Sacred Hearts

Sacred Hearts

< I wonder what sort of mission the council are sending us on this time> Martouf was wondering.

(Perhaps we will be sent to infiltrate a system lord or maybe steal some new weapons that the Goa'uld are manufacturing) Lantash suggested.

Martouf walked head in air to the main council chamber were he was going to receive his new mission.

"High council you sent for us" Martouf asked and bowed his head out of respect.
"Yes Martouf it would appear that the Tau'ri need our assistance. They asked for you and Jacob personally" high councillor Persus announced raising his head slightly to study Martouf carefully.

(Well if you shut up for one second we might actually find out) Martouf sniggered to himself; his symbiote could be so trying at times.
"The Tau'ri did not tell us what exactly they wanted you for, only that it was quite urgent and that both you and Jacob were needed.

< Samantha something's happened to Samantha> Martouf fretted.

(We cannot know that for certain until we go to earth and find out) Lantash said calmly.
"High council when are we to embark" Lantesh asked because Martouf was too worried about Samantha.
"Immediately" Came the reply.
Martouf bowed his head again and left the council chamber at hyper speed. He walked deep in thought to his own chamber and packed a few personal items into a small hand held leather bag. He then departed his chamber and made his way quickly to the Stargate were Jacob was waiting anxiously.

(Well Martouf you know he worries a lot about Samantha> < Yes Lantash and he is not the only one>.

Martouf raised his head and took a closer look at the old man. He had a small frown upon his face and not once did he attempt to make a jest as he usually would when the were about to embark on a mission together. Martouf looked on as Jacob dialled the Tau'ri home world. He thought that he could hear the old man curse under his breath. When the last symbol was inputted into the DHD, Jacob pressed the series of numbers into the GDO and both men practically ran up the steps and hurled themselves through the Stargate.

The Tau'ri general, O'Neill doctor Jackson and the Jaffa Teal'c were waiting for us as we emerged through the Stargate.

(Martouf please we still don't know for certain) Lantash reassured his host but he was not convincing. Lantash could not control his host anymore.
"Where is Samantha?" Martouf asked trying to keep his stoic composure.
"Jacob come to my office we need to talk before you go to see your daughter" General Hammond said, Jacob followed Hammond out of the embarkation room.
Martouf asked his unanswered question again "Where Is Samantha?". There was a long uncomfortable silence. Martouf watched the humans look at each other.
"Sam's in her quarters this way" doctor Jackson whispered and indicated that Martouf follow him.

(I am inclined to agree with you Martouf)

Martouf observed Daniel Jackson very carefully as they made their way to Sam's quarters. As Martouf turned a corner he could feel a strong presence like a symbiote.

(Yes Martouf I do)

Martouf suddenly realised something.

< I think Samantha has been taken as a host!!> Martouf felt very sick and dread flooded his mind.

(Now Martouf don't go getting yourself all wound up it could simply be ....)

(I think that you are right Martouf it would certainly explain the long faces when we arrived)

(Martouf I know that is why we must be strong and help her through this)

Martouf knew that Samantha would heal physically once the symbiote was removed but her emotional and mentally he wasn't sure she would ever heal.
Martouf watched Doctor Jackson knock on the door softly before turning the knob and walking in.
The room was dark except for the few candles that were scattered everywhere. On the desk where untouched meals and a stacks of papers. Martouf glanced over into the corner and saw Samantha huddled.
"Jolinar, Martouf is here" Daniel whispered.
(Did our ears deceive us??)

(Our mate is alive oh this is great Martouf I thought I would never hear her voice or...)

(Martouf what is wrong??) Lantash asked his host who had grown very silent in their shared head.

Martouf noted observing the huddled form in the corner of the dark room.

# Samantha our love is here # Jolinar whispered excitedly.

# Samantha I know you are afraid of me and Lantash and I am so sorry about the way I took you as my host but....#

//I want you to get out of my head\\ Sam screamed at Jolinar. Sam was so frustrated and scared of being once again possessed by her.

# Samantha I know you are afraid but please...#

//No Jolinar you don't understand.. You can't understand I watched myself threaten my friends and there was nothing that I could do to stop you\\.

