Memories Of The Heart

Memories Of The Heart

Amnesia Challenge:
1) Sam is captured and tortured by one of the System Lords
2) SG1 doesn't know where Sam is, a Tok'ra undercover operative sends a message to the Tok'ra about Sam's location.
3) The Tok'ra do not inform SGC and mount a rescue mission without their help.
4) Martouf/Lantesh must lead the rescue mission.
5) Because of the torture Sam has amnesia, no Sam or Jolinar memories.
6) Sam forms a connection with the Tok'ra since they were the ones to rescue her so when SG1 shows up she doesn't want to go back with them because they're strangers to her.
7) Sam falls in love with Martouf/Lantesh
8) Jack trying to force Sam to come back to SG Command and pissing off Lantesh.
9) A native animal, from above ground, adopts/developes an attachment to Sam and try's to bite Jack whenever he comes near her.
10) Bathing pools (do the Tok'ra each have their own bathing pool or a communal bathing pool?)
11) Sam having nightmares

“Oh goddddddddddddd” Sam screamed as the pain stick was driven into her side. “Tau’ri tell me where is the Tok’ra base” Apophis yelled.
Sam’s head flopped forward she couldn’t take much more of this. Her whole body was throbbing with pain. When Sam didn’t answer Apophis ordered the Jaffa to electrify her again. Sam screamed out again, she managed to wriggle free of the Jaffa's hold and hurled herself at the Jaffa holding the pain stick. The Jaffa holding the staff at the entrance to the chamber waltzed over to the struggle and whacked the end of his staff really hard over Sam’s skull.

The next thing Sam knew was that she was waking up in a cell... the gold hieroglyphs sparkled under what little light there was. The next thing Sam knew was that she was waking up in the familiar cell. The old hieroglyphs sparkled under the little light there was... sam felt something warm and sticky run down the back of her bruised neck and groaned aloud. Where were her friends? Why hadn’t they come to rescue her by now?

“So Martouf did you finish those reports I asked you to do?” Jacob enquired as he walked side by side with Martouf to the main council chamber. Garshaw was sat at the head of the table. Persus her second in command was sat on her right hand side, next to Persus was Erinye and next to Erinye was Malek and sat and next to Malek was Thoran. On her left hand side was an empty chair were Selmak was going to sit, next to Selmak's seat was Ren’au. Sat next to Ren’au was Kelmaa and at the bottom of the table was Kathea. Jacob sat down quickly in his seat so that they could get this briefing under way.
“Now that you are here we can discuss what happened on Venezia”. Murmurs echoed around the room.
The mission to Venezia had been doomed from the start. It had been ill planned. The data they had received had been somewhat sketchy to start off with then Ocker had taken ill so they were a man down. To top it all off they ran into a large bunch of Apophis’s Jaffa. Since taking over Sokar's army Apophis was now the most powerful and dominant of the system lords.
“Does anyone wish to explain to me… hmm Selmak? Martouf? Malek?”. Martouf cringed. Garshaw’s temper was quite volatile today. Malek just looked at Martouf, Martouf looked at Selmak none of them spoke. For they all knew the answer and deep down no one would admit it. Suddenly Aldwin came dashing into the room. He stopped at the foot of the table and drew in a deep breath. The council waited a moment for him to compose himself.
“Master Garshaw we have just received word from one of our operatives on Del’mak. One of the Tau’ri has been captured by Apophis” Aldwin explained.
“Which Tau’ri?” Persus demanded.
“Samantha carter” Aldwin replied. Jacob’s mouth opened in a gasp. The thought of his baby daughter in the hands of Apophis was terrifying.

# Lantash did you hear that?

* Of course I did!

# We have to save her

* Be quiet Martouf the council are deciding what is to be done

“Samantha is important to the Tau’ri and though we won’t admit it she is important to us too” Persus said truthfully.
Garshaw seemed to way things up. But a question lingered in her mind why hadn’t the rest of her team come to ask for help finding her.
“Martouf you are to lead the rescue mission take Korra, Aldwin, Freya, Kerise and San’tol with you. Be diligent Martouf we don’t want to risk any of you being captured”. Martouf bowed his head and departed the council chamber to prepare for the rescue mission.

