Starting Out Again

Starting Out Again

Answer to a challenge set by carol on the Sam and Martouf list. What if Sam met Jolinar under different circumstances
Premise: What if Sam met Jolinar under totally different circumstances. Sam is captured by an alien race that wants to study her. The aliens already have another prisoner Rosha/Jolinar.
Story Requirements:
Rosha/Jolinar has been a prisoner of the aliens for a while.
Rosha is ill.
Jolinar telling Sam about the Tok'ar and Martouf/Lantash.
Rosha/Jolinar & Sam becoming friends during their imprisonment.
Jolinar & Sam talking "tech", Jolinar is a scientist also.
When Rosha/Jolinar was a prisoner on So'kar's moon, it was Rosha, not Jolinar, who used sex to escape and Martouf/Lantash knows it. This has caused a few problems between them.
Rosha asking Sam to become Jolinar's new host before she dies.
The rescue, four options here:
Sam, blended with Jolinar, escapes and saves herself.
Sam choosing to remain Jolinar's host after her rescue.
A Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash romance

“We have another fine specimen for our master to play with” one alien said to another even uglier alien. Sam barely registered what they were saying as she had been hit over the head with and some and sort of weapon and kept fading in and out of consciousness. Sam was semi- aware of being dragged back to the castle that Sg1 had first seen when they had emerged on this side of the gate.
They didn’t get chance to explore much because they were ambushed by a large contingent of green scaly aliens and a few men that had a few green scales on their arms. Waving their impressive weapons menacingly.
While Sam, jack and Teal’c had layed down cover fire Daniel had dialled the gate and had sent the iris code through. Daniel then threw himself through the stargate followed by Teal’c then jack. But just as Samantha was about to jump through the gate one of the aliens clipped her over the head with his gun and from that point Sam knew only blackness.
Sam wanted to rub her head but daren’t incase the aliens realised that Sam was awake and decided to hit her over the head again or worse! When they approached the big palace gates Sam couldn’t hold back the groan of pain that escaped her lips as the two men let Sam fall haphazardly to the dusty floor.

“Ahh she is wake. Our master will be pleased that she was not permanently damaged” One of the men announced gleefully.

Sam rolled her eyes. Her head was thumping.

“Alberon the great has been awaiting you all morning. He told me to tell you to go straight to his chamber and that you are to bring the woman along with you” The door man said leering at Sam as if he had never seen a woman before.

This made Sam feel ever more uncomfortable. The two alien men grabbed Sam’s arms and dragged her through the stone courtyard. There were more men looking rather rough wearing raggy clothes and chains on their feet. They were trudging slowly across the courtyard.
Their grim faces conveying a harrowing story that was inexpressible with words. The men looked over at Sam. They soon bowed their heads when one of the big full green scaly aliens walked past with a leather whip. The alien cracked it against the back of one of the poor defenceless men, the man screamed out in pain as the whip broke his skin.
Sam cringed and tried to focus on the green alien with the whip. He seemed to be taking great pleasure in whipping the man. The scaly aliens beady eyes dilated and his tongue slithered out of the corner of his mouth.
Sam took several deep breaths partly because of the alien and partly because of the horrendous stenches that were coming from all around. The alien men gripped Sam arms harder and dragged her up some steps and through the open doors.

All of the prisoners stopped and stared. There were a few female prisoners most of which were heavily pregnant. A male prisoner stopped and stared at Sam just like the man outside had. Another man tried to grope her as the aliens dragged her down the corridor. Sam’s head started to spin again and she once again blacked out.

“Wake up human” an insistent voice commanded. Sam stared vacantly up at the blonde haired woman.

She had dark rings around her eyes.

“Who … what… where am I” Sam asked groggily. The young woman pulled Sam to her feet.

“Human the first rule around here if you are a woman is to sleep never sleep on your back or by yourself. Always sleep with a group of women or sleep next to me” the woman told her

“Who are you?” Sam demanded. The young woman tucked a strand of her dirty blonde hair behind her ear.

“My name is Rosha and I …”

“You’re dying” Sam interjected.

“Yes I am, but as I was saying my name is Rosha and I belong to race of aliens called the Tok’ra. I have symbiote called Jolinar we…”

Sam jumped back and raised her arms defensively in front of her.

“You’re a Goa’uld!!” Sam exclaimed in sheer horror.

“I am not a Goa’uld. I am Tok’ra!” the woman stated indignantly.