#Samantha please could you at least acknowledge that I am truly sorry and that as soon as I can be removed from you I will. #

Jolinar pleaded her sincerity but Sam could not be too sure for she had tricked people before. Daniel sensed the tension in the room and decided that it was best that he left. Given the circumstances it was best that no one be in there.
"Um I am just going to go, Sam if you need me just holler" Daniel announced just loud enough to be heard before leaving the room and shutting the door quietly behind him.
Sam glanced over at Martouf from her position on the floor. He looked so young and handsome and every girls dream of the perfect guy.

# He is ours Samantha# // No Jolinar he was yours, the only reason Martouf talks to me is because of you. When he looks at me he sees you and I...\\

#Oh no Samantha no.. When he looks at you he sees you for the smart intelligent kind compassionate person that you are. Why do you think I gave my own life to save you? Let me tell you why. I knew that I was in the wrong for taking you as my host and I was so sorry that you had to be a pawn. When it became apparent that the Ashrack was going to kill me I decided then and there that I would give my life to save yours, because I knew you would find Martouf and that he would want you because of you and not me.#

Martouf looked Samantha straight in her eyes. He saw pain and fear and this made him sick inside. If it hadn't have been for Lantash sustaining his body he would have thrown up.

(Martouf say something to her because if you don't then give control to me and I will speak to her)

Martouf so wanted to talk to her but he just couldn't find the right words to express himself. So he just stood there and observed the blonde haired woman very carefully.
" Would you please turn the light on" Sam asked him. He nearly fell over because he wasn't expecting her to say anything. He complied turning around and flipping the switch down on the side of the wall near the door.

(I still do not understand the Tau'ri fascination with doors and partitions?)

< Lantash please shut up this is no time for frivolous bantering>

(I am only trying to lighten the mood)

"Samantha please I know this isn't easy for you but I would very much like to talk to Jolinar" Martouf asked her. He was very careful about the way that it came out because he did not want to be thrown out. Sam slapped her hands over her ears and began to sing trying to drown out Martouf and Jolinar.

(Martouf what is she doing?)

"Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream". She began to sing the third round when her eyes lit up in an eerie glow. She looked up over at him, he was staring concern and confusion in his grey eyes.
"Lantash Kree!!" Jolinar announced, getting up folding her arms in front of her. Martouf stood to attention straight away. He opened his mouth to say something but try as hard as he did no words came out. Jolinar looked him over. Her head tilted up proudly, her teeth gritted together. Jolinar walked over to him and stood in front of him so that they were standing nose to nose. Martouf had to look down because Sam was a few inches shorter than him in height. They stood like this for a few minutes, just looking deeply into each others eyes. Martouf was the first to move he placed his hands either side of Sam's head. Sam eyes closed. Martouf leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Jolinar kissed Martouf back. After a few minutes Jolinar reluctantly broke away from Martouf.
"I am sorry my love about Naetu, I should not have done what I did. I just wanted to get back to you." Tears sprang forth from Jolinar's eyes. Martouf kissed her tears away.
"The past is forgotten lets just live in the now" He once again leaned in and kissed her briefly. Jolinar wound her arms around his neck. He began to nibble on her lower lip, his hands started to caress her body through her uniform. When suddenly the door flew open and in walked a very angry jack O'Neill.

"Well Marty looks like I got here in the nick of time" Jack said folding his arms in front of him. Martouf growled low under his breath he slowly moved his hands away from Sam's face and place them protectively on her waist.
"What do you want O'Neill" Martouf demanded. Jack looked at Sam and then back to Martouf.
"I came to see when you are going top take that snake out of my majors head and then when you are going to get the hell out of there and leave us in peace" jack retorted. Martouf was on the verge of crossing the room to punch jack when Jolinar placed her hand on Martouf's chest.
"Colonel O'Neill I have no intention of going any were for the minute" Jolinar told him.

// ha I knew you wouldn't want to leave \\

# Samantha please I this isn't the time ... I had better let you talk to O'Neill before I make matters worse# Jolinar bowed her head and Sam came to the fore.

She pulled away from Martouf.
"Sir, Jolinar cant be removed yet because she isn't strong enough, but as soon as she can removed I want her gone" Sam said.