“We have no idea where sam is sir that why we want to go look for her or…”
“No Daniel we are not asking the Tok’ra for help”.
“Jack why not??".
“Because I don’t like them and they will only insist on coming with us to rescue her and basically they will just get in the way” Jack said sharply...
“Well people I am not allowing you to go back to the planet. You barely escaped at all. So if Doctor Jackson cant presents another possible location for major carter then I am sorry but I will have no choice but to officially declare her missing in action” General Hammond informed them regrettably.

“Martouf be careful”. Martouf only half heartedly listened to the caution. He was preoccupied by the thought of Samantha being in the hands of Apophis.
“And Martouf please bring me daughter back alive she is one of the most precious things in the whole universe to me” Jacob said, unable to hide the emotion in his voice. Martouf looked at Jacob he wasn’t his usually composed self. No doubt the fear on his face was nothing compared to the battle that was being waged in his heart. Since Jacob had been blended with Selmak, she had helped him express his emotions both physically and verbally.

# Lantash he looks so old and I have never seen him look so depressed

* Samantha is his world

“You know up until a year ago I thought my kid was a geek that worked with satellite dishes and fancy equipment. Never did I the notion enter my head that there were aliens let alone my own kid working with them” Jacob explained to Martouf.
“Well your kid… I mean Samantha is a lot stronger than you think and it is after all down to her that you are still alive”. Jacob nodded his head and clasped his hands together.
“You know Martouf I thought sam would be married with a couple of kids by now”. The idea of sam with kids appealed to Martouf as he had often had dreams of him and Samantha married with a child. He had never had the opportunity with Jolinar/Rosha.

*Don’t even think about it Martouf she doesn’t even know that we love her. Imagine how she would feel if we asked her to bare our child

#I know Lantash but you have to admit she would make a good mother for our children.

As if reading Martouf’s mind Jacob hinted slyly.
“You know Martouf you had better get your oar out fast. cos I want more grandkids while I am still young enough to enjoy them. You know I can just picture them with blonde hair and grey eyes”. Martouf dropped his gaze to the floor in vain attempt to hide the blush that had appeared on his face.
“Martouf kree we are ready to embark on the mission” Korra his friend of forty years informed him.
“You bring my daughter back alive you hear or there will be trouble”. Martouf didn’t bother replying. Martouf wouldn’t come back without his daughter.

“Apophis’s main palace is about thirty five minutes in that direction” Aldwin explained.
“Freya, Kerise and Santol you remain here with the ship. Aldwin \korra and I will infiltrate Apophis’s main wing” silence descended. The Tok’ra community were well aware of the feelings Martouf had for Samantha.
“Good then lets do this”. The Tok’ra broke up into their designated group. Three of them stayed with the ship in case they had to make a hasty retreat.

Martouf, korra and Aldwin penetrated the palaces defences undetected. To Martouf’s surprise there were hardly any Jaffa patrolling the halls.
“I think this is a trap, getting here was simply too easy” Martouf whispered to his two friends. They agreed.
“We should hurry” korra advised clutching his zat tightly. The three of them quickened their pace. The flickering torches reflected off the gold walls. The Tok’ra ducked behind a gold bulkhead as two Jaffa came marching down the hall. The Jaffa appeared to be somewhat on edge Martouf could tell this by the way they gripped their staff weapons tightly. Once they were out of hearing distance Martouf, korra and Aldwin crept stealthily in the direction the two Jaffa had come from. Martouf had from intelligence a vague idea as to where the cell was that Samantha was being held in. suddenly a loud shrill scream echoed the halls


