob sighed.
" Martouf Sam just saw me kissing Emerald, I should have told her that I was seeing emerald before we arrived" Jacob retorted. Martouf gulped, Jacob was obviously angry and he wasn't going to do or say anything to anger him further.
"Did you see where she went?" the senior carter asked him.
"She went down there after telling me to piss off" Martouf replied cautiously. Jacob's face reddened.
"She told you to what. There was no need to take it out upon you" Jacob snarled as he waltzed off down the corridor to find his daughter. Martouf decided to follow him to make sure that father and daughter didn't rip each other apart. For they were both two very stubborn, strong individuals whom he had great respect for.
Sam made it to the end of the corridor without being stopped. She hadn't a clue were she was going she was just wandering around trying to avoid a confrontation. Which way should I go?
Someone shouting her name from behind interrupted her musing.
Sam turned around and scowled.
"Why should I listen to you when you can't even be bothered to tell me that you have a girlfriend" She demanded hands on hips.
"Sam emerald and I we are dating if you like and we are serious about our feeling for each other. I was going to tell you, it's just that well I got distracted" said her father bluntly. Sam shook her head.
"How could you betray mom's memory like that?" She questioned fighting the urge to bawl like a baby.
"Sam we both know your mom wouldn't have wanted me to be alone for the rest of my life and emmer is really nice" Jacob waited a moment before adding softly " Why don't you come back to the mess with me and meet her?" Sam folded her arms and took on the stance of a predator about to pounce on her pray.
"Ok I will come back with you but only to see Garshaw". Jacob rested his hand on his daughters shoulder. She shrugged it off.
"Jacob is everything alright?" Martouf inquired sensing the tension. "Its gonna be" He replied quietly. Martouf nodded his head in compliance. Sam refused to meet his gaze. She felt so bad about saying what she did to Martouf.. There was need to have gone off at him like she did.

On entering the mess the council waved them over. Sam scowled at them letting them know that she wasn't happy. There smiles soon disappeared. The woman that had kissed her father rose from her seat and turned to face Sam. She smiled at Sam and held her hand out to Sam. Sam ignored her hand and decided to sit in the empty chair next to Persus. Jacob sat back down next to emmer and resumed eating his meal
"Samantha would you like something to eat?" Yosef asked her.
"I am not hungry"
"Would you like a drink?"
"I am not thirsty, in fact you know I think I might just go and ..." She started to get up when her father banged his cup down hard on the table. Everyone jumped "ok" Sam mumbled as she sat back down.
At that Martouf walked in.
"Samantha would you like to come with me to deliver some zatniketels to our operatives that are on the northern Hemisphere of this planet?".
"Um yeah alright, Persus is it ok if I go with Martouf instead" Sam asked in her best pleading voice.
"Yes you may" Sam got up from the table. She didn't even bother to say goodbye to her father.