< We have to convince her to remain Jolinar's host >

(I agree but we can't force Samantha to do anything she does not want to do)

"Oh well that's good. Now Marty I believe the general wants a word with you" Jack said a triumphant twinkle in his eye. Lantash wanted to storm over to the other side of the room and punch Jack out.

< Lantash don't that. Samantha is already upset. Like it or not he is still her friend even though he doesn't act like it at times>

(Fine. But I am not happy about this at all)

< Neither am I>

Martouf walked toward the door, he turned around half way and said "we will be back to see you later". Getting an "I wouldn't count on it "From jack.

"Jacob I don't need to tell you..."
"George how long have we been friends? You have watched my baby girl grow up. You know she would never do anything to hurt anyone. Who is this Maybourne anyway?" Hammond parked his Texas rear firmly in his leather chair. Jacob sat down in the chair on the other side of the desk.
"Maybourne works for the NID. He has papers that gives him the power of custody over major carter to that end he will probably take her to a nice holding facility in area 51."
"You can't let them use my daughter as a damned lab rat" Jacob protested.
"Jacob I know but there isn't a thing I can do about it. It was taken out of my hands" Jacob sat in silence his arms folded in front of him.
"There is two options here Jacob. One, we let Maybourne take her and use her as a guinea pig. Or two you take her back to live with the Tok'ra" Both ideas Sam was going to hate.
"Well i'd rather so her alive than be thinking of her being used as a lab rat. I will have Martouf talk to her and maybe Jolinar can convince Sam too though I wouldn't count on it" Jacob responded. He just had to convince Sam to join the Tok'ra.

"And so Martouf there really is only one option" Selmac informed him. Martouf bit down nervously on his lower lip there was no way in hell that Sam was going to agree to living with the Tok'ra...
"I know what her answer will be Jacob but I will ask her any way" Martouf answered.

Sam was aware that Martouf had just come into the room. Her back was turned to him. She had no desire to speak to him again because she knew he was going to try and talk her into keeping Jolinar.

# Samantha how many times do I have to apologise to you. I am sorry ok#

// yeah so you keep telling me \\

#well if you won't believe me then please listen to Martouf#

// Why should I \\

# Because you enjoyed it when he kissed us#

// no he kissed you\\

#but it was your mouth he kissed and your body he caressed. Don't deny it Samantha you did enjoy it#

// Fine I enjoyed it there satisfied \\

# No but it's a start. Samantha do you want to know something that you really would enjoy#

// Not really but I guess you are going to tell me anyway \\

# You would enjoy Martouf making love to you #

// I... uh no I wouldn't \\

Sam denied she wasn't willing to admit to herself or anyone else that she wanted Martouf more than she had ever wanted any other man. Jolinar laughed inside of Sam's head.

#Really Tau'ri shall I show you something that might convince you otherwise#

Jolinar showed Sam a memory of Martouf and Rosha after she he just returned from a three month long mission. Sam relived the memory through the eyes of another. At first she felt like a voyeur. Watching two people kiss and caress each other as lovers do. Sam could feel the passion, the love that Jolinar felt for him. She started to cry the emotions were overwhelming.

< Lantash is she crying>

Lantash who was now in control of his shared body focused intently on Samantha. He saw she was indeed crying. The tears slipping down her cheek like drops of rain falling from the sky. Lantash walked over to her. He placed his arm around her shoulder not sure as to weather she would accept it or shrug it away. She seemed to tense at first but gradually she started to relax. Sam turned around to face Martouf. Her eyes were glassy. Her face was flushed.
"Martouf I am not so sure that I ..."
"Samantha I am afraid we bring you bad new that is why we are here" Lantash informed her. Sam's eyes seemed to widen at the mention of more bad news. In shaky voice she asked "Lantash what is it?"
"The one you call Maybourne is coming here with orders that you are to be released into his custody and taken to a place called area 51".
Sam shook her head whilst saying "No no I am not going to be a lab rat". Lantash stroked her arm lightly trying to calm her down.
"I can't let them do that to me, to Jolinar. Whatever am I gonna do" Sam whispered looking into Martouf`s s eyes. Lantash hesitated for a few minutes before presenting her with an ultimatum.
"You could let Maybourne take you and use you for ... a lab rat. Or you could come and live with the Tok'ra" Sam's head buzzed with activity. She certainly couldn't stay here. But was she brave enough to live with the Tok'ra. As far as they were concerned Jolinar had died two years ago. Would she be welcome or would they shun her.