“Tau’ri my patience with you grows extremely thin” Apophis informed her. Sam wasn’t paying attention to Apophis she was preoccupied with the pain she was feeling. Apophis flung out his hand in rage. The red crystal in the middle of his glowed fiercely, shooting a beam of light towards Sam’s forehead. Sam screamed again. She knew at the moment that she was probably going to die there on that planet with no friends, no family around her. Sam’s mind flashed back to s memory of her past to when she was a little girl playing in her back garden. She could hear a nice soothing voice humming the latest song that was playing on the radio. After the song finished she heard the voice shout “Sam!!” Sam lifted her head, long blonde hair falling into her eyes.
“Mom” Sam yelled back. The owner of the voice appeared at the back door her arms outstretched. Sam picked herself up off the floor and ran to her mother as fast as her little legs would carry her. Her mother lifter her high into her arms and hugged her tightly. Sam flung her arms around her mothers neck and whispered “I love you mom” the woman smiled into Sam’s hair and replied “I love you too honey”. Sam was brought out of her memory by a harsh blow to her already cracked ribs tears slipped from the corner of Sam’s eyes.
“Enough leave her” Apophis commanded as her left the cell rubbing his hands together in frustration as he left. The three Jaffa that had come in with Apophis couldn’t resist aiming a few hard kicks at Sam’s body that was laved out on the floor. One kicked her forcefully in the ribs again, another aimed a powerful kick to one of here legs. The pain shot up her leg, and the last aimed a hard blow to her head. Sam head whacked off the floor, blood began to collect at the corner of her mouth.
“Come lets leave this pathetic Tau’ri scum to rot” The leader of the jaffa hissed.

The three Tok’ra looked on as Apophis emerged from the cell followed shortly after by three very bulky Jaffa carrying staffs, electrocution sticks and a couple of other devices that were designed to torture a person. When the coast was clear Martouf led the way to the cell. Quickly he entered the code and the doors opened. Martouf saw dropped to the hard floor and crawled over to Samantha. He lifted her up a bit so that he could look down onto her face. Bruises covered her beautiful face, blood dripped from her mouth.
“Samantha can you hear me?" Martouf whispered. He got no reply. “Martouf come we must make our escape” Aldwin prompted. Martouf scooped Samantha into his arms and stood up. He head lolled against his shoulder. He felt her heavy breathing against his neck. If he didn’t hurry up and get her to the healers on the Tok’ra home world then she would soon die and that was something he definitely didn’t want. Aldwin peered around the door to make sure that no one was coming. Aldwin then jumped out into the corridor covering Martouf as he ran down the corridor with an unconscious Samantha Carter in his arms. A bolt of orange energy came from out of nowhere. Martouf took cover behind gold wall korra and Aldwin did the same.
“Jaffa kree! The prisoner is attempting to escape” Apophis barked. Aldwin took a communication device out of his pocket and held it to his mouth and spoke quietly so that Apophis wouldn’t hear him.
“Kerise we are not going to be able to rendezvous with you”. The comm system was silent as Aldwin waited for an answer.
“Aldwin can you make it to the secondary ring room? We should be bale to ring you aboard” Kerise advised him. Aldwin relayed kerise’s instructions to Martouf and korra. Martouf turned around to survey the way that they needed to go. Sam started to cough.
“Samantha!” Martouf exclaimed hopefully. Sam heard a soothing voice call a strange name. She tried to speak to the man but the words just wouldn’t come out of her mouth.
“Aldwin we are in position” Kerise said over the comm System.
“Martouf, Kerise is in position we should be able to duck down that way without running into too much resistance”.
“Korra cover me we are going to have to be fast” Martouf replied. Korra slipped into position behind Martouf. Aldwin nodded his head in Martouf’s direction, the three of them ran as fast as they could. Jaffa were chasing them. Several energy blasts from the staff weapons whizzed past their heads. Korra span round and fired his Zat'n'ketel five times stunning eight Jaffa. Their bodies rippled with blue energy then they fell to the floor, tripping up two other Jaffa who had been right behind them.
“Yes” Korra yelled triumphantly getting a quick smile from Martouf and Aldwin. When they reached the secondary ring room to Martouf’s surprise there were no Jaffa there at all. Aldwin keyed in the correct sequence of symbols and the two large gold doors whooshed open.

* Martouf as soon as we get her back to our homeworld, the healers will be able to help her

# I hope you are right Lantash because I cannot bear to see her like this.

Martouf and korra took their places in the centre of the transport rings, indicated by a complex circle shape drawn on the grey floor. Aldwin keyed in a set of symbols before rejoining his three friends. The entourage of Jaffa just made it to the secondary ring room in time to see the three Tok’ra and the human woman disappear.