Martouf and Samantha Must have been walking for an hour without either of them speaking. The planet wasn't completely desert. For some reason in the northern hemisphere there were jungles and mountains. With animals.
"How far do we have to go before we reach the rings that can transfer us to the Tok'ra tunnels in the northern hemisphere?". Martouf stopped walking, turned around and spun Sam around so that she was in front of him. Sam was a little shocked.
" Thirty minutes. Samantha, I know you must be very angry with your father for not telling you about emerald straight away but you and I both know that he has been very lonely for many years".
It is in my opinion that emerald is the best companion for him. She is very loyal, compassionate and stubborn. A great match for your father...." Sam dragged her arm free, turned around and started walking again leaving Martouf hanging on his words.
Martouf soon caught up with her looking rather afraid.
"Samantha if I have said something to upset you then I am sorry it was not my intention" He apologised looking for signs of forgiveness. His last words just made Sam scowl more.
"I am not going to let her take my father away from me" She whispered.
It suddenly dawned on Martouf why Samantha had taken up arms against Emerald. Sam thought that emerald was going to shut Sam out of Jacob's life. Which was far from the truth. Emerald loved Jacob and she wanted to be a part of Sam's life for emerald joined the Tok'ra when she was very young and never had chance for a family. But at the same time emerald didn't want Sam to think that she wanted to replace Sam's mother.
"Samantha emerald doesn't want to take your father away from you she only asks to share him with you". Martouf looked really cute when he flashed those pleading puppy dog's eyes.
"He is all I have " Sam muttered quietly but loud enough for Martouf to hear. He looked confused. Sam's face softened as she prepared to spill her heart out to him.
" I was a total complete bitch to her,I guess I was jealous of my father for finding someone who loves him"
Sam breathed heavily and dropped her gaze to the ground.
"Because I am lonely, I have no one and I know its not all my own fault that I don't trust men. You know it would be really nice to have someone to hold me on a cold night or someone to talk to. I can't even have a relationship with any one from my home planet because of Jolinar"
Martouf really looked confused now. His back had straightened at the mention of his dead mate and he wondered what Jolinar had to do with Sam not being able to love anyone.
"What has Jolinar done?" he asked inquisitively.
"Well if I did meet someone out side of the SGC he would want to get married and have kids and because of the naqudah and protein marker I... well there would be a lot of questions. Questions that I can't answer due to the stargate being classified. I could fob him off with a cover story but it wouldn't last for long. Besides relationships don't survive when there are secrets you know that" Sam answered wishing that she hadn't said the last part about secrets.
Martouf knew Samantha had meant the secret that Jolinar had kept from him. The one about what she had had to do to escape Naetu. The hell planet that she had been trapped on.
The sparkle in Martouf's eyes disappeared for a moment but soon returned.
"Then we both have the same problem".
Sam stopped walking and turned to him. He was smiling.
"OH?" was all she said giving him the chance to explain.
" I too am lonely".
Sam knew where this conversation was going, but pretended that she hadn't a clue what he was talking about.
" That s a real shame Martouf, I mean for someone of your intelligence and beauty I would have thought that you would have the women queuing a mile long" Sam added playfully.
He was blushing. Martouf was blushing like a little schoolgirl that had been caught round the back of the bike sheds getting up to something that she shouldn't be.
"I have had many an offer" He laughed honestly.
"Many very beautiful,but none quite as beautiful as you" He purred shyly.
Now she was blushing bright red how dare he embarrass her?
" But I haven't offered yet" Sam replied innocently.
He was clearly enjoying flirting playfully. He grinned out of anticipation.
"Martouf will ya be me boyfriend?" She asked in the most girlish voice. He contemplated it for a minute.
"I am unsure as to the term boyfriend but if you are asking me to be your mate then I accept". A slight pain coursed through Martouf's head causing him to grimace.
"As does Lantash" he added quickly.
Sam leaned closer to him. He pulled her closer. Sam saw the passion surge through his eyes. Her heart started to beat faster and he felt it. He leaned in to kiss her, she didn't try to fight him. It started off real slow for they were both very unsure. But as there confidence grew so did the kiss. Sam wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Sam was very aroused as was Martouf. When they broke apart for air, they rested their foreheads against each other.
"Wow" Was all Sam could say as she got her breath back. Martouf grinned.
"You liked that.... So do Lantash and I".
"Martouf we had better take these zats to whomever. Because if we stand here much longer well I might be tempted". He nodded his head knowingly. He took her hand in his and they continued on their mission.

The Tok'ra on the northern continent were pleased to see them. Apparently they had put in the request for the zats three week's ago because the ones they had had been blown up accidentally or so they claimed.