“Tok’ra... what’s that” sam asked cautiously.

“The Tok’ra are an illegal resistance group that operates as spies in the Goa’uld ranks. Both host and symbiote are free to speak at will. WE DO NOT believe in taking hosts against there will that’s why we take hosts that are about to die who CHOSE to co exist with us” Rosha continued.

The woman bowed her head and her eyes flashed white. Sam took a cautious step back.

“Human be not afraid, I will not hurt you please come closer”.

Sam inched forward slowly never taking her eyes off Rosha.

“My name is Jolinar of Malkshur”

“No you’re not your Rosha!” Sam stated confused.

The woman laughed her voice now sounded more powerful and loud.

“I am Jolinar, I am the symbiote Rosha is the name of my host”

“So let me get this straight, you are a good Goa’uld yes?” Sam commented disbelievingly.

“Yes” The woman replied.

Sam turned her attention to the metal pole that lay on the floor. Jolinar became impatient at Sam’s narrow mindedness.

“I have told you who I am now you tell me who you are. Oh and by the way after I saved your life it would be rude of you to try and hurt me in any way”.

Both woman locked eyes.

“I am Captain Samantha carter of earth” Sam explained.

Rosha’s blue eyes lit up in surprise.

“Tau’ri! You are from the Tau’ri I thought that world was lost a long ago?”

Sam ignored the woman’s last comment and continued on with her story.

“We found our Stargate in Giza, but we couldn’t find the D.H.D. I had to build our dialling device that basically works off a computer keyboard…”

“You built you own dialling device?” the woman exclaimed astonished.

Sam nodded her head in reply.

“Chel nak, I cannot imagine a race less advanced as yours figuring out the Stargate let alone building you own dialling device”.

Sam wasn’t sure whether to be offended or flattered by the woman’s remark.

“I know my design isn’t perfect and I know it ignores 220 of the signals that a D.H.D picks up but… oh never mind. Where is here, what is this place”.

Jolinar sensed that this little Tau’ri woman was growing seriously frustrated.

“This planet is called K’tera. Home of master Alberon. These dungeons and castle walls extend for two miles”.

At that the dungeon door flew open and banged against the stone wall.

“Our master wishes to see you woman" the guard yelled angrily holding his whip menacingly.

Sam could see two green scaly aliens stood behind the guard. Sam was going to have to be very careful for with no weapons to defend her, she daren’t provoke her captors and she was going to have to keep her guard up all the time.

Sam turned to Jolinar before the guards took her “We will finish our conversation later”. Jolinar bowed her head in acknowledgement. Sam’s eyes lingered on the blonde haired woman for a minute before she was pulled roughly out of the cell.

“Human I have to say that you are a very beautiful specimen. I think you are going to make a perfect vessel for my child” Alberon gloated leering at Sam.

Sam coughed in disgust. Alberon's spine straightened out like a board, He reached out his hand to grab Sam’s arm, accidentally on purposely brushing Sam’s breast.

“Don’t touch me!” Sam growled.

Alberon moved closer to Sam rubbing his body against hers. Sam felt the uncontrollable urge to throw up. Partly because of the aliens audacity and partly because of the horrendous smell that was coming from his clothes.
Alberon leaned over to kiss Sam but she turned her head away in disgust. Having missed the opportunity to kiss her lips his new target became the pulse point on her neck. He licked it with his tongue. Sam tried to rear back from him, but was stopped by the huge body of one of the green scaly aliens.

“Whatever it is that you want you wont get it” Sam stated grasping onto the bit of dignity she had left.

Alberon threw back his head and laughed “My dear you will give me what I want of that I can assure you” He proclaimed boldly.

Anger flashed across Sam’s blue eyes her nostrils flared in defiance. Suddenly the large door was thrust open forcefully and in walked an eccentric old man His blue eyes were cold and vacant, his lips turned up slightly in an evil smile.

“Rikal here is the latest subject” Alberon stepped away from Sam.

Rikal breezed over. He reached out hi shaky hand. On his hand was a small triangle shaped device. Sam tried to flinch away but once again came up against the hard alien body behind her. Rikal placed his hand over Sam’s stomach.
.The triangle began to glow bright pink. The old man whom Sam guessed was some sort of physician muttered something under his breath. Repulsion surged through her body. How dare anyone touch her without her permission? If the circumstances were more favourable she might have considered trying to free herself, but with these muscular guards lining the room and adjoining corridor Sam knew she wouldn’t get very far.