The four black rings ascended from the floor of the cargo ship and korra, Aldwin and Martouf appeared holding what Santol could assume was Samantha carter. The rings descended back into the floor of the ship and Santol held out him arms to take the Tau’ri woman from Martouf. But Martouf turned away. He wasn’t prepared to relinquish Samantha to Santol no matter how much he trusted him. Martouf gently layed Samantha down on the soft blanket that Freya had placed on the floor of the cargo ship in preparation. Sam stirred again. This time she placed her hand upon Martouf’s arm. Sam opened her eyes once she realised that the thing she touched was actually another human being. Panic began to bubble in the pit of her stomach.
“Who… where am I?” she demanded and tried to sit up. Martouf placed his hand soothingly on her shoulder so that she wouldn’t move until he had at least had chance to make a preliminary assessment of her injuries.
“Please Samantha lie still” Martouf whispered reassuringly.
“Who is Samantha and who are you? She now demanded crossly.

# Lantash she does not know who I am or for that matter who she is!

* Calm yourself Martouf over dramatising isn’t going to help the situation

“I feel so tired and I hurt” she announced in a slightly irritable voice, promptly before falling unconscious again. Martouf let out a long sigh, he didn’t know what to do. Clearly this woman had no idea of who she was. How was he going to explain this to Jacob. Martouf wanted simply nothing more than to pull Sam into his arms and hold her close to him until they reached there destination. But he refrained. If she woke up she would only be afraid and would probably lash out. A single smile shaped Martouf lips. He could just picture what she looked like when she got angry, Jacob had told him that it was a sight to low and behold.

*Martouf you should rest

# I cannot Lantash

* I know but you should. You will be of now use to her if you are exhausted

# I know but I can not help but think what Apophis did to her to cause her memory loss

* When she regains her memory she will be able to tell us about what happened to her

# What if she does not?

* What if she does not what?

# regain her memory

* Only time will tell my friend

Martouf sat back against a box and closed his eyes, he allowed sleep to claim him so that when he awoke he would be able to help Samantha.

Jacob paced the tunnel nervously. Martouf and the rescue team had been gone for over eight hours. There had been no communication in that time. Selmak was trying to calm his doubts and fears, but to no avail. Sure he trusted Martouf with his daughter’s life but it wasn’t the same. He wished that he could have been the one to rescue his daughter from Apophis. He only hoped that Martouf had got to her in time. He had already lost her mother he was determined not to loose Sam as well.

Martouf felt an insistent tapping on his left shoulder. His eyes snapped open, Aldwin was stood in front of him. Aldwin flashed Martouf a sympathetic smile.
“We have reached Vorash”. Aldwin took a step back as Martouf picked himself up off the floor. Aldwin took a step back to allow Martouf to pick himself up off the floor.
“She has not moved once while you were sleeping” Aldwin informed him. Martouf gently scooped Sam up into is arms. Kerise, Santol and Freya came through the doorway. Each of them carrying supplies that they luckily hadn’t needed. Martouf had had to run the hand device over her back a few times there had been several severe lacerations. He suspected there might be a few broken bones, but he would rather wait for a professional healer to heal them. Martouf took his place with his friends in the centre of the transportation rings. The gold of the cargo ship became the blue crystals of the Tok’ra tunnels. Kerise, Freya and Santol went off in the direction of the mess hall followed shortly by Aldwin and Korra. Martouf went in the direction of the healers chambers. Jacob turned around in time to see Martouf walk down the adjoining tunnel cradling sam in his arms. Jacob ran to catch up with him.
“Martouf wait” he shouted trying to get the young Tok’ra to stop. Martouf heard Jacob calling his name but did not stop as he was determined to get Samantha to the healers as quick as possible. Martouf picked up the pace just as sam was starting to stir again. When they reached the healers chamber Martouf deposited Sam on the smooth crystal surface. A short old woman and a tall young man dressed in beige approached the table carrying various instruments.
“What has happened Martouf” the woman Lyola asked him.
“She was tortured by Apophis. I treated several deep lacerations, there is much bruising and I fear she may have several broken bones. Also she appears to have no memory of who she is” Martouf explained thoroughly Lyola and Dartaya placed their instruments on the table next to sam. They began to assess her injuries. Jacob came hurtling through the doorway slightly out of breath.
“Sam how is she? What happened Martouf?” he demanded. “Jacob please can this wait until we have healed her injuries?”. Jacob took a hesitant step back from the healer’s bed allowing the healers to continue with what they were doing. “A broken wrist”
“Several bruised ribs”
“We can heal these things”.
“What about her memory loss?” Martouf questioned.
"what memory loss?” Jacob demanded angrily. The healers ignored his question. Jacob was becoming seriously annoyed and getting rather impatient. Suddenly sam sat up startling the healers and Martouf. Jacob moved round the table to face sam and pulled her into a hug.
“Sam I thought I had lost you. Sam pulled frantically away from his embrace and hopped down from the table.
“Who’s sam? And who are you? I want answers” she declared indignantly.
“Jacob maybe it would be best if you told her only ht thing she needs to know and let her remember the other things gradually” Lyola instructed him.
“Hello, excuse me hi remember me, yeah that’s right I am stood here and I can hear everything you say, I am not deaf you know” sam spat angrily.
“Samantha Carter how dare you talk to your elders that way” Jacob chastised.
“For the last time old man who are you? Jacobs perhaps Samantha would first like to eat and bathe, Martouf would you please escort Samantha to the bathing chambers?” Lyola said. Sam threw her arms in the air and muttered “Oh for the love of god!!”.