# I realise I did some things that I am not particularly proud of but the council will forgive me eventually and no blame would be put on you after all you are the innocent party in all of this# Jolinar assured her.

// Jolinar they wouldn't... they wouldn't kill you would they? \\

When Jolinar didn't answer Sam knew the answer. Sam couldn't allow it Jolinar had changed Sam's view of blending. If Jolinar died because of Sam's insecurities Well Sam wouldn't be able to live with her. Beside there were three good thing about living with the Tok'ra. One, she would get to study all kinds of technology. Two, she would be able to spend more time with her dad. Three, Martouf/ Lantash. The last option was enough to convince her. She wanted to go and live with the Tok'ra she had to there was no other option.
"Would I still be able to come and see my friends?"
"Excuse me" Lantash asked confused.
"If I come and live with you guys and continue to be Jolinar's host will I still be able to come and visit my friends"

< Did you here that she wants to come with us>

(Yes I heard)

"I am sure arrangements could be made" Lantash replied sincerely. For the first time since Jolinar had been revived Sam smiled and it wasn't just a polite smile either.
"Fine I am coming with you just give me some time to get some things together" Sam went to get up when Lantash held her arms tightly. He bowed his head indicating that it was Martouf who was now in control.
"I am happy that you chose us but there is something I must ask you. What changed your mind about us? For two hours ago you would not listen to a word that any of us tried to tell you" he asked.
Sam had to think before she answered him. Many things had changed her opinion. But the things that helped Sam decide the most was Jolinar herself. If anything happened to Jolinar now well Sam didn't know what she would do. There was one question still unanswered. She had to ask Martouf.
"Martouf do you love me?" Martouf was a little taken back at first. He had expected this question at some point. He didn't even have to think about it the answer was plain for all on the Tok'ra base to see.
"Yes" he replied warmly.
Sam was about to say something else when Martouf placed a finger over her lips.
"I do love you for you. The smart, kind special person that you are" he declared passionately.
"I don't know what to say to make you believe that I love you too" Martouf pulled her head closer to his and whispered "Maybe there's another way you can communicate it. Perhaps in a way other than words" Sam felt giddy just as she had when he had first said that to her covering Martouf's mouth with her own. Martouf shifted position so that he could deepen the kiss. Sam moaned softly as Martouf tongue gained entry to her mouth. Jolinar remained silent not wanting o brake the spell but relishing the feel of Martouf lips on her own once again.

"Major I wish there was another way" The general stated. Sam leaned into Martouf body.
"I think I am going to be happy living with the Tok'ra sir".
Everyone had come to the gate room to bid Sam farewell. Everyone except jack. He wasn't happy that she was going to live with the Tok'ra. He had said so in the mess. Sam was sorry that Jack didn't see things the way she did. Sam had a feeling it had a lot to do with Martouf more than the Tok'ra in general. Once he had got the message that she wasn't going to change her mind he accepted it. He had told her that a way to save her from Maybourne would be found but Sam knew there wasn't going to be enough time. Cassandra approached Sam cautiously. Sam bent down on her knees. The girl was afraid of her. Sam bowed her head letting people know that Jolinar was in control. The girl took a few steps back. Her face was clouded with fear. Jolinar held her arms out beseechingly.
"I am sorry for doing what I did. But I had no other choice. Please believe me when I tell you that I am truly sorry". Cassandra studied the face of her friend and how her expressions changed when Jolinar was in control.
"I forgive you" Cassandra replied throwing her arms around Sam's neck. Jolinar hugged Cassandra carefully. The Stargate sped into action as they all said their last goodbyes. Jacob walked up the ramp first and stepped through the blue puddle. Sam and Martouf walked up the ramp hand in hand. Just before Sam stepped through the event horizon she turned and waved goodbye to her friend and hoped one day that Jack would forgive her for deserting them.


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