“Rikal have you any success?” Alberon demanded excitedly.

“Yes lord Alberon, this woman is about ripe”.

“Excellent at last we have a perfect subject of which to experiment on, give her the drug so that you may examine her more thoroughly"

. Sam lashed out her arms in panic as the old man pulled out a primitive type of syringe. The alien behind her grabbed her arms. Sam bit her lip as the aliens sharp nails dug into her flesh. Sam kick out one of her legs in a last attempt to extradite herself from the aliens grasp. A large muscular leg encircled her own holding her tight against him.

“Stay away from me! If you hurt me my friends will…” Alberon placed his finger softly on Sam’s lips “Relax. Don’t fight this, it will only be worse for you if you do” Alberon whispered smoothly.

She closed her eyes in defeat there was no way out of this one, she might as well conserve her energy. Sam felt a small prick on her neck and instantly felt sleepy again, hey eyelids grew heavy and her legs began to buckle.

“Yes that it my sweet sleepy head give in” Sam drifted off into a pleasant sleep dreaming of escaping from this horrible place.

“Hmm, Colonel go away” Sam whispered dreamily. The prodding on her shoulder became more insistent. She sprang up on the hard bed and wiped her arm across the puncture on her neck where she had been given the drug.

“Are you alright” Jolinar enquired? She appeared quite concerned for Sam.

“I’m not sure” Sam answered honestly. The other woman nodded her head.

“I vaguely remember one of them saying something about me being ripe and that I would be a good test subject” Sam explained groggily.

“Alberon is trying to breed his own super strong army and by you being ripe it means that…”

“Ok I get the point, what am I going to do Jolinar!” Sam cried. Jolinar closed her eyes as if in deep meditation as she weighed up the options.

Jolinar appeared to have been meditating for hours. Sam tired of the silence, decided to wake Jolinar and ask her to tell her more about herself.


“Yes Samantha”

“Tell me a little more about yourself”

“I am a scientist. I work with technologies both Goa’uld and other”.

“Cool” Sam replied borrowing one of Colonel O’Neill’s witty comments.

“So do you have anyone special back on the Tok’ra home world?” Jolinar closed her eyes and tilted her head downwards as if living a bad memory.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to upset you” Sam apologised.
“Tau’ri you have nothing to apologise for”.

Jolinar took a deep breath and continued.

“Our last mission was to infiltrate the ranks of a powerful system lord called Sokar. Needless to say we got caught. Sokar sent us to a moon prison called Naetu. Fires burned strong poison gases filled the air, they burned my lungs. In order to escape we had to sleep with a grotesque ma called Bynarr. We escaped and were found adrift in a cargo ship by our people. Our mate Martouf/Lantash helped us recover but…” the woman’s voice cracked.

Sam waited patiently for the woman to continue her story. When she did Sam noticed the change in her voice which Sam recognised as the host talking.

“Jolinar is incorrect, it was my idea to sleep with Bynarr she had no part in it. When we were rescued I thought that I could keep it to myself but I found it difficult to hide from Martouf. The thing that hurt the most was the look of betrayal and disgust on his face when I told him”. Silent tears slid down her cheek.

“Tell me more of… Martouf” Sam asked. The other woman smiled dreamily.

“Martouf has the most hypnotic soulful grey eyes. His sandy hair feels so good when I run my hand through it. His smile could bring me out of My foulest mood. He is the most passionate, sensual man I have ever met. Lantash is like Martouf in some ways and very different in others. Martouf id shy about showing his feelings and opinions in public were as Lantash expresses his opinions wherever he is” Rosha chuckled a bit.

“Lantash's opinions have got him into trouble on many occasions. For example the first time Martouf met the council Selmak said something and Lantash voiced his disagreement. When it was Martouf’s turned to speak he blushed profusely and offered an immediate and sincere apology. From that moment Selmak took Martouf under her wing”.

When Jolinar finished telling her of Martouf sam asked how they first met.

“Jolinar had just been accused of sabotaging an experiment and beating up Anise/Freya. Martouf was ordered to act as our defence. At first I thought him a stuck up Garshaw’s pet but as I got to know him I realised that he was so different.
In the end he proved that it was in fact Anise that had sabotaged the experiment just to get me into trouble. Martouf and I... well we got close and within four months we were officially mated".