“So I guess your name is Martouf?”.
“It is” he replied
“It’s a nice name Martouf”.
Martouf grinned “So is Samantha”. Sam had pretty much gathered by now that that was her name Samantha carter.
“MARTOUF LOOK OUT!!!!!” Sina yelled. A creature on four legs came hurtling down the tunnel knocking over whom so ever got in its way. The creature lifted his head up revealing two fiery red eyes. The creature was angry. Its thin legs were strong and sturdy its body and head were all furry.It had four ears and a round nose. Its mouth was open revealing extremely sharp teeth sharp teeth. People jumped out of the way as the creature legged it down the hall. It ran straight passed Sam and Martouf.
“What was that?” sam asked curiously. “That is a creature native to the last home world we were on before coming to Vorash” Martouf explained to her as he led through an archway. There was a large crystal pool in the centre of the room.
“Um Martouf this pool is directly in front of the door, well it isn’t very private” sam stated looking at the pool.
“There is little privacy among the Tok’ra at times for we have no secrets from each other” Martouf replied grinning at the look of sheer horror on her face.
“However should you wish it I will stand guard at the entrance to the chamber” Martouf offered kindly.
“Err ok I wont be that long I just want to rinse the dirt off, cos I am too tired to have a proper bath” sam said rather quietly.
“I will just turn my back while you undress and get into the pool, the water should be the right temperature” Martouf told her as he turned his back and went to stand at the entrance of the chamber. Sam quickly pulled off her torn and stained garments. They fell from her fingers and landed in a heap on the floor. She climbed the two steps and deposited herself into the pool. The warm water felt luxurious against her skin. When Martouf heard splashing about in the pool he turned around and walked over to the pile of clothing sam had left on the floor. He scooped up her soiled clothing. Sam’s body was covered by lots of white bubbles.
“Martouf I just realised that I don’t have any other clothes to wear” Sam explained.
“I will lend you some of my thing until your friends bring some of your own, it will only take a minute for me to go to my chamber and get some will you be alright by yourself?” Martouf inquired.
“Ok but don’t be too long” sam replied somewhat nervously. Martouf bowed his head and departed the bathing chamber.

Sam sat in the pool surveying her surroundings. There was a large crystal shelf on her left. On it were glass bottles all of different shapes, sizes and colours. To the right of her sam saw three large shelves each holding various sized pieces of cloth. Sam closed her eyes for a moment only to drift off to sleep.