The journey back was pleasant. Although the air crackle with sexual tension.
"I love you" Sam blurted out before thinking.
"We love you too" replied Martouf.
"Martouf did you give the shipment of zatniketels to our northern colony?" Master Garshaw asked. Martouf and Sam both bowed their heads as a sign of respect.
"I did indeed master Garshaw they were... most pleased to see us" Martouf explained a little twinkle in his beautiful grey eyes.
"Hmmm lets just wish they do not blow these up as well. Very well carryon" She added.
Martouf bowed again and turned to leave.
"Martouf you go on I will see you later".
"Master Garshaw may I have a word with you?". Martouf left looking a little disappointed.
Garshaw gazed at Sam curiously. They started to walk slowly through the crystal tunnels.
" I am sorry about my.. behaviour today in the mess, it was a shock finding out that dad has a girlfriend. But before you say anything I fully intend to apologise to my dad and emerald" Sam apologised to the leader of the Tok'ra who wasn't as intimidating when she was on her own.
"Then you haven't heard"
"Heard what... master Garshaw?"
" Jacob and emerald have broken apart, you are very important to him and he chose between you and emerald. Emerald understood why but she was very upset and has hidden herself in her private chamber".
Sam was horrified and felt really guilty.
" I didn't know that" She stammered.
"Hmm your father too has hidden himself away"
Oh the guilt was piling up by the second. She had to do something to get her father and emerald back together.
"Where is emerald's chamber?"
Garshaw stopped suddenly.
"Samantha I do not think that your going to see her is a good idea".
"Master Garshaw I have to do something...after splitting him and emmer up what's he going to think when I tell him that Martouf and I... Opps".
Garshaw's ears practically pricked up like a homing beacon at the mention of Martouf's name.
"What I mean to say is that Martouf and I have been getting better acquainted" Sam added blushing profusely. Making Garshaw laugh.
"Well it is about time that the two of you got your act together".
"Hmm well I had better go and find dad I owe him an apology".
Sam started to head off down the tunnel when she heard Garshaw shout.
"Down the end of this tunnel take a right then straight down the bottom and on your left is emerald's chamber"

"Emerald may I speak with you" Sam asked in her best I want to be your friend voice.
Emerald was sat at her desk working on a hologram of a star system.
"Samantha I am extremely busy right now..."
"It will only take a moment"
Emerald sighed, put down what she was doing and turned to face Sam. The woman looked like she had been crying. It was all Sam's fault for acting like a spoilt teenager.
" Emerald I am very sorry about what I did and said earlier. It was a shook to find out about you non-the less I was rude, arrogant ok I was a total bitch towards you and I am very sorry. While I was walking Martouf and I had a talk and I came to realise that he was right. You and dad are so perfect together and I am jealous. I am also scared that you would take him away from me... but I have come to realize that you only want to share him and I wish you and he every bit of luck" Sam spoke quickly not giving emerald time to but in.
The woman's eyes were still glassy thought there was some hint of warmth and forgiveness in them.
"Samantha I would never try to take your father away from you. You mean the world to him. Besides it doesn't matter because we have broken up" .
The poor woman looked like a lovesick puppy. Sam laughed out loud bringing the woman out of her trans.
"What is so funny?" She asked wearily.
"You" She replied giggling.
Not giving emerald chance to reply she grabbed the old woman by her arm and dragged her out of the chamber to be Selmac was supposed to be working.

Her father looked miserable too.
"Hiya dad someone wants to see you" Sam called out cheerfully as she pushed emerald into his chamber. The two old people stared at each other.
"What is going on Sam?" her father demanded angrily not in the mood for another confrontation today.
"Dad I have been a bitch and there was no need. I Think you and emerald would make a lovely couple" She apologised quickly.
"Now just get your fat lazy ass over here right now and kiss her before she goes looking for someone elsewhere" Sam ordered hands on hips meaning business.
Jacob complied. Taking emerald in to his arms and kissing her. Sam sigh contentedly.
What had happened in this mess earlier that day forgotten. Her father and emerald where back together, Martouf and herself had confessed their feeling for each other.
Yep not a bad day at all.
The old couple stopped kissing and were staring at Sam intently.
"You know Martouf was here a while ago you know he actually smiled. I haven't seen him do that in a while". Sam blushed she was doing that a lot today.
"Martouf and I well we um we are..."
"Did I hear my name mentioned?" he asked as he walked into the chamber, he started to nuzzle Sam's ear. Jacob looked from Sam to Martouf and started laughing.
Yep both had ended up getting the one's that they loved.

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