Rosha’s story sounded like something out of a mills and boon novel. Sam had never felt anything remotely like what Rosha had felt for Martouf/ Lantash.

“Wow tell me more” sam insisted.

“Martouf and I have been together for a hundred years, up until a while ago when Martouf told us that maybe it was a good idea if we spent some time apart ,days at first, but days turned to weeks and weeks into months its been what seven months since I last saw him and I doubt I will ever see him again.
But then again I am sure he is too enthralled by Freya to notice that I am missing. I suppose this what I deserve” Rosha finished waving her hand around the dark, damp cell.

Sam winced and ducked out of the reach of the flying arms.

“I am sure Martouf loves you and from what you have told me the two of you didn’t part on such good terms… ok he kicked you out and when he finds out that you have died he is going to be blaming himself for the rest of his life and that’s not fair on him or you” sam cried trying to sound optimistic.

The woman suddenly looked even paler and weaker than she had a couple of hours ago. Sam knew that she didn’t have long left to live.

“Samantha I know what I am about to say will probably sound pessimistic but listen anyway” Rosha took a deep breath before continuing.

“I am not going to make it out of here… please just listen, I want you to take Jolinar and get out of here” Sam’s mouth gawped open in surprise.

“I can’t do that… I will… no way!” sam protested loudly.
“I realise that I haven’t given you any…"

“No its not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that I have to get back to my own planet. You see everyone depends on me. It’s my job to fix their screw ups”. Rosha studied the woman intensely.

Such a talented, strong, smart woman wasted on such primitive people. Rosha decided to press the matter further.

“Human please I am begging you to take Jolinar and leave this terrible place” sam shook her head her eyes bulged with fear.

“No I am sorry I can't Rosha please I hardly know you” sam pleaded.

Rosha walked over to the wall, she looked frail like and old woman and she was struggling to support herself.

“Samantha you are a smart woman what do you think these aliens intend to do to you. I assume you have seen the woman workers.
The same thing will happen to you if you stay here. Alberon will keep experimenting on you till he gets it right or you are to weak to bare any more children.
Those poor woman outside have been through the cycle so many times that they will probably only last one more cycle".

Her eyes pleaded with sam. Sam felt her heart lurch at the sight of the doomed expression on Rosha’s face. Sam thought carefully. Stay here and be used as an incubator or take Jolinar and get the hell out of there.
But what about her life on earth. Could she really give up her job, her friends and what about Cassandra the twelve year old girl that she had become so fond of? Sam looked back at Rosha and made her decision.

Sam helped Rosha sit down on the dirty floor, then sam dropped to the floor and lay down as Rosha had requested.

“So Rosha how does this work?” sam asked curiously wondering why they were on the floor.

“I am going to kiss you Samantha” Rosha explained Sam sat up suddenly and shot the woman a strange look.

“Why I thought that symbiotes were entered in the back of the neck?”.

“Goa’uld do it that way because they do not wish to remember the look of horror on their hosts face when they look in the mirror. Relax Samantha lay back down” Rosha rubbed her hands over Sam’s shoulders coaxing sam to lay back down.

Sam did so albeit reluctantly. Rosha leaned over sam and lowered her head.

“Wait!” sam cried. Rosha’s head snapped back up again.

“Yes Samantha?”.

“You weren’t gay before you joined the Tok’ra were you?” a look of confusion crossed the woman’s face before she realised what sam had just asked.

Rosha laughed hard which was followed by a series of coughs. When at last Rosha caught her breath she purred in Sam’s ear

“I did prefer woman at one point and I do find you attractive who wouldn’t but I sorta go for men” sam let out and audible sigh of relief.


“Yes Rosha”

“Close your eyes”

Sam’s eyes fluttered closed. Rosha leaned over for the last time and pressed her lips against Sam’s and in a quick movement Jolinar jumped from Rosha and into sam. Rosha’s lifeless body slumped to the ground.

Sam rolled over and said to the woman “Rosha I will never forget you”.

Sam bowed her head and her eyes lit up.

“Nor will I dear friend”.