# Lantash she looks considerably better than when we first found her only hours ago

* She is still very weak though Martouf

“Oh no god please” Martouf heard sam cry distressingly. He practically ran the length of the tunnel to the bathing chamber. Once inside he dropped the clothes on to the floor and grabbed sam by the arms bringing her forcefully out of her slumber. Sam’s eyes flew wide open.
“What are you doing?” sam demanded, trying to cover herself.
“I heard you call I thought you were in danger” he replied letting go of her.
“I see now that you were only having a nightmare” he added softly.
“Nightmare I wasn’t asleep” sam lied. Martouf didn’t reply he thought its better not to upset her anymore than she already was.
“Why don’t you get out of the pool, dry yourself off and slip into these clothes and then we will see about getting you some food” he said calmly. Martouf picked up the clothes he had dropped in haste to ascertain her well being. Sam studied him. She wasn’t sure if he expected her to dry and dress herself in front of him. As if sensing her discomfort her turned his back and made for the doorway. The water rippled as sam climbed out of the pool taking care not to slip on the steps. She immediately crossed over to the shelves on the right and extracted a large piece of cloth from one of the piles and wrapped it around her body. She didn’t bother with a second towel for her hair as it was almost dry, one of the advantages of having really short hair. It took all of five minutes for sam to dry herself. She gathered up the trouser Martouf had lent her. She had to roll up the bottoms a bit as they were slightly too long for her, he also had to pull the belt tight to keep them up. The t-shirt he had loaned her was a better fit then the trousers he had loaned her. Both garments were plain black and simple in design.
“Ok Martouf you can look now” she told him. He turned around and smiled.
“Those look better on you than they ever did on me” he admitted daringly. He extracted a comb from his pocket and handed it to her.
“I also thought that you might need this as well”. Sam took the wooden comb from him their hands accidentally brushing. Sam soon snapped her hand way and blushed.
“Thanks” she replied running the object through her short blonde hair restoring it to some semblance of order. After sam was finished she handed the comb back to Martouf. He took it from her and put it back in his pocket.
“This way to the mess hall” Martouf said as he slipped his arm around her waist. Sam didn’t shrug him off in fact she just leaned into him. He mustn’t have minded because he smiled smugly.

Sam sat on the bench eating a piece of bread that Martouf had recommended to her. She felt really tired again. Her ye lids fluttered closed for a few moments. Martouf looked up from his own meal and asked her if she was tired. Sam nodded. Martouf placed his eating utensils on his plate and then stood up, sam also stood up. Martouf joined her around her side of the table. Sam moved forward only to stumble on a loose crystal. Martouf wrapped his strong arms around her, preventing her from falling flat on her face. He looked down into her tired confused eyes and she looked up at his. This man obviously knew a lot about her yet she couldn’t for the life of her remember who he was or for that matter who she was. Suddenly she felt so vulnerable. She realised that she had to be dependant on Martouf and his people but what other choice did she have? Martouf coughed bringing her out of her brooding.
“Did you hurt yourself” he asked.
“Um no “sam assured him. Martouf manoeuvred her back into a standing position and rather reluctantly released his hold on her. Sam smoothed the creases out of borrowed clothing.
“Come I will take you to my chamber where you will be bale to rest without being disturbed” he informed her. His chambers! What about him where would he sleep, did he expect her to sleep with him. Had they been lovers? So she asked him the million dollar question
“Where will you sleep?”. “I am not tired I have reports to finish” he answered not failing to miss the deep breath she exhaled.
“Isn’t there anywhere ales I could stay” She asked hopefully.
“There are currently no spare living quarters” he told her truthfully.
“Your father has to share quarters with another Tok’ra while his are grown. So the only other alternative is that you sleep in the healers chambers” he suggested knowing full well that she wouldn’t do the latter. Sam practically threw a temper tantrum when Martouf suggested that she sleep in the healers’ chamber with that annoying, arrogant old lady that she had encountered when she had first woken up.
“I think your quarters will do fine” She chirped enthusiastically. Sam marvelled at the tunnels. They were gorgeous. The darker blue crystals enhanced the beauty of the lighter crystals. But something bothered Sam bout the designs of the Tok’ra tunnels. She just had to have an answer to the question. She decided to ask Martouf as they had seemed to have developed quite a rapport.
“Martouf why are their no doors on any of the chambers I have seen?”. Martouf drew in a deep breath and clenched his hands together before answering
“As I said before in the bathing chamber the Tok’ra have no secrets from each other so doors and partitions are not necessary”

*I will never understand the Tau’ri fascination with doors if I live to be 3000!!

