That First Kiss

That First Kiss

Sam sat at her computer typing, no other sound but clicking of the keys and the hum of the generator could be heard. Sam had come to her lab in search of something to distract her from her train of disturbing thoughts, though she hadn’t succeeded. Her mind kept flashing back to the moment when the Ashrak had used the Hara'kash on her and Jolinar.
The intense pain as the device slowly fused both minds together and what was once Jolinar became only fragmented memories...

It had been several hours since Sg-1 had helped Apophis escape from Sokar’s death gliders and then the Tok’ra had shown up. Not just any Tok’ra either. It was the man who had occupied her dreams on several occasions. Sometimes Jolinar's memories were an intrusion and other times they were a welcomed distraction, especially the memories of Martouf.
Somewhere over the past few months Jolinar’s feelings of love had grown into Sam’s own and when she had thought about it Martouf had all the qualities that she, Sam Carter would fall in love with. A sudden knock on the door brought her out of her troubled thoughts.

“Enter” she called out.

The door swung open and in walked Martouf. Sam glanced up briefly from her work and when she saw it was Martouf she looked back down again. Silently he walked over to her desk and sat down on the empty stool next to her.

“Something is troubling you” Martouf said, more a statement than a question.

She contemplated her answer to him. She had thought about lying to him but something stopped her.

“When Teal’c and I went to question Apophis he said that...” her voice broke, a lump had formed in her throat.

“He said…” Martouf prompted gently after a few minutes of awkward silence.

Sam gathered her thoughts and spoke.

“He said that I would make an excellent host for Sokar’s new queen. Martouf I--” she turned to face him and rested her hand on Martouf's arm, looking into his eyes.

“I completely froze for a minute, I got so scared” Her head dipped, unable to look at him ashamed at herself for admitting a weakness.

He reached out his hand and cupped her chin and tilted it until she met his intense gaze. Her lips trembled.

“Samantha I have said it before, do not give it another moments thought.” He told her, and then he whispered barely loud enough for her to hear “we would not allow it.”

A single tear strayed down her cheek, upon hearing Martouf’s whispered admission. Martouf closed the gap between them and kissed away the tear that rolled down her cheek. He then pressed his lips to here, a soft comforting kiss.
Sam wound her arm around his neck and kissed him back. Once Martouf was certain that Sam was sure that this was what she wanted, he deepened the kiss. Slowly his tongue plundered her mouth.

When finally he pulled away from her, all traces of sorrow, fear and doubt had vanished, replaced with a look of love and contentment.

“Martouf I--” she stammered. Martouf placed his finger over her lip and replied.

“I know Samantha I feel it too”.

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