Jolinar ran her finger softly over Rosha pale cheek with her other hand she close the woman’s eyelids. Grief lingered for a few moments before being replaced with determination. Sam/Jolinar shot up off the floor and went to examine the door. There were several weak areas were the wood had rotted. Sam placed her hand on one and applied some force the wood gave way beneath Sam’s fingers. She managed to reach the chunky bolt that was holding the door in place. It was quite stiff .
Two of the scaly aliens charged won the corridor. Sam thanks to Joiner’s strength kick the door sending it crashing off its hinges. The green aliens stopped dead in their tracks.
Their eyes narrowed into slits and their tongues hissed out of their mouths. Sam eyes glowed again, the aliens grabbed for her. Sam thumped one alien on the back of its neck. He fell to the floor with a sickening thud. The other alien punched sam in the stomach sending her reeling back against the wall.
The alien tilted back his head and made a loud screeching noise, probably calling for help. Sam noticed a rock amongst the dirt on the floor. If she could aim it right, and throw it hard enough then it might pierce the aliens’ scaly neck and shut him up once and for all. Sam sneakily reached for the rock and hurled it at the alien.
It pierced his scaly throat causing white runny stuff to shoot out. Sam started to run. Jolinar advised sam that the best way to escape was to go over the palace wall as there were too many centuries guarding the wooden gate.
Sam agreed with Jolinar.
Sam/Jolinar wandered down the hall and found the steep stone steps leading to the roof. Jolinar knew most of the land, she having been there for many months.

* Samantha what if Martouf is not happy to see us?

# He will be

* I am not sure

# Well I am, he loves you. I mean if anyone he is going to be wary of its me

*Samantha I know it will be hard for you at first, that is if you decide to remain my host but I promise it will get easier.

Suddenly sam heard a shrill shrieking sound coming from a small square device that was attached to the wall.

# Opps I think I just tripped the alarm

*Oh dear this presents a problem.

Sam agreed. Jolinar once again took control of Sam’s body. Sam felt herself run the rest of the way up the stirs and out on to the roof. The roof was so old that it looked like it was going to collapse at any moment. Jolinar tested the strength of the roof by jumping on it.
Some of the stones became dislodged to reveal wooden beams underneath. Jolinar carefully crept over the roof making sure she tested the ground before she stepped on it.

“Up there on the roof!” a human man shouted from down below.

Sam ducked, but it was to late the centurions had seen her. Pretty soon the roof was going to be swarming with guards and centurions. Sam was convinced the roof wasn’t going to take all their weight. Knives, swords and arrows were hurled in Sam’s direction. She turned her head to see if there were anymore coming. Several guards were reloading and the she caught sight of this big canon thing pointed in Sam’s direction.

#Oh crap what we gonna do now

*Move faster

#Good idea

Sam watched and waited until the aliens had thrown the next lot of projectile weapons at her, then she ran as fast as her legs would. Hoping over several weak points in the roof. She skidded to a halt when she came to the edge of the roof. It was quite a long way down. She wished that she had a parachute or at least a rope. Down below the ground looked very hard.

An arrow shot passed Sam’s head. She had no other alternative but to jump and hope that she didn’t break her neck in the process. Sam leaped from the roof, Gravity pulling her to the ground. She landed feet first and fell over into a forward role.

“Ow!!!” Sam howled trying to decide which part of her body hurt the most.

*Samantha look the guards are coming we have to move now.

# God these guys don’t give up do they

# They most certainly do not. Let me take control again. With my added strength we should be able to make it the Stargate in under and hour.

Jolinar started to puff and pant three quarters of the way to the gate. She had ran at least three miles already and her legs were really aching they felt like they were about to drop off. Sam kept begging for Jolinar to stop for a rest but Jolinar disagreed saying that their captors would soon catch up. Besides they were nearly there.

Sam whined and whinged the rest of the way to the Stargate. Jolinar put up with it though because she knew that sam hadn’t slept for a couple of days. As Sam/Jolinar approached the Stargate they saw three green scaly aliens. All with their backs to the gate. Each alien had a quiver full of arrows and bow over his shoulder and a sharp edged sword in his hand.

#How great they have weapons and we don’t !!!!

*You are right Samantha but we have the element of surprise. We can sneak up on them from behind, knock one unconscious. Steal his sword and use that.

Jolinar swiftly sneaked round the back of the Stargate. Thanks to Sam’s khaki uniform they blended in with the bit of shrubbery that surrounded the gate. The aliens were talking to each other with screeching sounds and hand gestures.

#Ok on three

* Three?

# Yes on three. I count one, two ,three , and then we jump out and bop the alien on the left.

* No Right

#Right what?

* One, two, three and then we… bop the alien on right.

#No lets go for the one the left.


#Because his sword looks bigger

*Because his sword looks bigger? Samantha the sword are the same, it’s just the light reflecting of it that is making it look bigger.

#Opps sorry my mistake. Ok on three bop the alien on the right, then what?

* We go through the gate to another planet and dial the current Tok’ra home world from there. I know I said this earlier but I just hope they haven’t moved on.

#Well we can’t gate to earth

*Why not?

#Because when those aliens took away my weapons they took away my G.D.O as well.

* G.D.O… what is this?

# We have a metal barricade up at the Stargate called an iris to stop unwanted visitors from dropping by. Anyway the G.D.O sends a signal to open the iris, if the signal isn’t sent then the iris stays closed and well you die.

*Ah I see

#So are we gonna do this then?

Jolinar silently sneaked up behind the green alien on the right, locked her hands together and brought them down hard upon the back of the alien’s scaly neck. He fell to the floor with a thump. The other two green aliens looked over to see where the sound had come from. Jolinar made a grab for the sword that the dead alien had dropped.
The other two aliens came stampeding over waving their swords menacingly in the air. Jolinar brought the sword up in front of her and gripped it firmly with both hands. The aliens paused in front of Jolinar pointing their swords directly at her screeching loudly. Jolinar waited for the aliens to make the first move.
One of them sprung forward lunging his weapon at her. Jolinar countered it her sword meeting his. The other alien lunged hid sword at her. She let go of her own sword with one hand and grabbed the aliens arm. She then aimed a kick to his midsection causing him to double over in pain. The other alien pulled his sword back and swung it viciously catching the side of Jolinar’s arm.

#Ow that hurt, Jo get him

Jolinar once again placed both hands on the sword, now thoroughly pissed off. She swung it high chopping off the aliens head. Jolinar took a moment to gloat. Meanwhile the other alien who sam had kicked in the midsection, recovered and spin kicked Jolinar to the floor. She landed on her ass. The alien raised his sword ready to run her through.
Jolinar grabbed the sword she had dropped when she had been knocked to the ground and drove it straight through the alien’s heart. He seemed to stand still for a few minutes before toppling over to the floor. Jolinar jumped up and brushed the dirt from her clothes.

#Jo we nearly died and you are worried about what we look like?

*Looks are important. I can’t wait to get into some of my beautiful clothes back on the home world providing Martouf hasn’t got rid of them. By the way do you always wear these shapeless and unflattering clothes?

#these are my uniform and I only wear dresses for weddings and funerals.

*Really? How about that darling little dress the natives gave you to wear on simarka?

#Jo if you value your life give it a rest, and stay out of my memories!!

Jolinar laughed to herself pleased that she had unnerved her host. Their playful bantering was interrupted by loud screeching coming from the distance. Jolinar quick marched over to the D.H.D and inputted the seven glyphs. Upon pressing the large red stone in the middle the familiar giant puddle whooshed out. It was at that moment that sam saw several of the scaly aliens and master Alberon himself not so far away. Jolinar ran up the old stairs and hurled herself through the Stargate.

Jolinar fell out of the Stargate, landing flat on her face yet again. Behind her the blue puddle disappeared and the chevrons stopped glowing red.

*We have successfully escaped from that ghastly place

#Great I guess you should dial the Tok’ra home world now

*Samantha I promise you everything will be alright

#Jolinar, no matter what happens thanks for getting my ass out of there

*It is I that should be thanking you. If I had not met you I would have died along with Rosha and I…

#Its ok. Lets do this

Jolinar was still in control of their shared body and would remain in control until they rejoined the Tok’ra. For the second time that day Jolinar dialled the Stargate and sighed mentally. She was really apprehensive about seeing Martouf again.

Jolinar stepped through the event horizon and exited in the middle of the desert. There was a slight breeze that felt wonderful against her cheek. She scanned the dunes for signs of life. She walked a bit further, her feet sinking into the soft sand. Seven figures clad in beige sprang up from out of the sand.
They aimed their staff weapons at her. Jolinar instantly recognised the two men in charge of the group, the first was Kordesh and the man next to him was Martouf.
God sam thought to herself he is so handsome, perfect specimen of the male species.

“Identify yourself” Kordesh’s harsh voice demanded Jolinar raised her head in pride and replied “I am Jolinar of Malkshur”. Martouf’s mouth opened in surprise, confusion visible I his eyes.

“Jolinar where have you been for the past seven months?”.

“I have been held prisoner by master Alberon of k’tera. Rosha became ill so I had no choice but to take another host” Jolinar explained. Martouf drew in a deep breath at the mention of her former host Rosha.

“Kordesh we are extremely tired and are in need of food, a bath and at least an entire day of sleep” Jolinar stated growing increasingly impatient with her fellow Tok’ra.

Kordesh gave her the evil eye before relenting. The group of Tok’ra plus Jolinar stepped closer together. Large grey/black rings came from out of the ground and surrounded them They disappeared in a flash and reappeared inside a tunnel made entirely of crystals all different shades of blue. The seven guards watched suspiciously as Jolinar limped off to the quarters she shared with Martouf.
To her surprise all of her clothes were in her designated box along with all her personal items. Jolinar grabbed a pair of black trouser that she was going to wear simply because sam refused to wear the dresses. Jolinar had never worn the black trousers before because she and Rosha had agreed that dress’s looked better on their figure.
There was also a long-sleeved matching black top that had lace along the sleeve cuffs that had also not been worn. Jolinar grabbed two grey towels, the clothes, and a hair brush and padded off through the arch way that led to one of many communal bathing pools. There was no one in there which was unusual.

*they probably got word that I am back

#now Jo we have talked about this don’t go jumping to conclusions.

Silently Jolinar pulled off her dirty clothes and stepped into the pool, turning the spray on full blast. It took only a few minutes for the pool to fill up. Jolinar at that point retreated into Sam’s mind allowing sam full control over their body. Sam picked up a sandy wash cloth. To busy washing all the dirt from her body, she didn’t notice a figure entering the bathing chamber.
Sam placed the washcloth back on the side of the pool and scooped some of the orange stuff out of a round glass. Sam thanks to Jolinar recognised it to be the Tok’ra version of shampoo. Sam massaged it into her scalp, the she noticed the figure. The figure was female and had mousy blonde hair.

*that’s Freya/anise.

“Jolinar what a pity you have returned I was so enjoying having Martouf to myself.” Anise taunted.

Sam ignored her and refused Jolinar control of their body.

“After a few months when you did not return, Martouf took to his quarters and refused to come out. It was my job to comfort him my being very caring and all” Anise added.

“Anise because of what Jolinar told me of Martouf I know he wouldn’t do that…” sam didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence.

“Ah you must be the new host!”.

“Anise what are you doing in here” Martouf demanded.

“I came to see Jolinar” anise explained. Martouf eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Would you please leave Jolinar and I have much to discuss”. Anise walked past Martouf then looked back at sam. “We will talk again human” She said.

Prancing out of the chamber like a feline on heat. Martouf turned his attention back to sam. As he studied her exposed body a smile lit up his handsome face. Sam now realising that Martouf was ogling her, snapped her arms over her breasts.

“Hey stop checking me out!!”

“I am sorry I did not mean to stare I will wait outside for you”.

Smiling widely he marched out of the chamber. Sam shook her head and to wash the shampoo out of her hair.

*Did you see Samantha he was staring at us with lust in his eyes, Jolinar declared hopefully.

#Jo I hate men doing that

*He still desire me after all this time

# Actually Jo it was me he was looking at

*Samantha lets get out of this tub quick for Martouf gets distracted by something else

Sam hopped out of the tub. She picked up the small towel and wrapped it around her head, she then used the large towel to dry herself. Deftly she dressed in the black trousers and black top. Sam caught sight of the vanity table over in the corner of the room next to what appeared to be the water boiler. Sam scooped up her dirty clothes, the large towel, her combat boots and the hairbrush.
Sam plonked herself down on the polished crystal chair put her boots and laced them up. Yanking the towel of her head she threw it to the floor with the rest of her dirty clothes and picked up the hair brush, dead set on restoring some order to her short clean tousled blonde hair.

# Jo what will happen to us now?

* We will probably be taken before the high council

# But you haven’t done anything wrong?

*The high council have always mistrusted me and I have been missing for several months.

# Oh I suppose we had better go outside and see Martouf, and Jo if Martouf looks at me the way he did one more time I swear I will knock those pearly white teeth of his right down his throat.

*It is not Martouf’s fault that he appreciated true beauty.

Slowly sam got up and stomped out of the bathing chamber, depositing the towels and her dirty clothes in the wash basket before hand.
Martouf propped himself up against the wall still smirking.

“Hey this could be classed as loitering”, sam broke him out of his reverie.

“Would you like me to leave you alone and go way” he asked softly.

“Err no that's ok” sam replied honestly, fiddling with her short blonde hair.

Martouf grabbed her hand and held it in his, his thumb lightly stroked her wrist. Sam couldn’t help the sensations of desire and love that washed over her.

“Please could you tell me your name?”

“My name is Captain Samantha carter of the Tau’ri, but you can call me Samantha”.

Martouf leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“It is a pleasure to meet someone of such beauty and intelligence" Martouf drawled silkily.

Sam blushed profusely, it had been a long time since anyone had called her beautiful.

“I have embarrassed you?” more of a statement than a question.

Sam tilted her head up to see the playful smile that tugged at his lips.

“No not at all” Sam replied.

Several people passed Sam and Martouf watching them curiously. Sam was conscious of the fact that Martouf still had hold of her hand. She tried to pull her hand way but he gripped it tighter.

“Martouf do you think we could take this little tête-à-tête elsewhere?” Sam asked suggestively.

“No we cannot I should not even be here with you. The council want to see you. They sent my friend korra to summon you but Korra out of respect for my wishes allowed me to greet you” Martouf explained openly.

*Isn’t he ruggedly handsome?

# Jo pipe down

“Well hadn’t you best take me to the high council?” Martouf nodded his head in reply and finally let go of her hand.

Sam felt disappointed at the loss of his touch.

“Jolinar we are relived that you are safe. We are also offering our condolences for the loss of your former host Rosha” high councillor Per'sus announced curtly.

“However having heard you story Jolinar I have a few questions for Samantha” Per’sus added.

Jolinar bowed her head allowing Sam control.

“Samantha we were wondering if under the circumstances you are willing to remain Jolinar’s host for the rest of you life or whether you wish to un blend and return to your home on Earth?”.

*whatever you decide I will stand by you I would never try to force something on you that you did not wish.

# Thanks Jo.

“After a lot of though high council I have decided that I wish to remain Joiners host for the rest of my life, but I would like to say goodbye to my friends first” Sam told them.

Several members of the council bowed their heads in response.

“Very well Samantha, as soon as Aldwin returns in the teltaka you may borrow it to visit your friends. On that note Samantha you may leave I imagine that you must be in dire need of food and rest”.

Sam bowed slightly as a sign of respect and left quickly.
The halls where quite quiet now, there were a few wanderers about some of them smiled at her but a few of them glared.

#oh well screw them

To Sam’s delight there was a plate of hot food waiting for her in quarters that meant that she didn’t have to go to the mess. Martouf was sat on the bed, his hands clasped together as if in prayer. He looked up to meet her gaze as soon as she entered their quarters.

“Hi” Sam said cheerfully.

“Hello” Martouf replied.

“I had thought that you would not feel up to introducing yourself to the Tok’ra population so I brought you some food form the mess” Martouf offered.

Sam picked up the plate of food and crammed it into her mouth not caring what she looked like. Silence descended upon them whilst Sam ate her food. Martouf wanted so desperately to say something but he couldn’t find the right words. Once Sam was finished eating she decided she would start a conversation, questions that needed to be answered.

“Jolinar thinks that you hate her, she also thinks that you have feelings for anise and that you slept with her to get back at her?” Sam accused.


Jolinar shrieked whishing she could clout her host upside her head.

Martouf was little surprised by the accusation that was thrown in his direction. Jolinar’s new host was quite forth-right in her thoughts and opinions.

“I have never hated Jolinar, nor do I have any romantic feeling for Anise and I have never ever kissed or slept with Anise” Martouf attested, his voice containing a hint of anger at this direct line of questioning.

“She wants to know if you love her?”

Martouf turned around on the bed and dropped down onto his knees in front of Sam taking her head between his hands, his grey eyes holding love and hope.

“I have never stopped loving Jolinar and I think that I am falling in love with you” he whispered softly.

*He still loves me!!!!!

“Jolinar wants me to tell you that she loves you and I believe that I am falling in love with you too”.

No more words were needed Martouf leaned forward and kissed Sam deeply and passionately. All irrational thought eradicated. Rearing back slightly to draw breath, the young couple then rested their heads together and looked deep into each others eyes.

#Jo I think I am going to like being a Tok’ra

* I think Martouf is too.

Sam pondered in her head the prospect of living the rest of her life with Martouf. Finally for the first time in her life she was completely happy and contented.


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