# Hush Lantash she appears to have some more questions for us

Sam had loads of questions that she wanted to ask but told herself she wouldn’t because they were of a personal nature and she didn’t want to embarrass herself or put Martouf into an awkward position. Martouf decided to break the somewhat awkward silence that had descended on them.
“Do you remember anything of your life at all?” Martouf quizzed sam. “No” came the one word reply.
“Martouf will my memory ever return?” sam questioned.
“In time yes your memory will return again” Martouf assured her as he ushered her through an archway. His quarters were small in comparison to the bathing chamber. There was a small desk and stool on one side and on the other side of the room was a small vanity table. At the back of the room was a bed. The base was made from crystal but it had several layers of animal fur and material on top of it. At the bottom of the bed were three large grey boxes holding what sam assumed were all of Martouf personal effects. Sam sat down on the bed and Martouf knelt in front of her. Martouf deftly unlaced sam boot laces and pulled them off. He deposited them next to the bed. Sam swung her legs up onto the bed and lay down. Martouf stood up and pulled the cover over her.
“Sleep well” he whispered and kissed her atop her forehead. Sam relaxed and snuggled into the covers it was not long before she was sound asleep.

Martouf took on last look at his report checking it for any errors that he may have made. It had been over seven hours since she had fallen asleep. He had had a hard time concentrating on his report when the woman he had fallen in love with was sleeping only a few metres away.

*Do not wake her Martouf

# I was not going too

* Do no think of joining her either

# Lantash I…

*Do not deny it Martouf I can feel what you feel remember

# Yes alright I admit I had thought about it

* It may take weeks for all of her memories to resurface even if the memory device is applied

# At least if she uses the memory device she will have to stay here so that she may be monitored and so that we can keep her close

* Liar Martouf your only train of though is that if O’Neill takes her back to earth he will biased her opinions of us

Their internal bickering was interrupted by moans coming from Sam’s direction “Oh god no please I wont tell you anything” sam cried as she writhed about in the bed. The cover that Martouf had placed over her slipped onto the floor. Martouf got up from his desk and went and sat on the edge of her bed. Martouf gently pulled her into his arms and held her. Sam wrapped her arms around him as she sobbed into his shoulder. Large tears soaked into his uniform.
“Shh you are safe with me I will allow no one to hurt you” he soothed as he stroked her hair affectionately until the sobs became mere sniffles.
“M…Martouf I remembered something, there were three men one was black with a gold tattoo on his head, another wore glasses and sneezed a lot and the last had grey hair”.
“Yes those are your friends, the ones I spoke of earlier”
“For some reason I know they will try and take me back to where they come from, please Martouf don’t let them I want to stay with you” sam whimpered clinging even more to Martouf.
“Samantha no one can make you doing anything that you do not want to”
“Martouf what are doing” Jacob yelled angrily.

*How must this look to Jacob, I bet he think we are trying to seduce her

“Samantha had a nightmare I was imply comforting her” Martouf informed him.
“Yeah sure you were I am not stupid I can see what you were doing” Jacob growled
“I never for one moment implied that you were” Martouf replied carefully, well aware that Jacob could explode at any moment.
“I just sent a message to earth. The rest of sg-1 will be coming here tomorrow afternoon” Jacob explained as if he was talking to a child. Jacob looked at sam and then back to Martouf.
“Martouf I want a word with you lets talk outside shall we” Jacob ordered.
“No that’s ok talk here I want to go for a walk anyway my legs have gone numb” Sam interrupted putting her boots on and hightailing it out of there. Because all of a sudden the atmosphere had become very hostile. What was Jacob so worried about Martouf would never hurt her she pondered ion this thought for ages not realising that she was in fact hopelessly lost.. She walked a few steps more when she heard a whining noise coming from one of the storage chambers. Sam peered around the corner and saw the poor creature she had encountered yesterday curled up in the corner looking rather sorry for himself. It must have sensed sam was there because it lifted its head up to greet her. Sam dropped to her knees and crawled over to the creature. Somehow she knew that it wasn’t going to hurt her and vice versa. The creature got up on to its scrawny legs and hurled itself at her and whined louder than before. Sam stroked its coarse fur. The creature snuggled into Sam’s embrace. I wish I had some food to give it the poor thing looked hungry and it was obvious that it need a lot of love and affection sam wondered if Martouf would come looking for her as she had been missing for a substantial amount of time. As if on cue three Tok’ra came into the storage chamber. The creatures hackles rose and it bared its sharp teeth. It growled low in its throat. The three people took a step back. Sam turned to the creature and said “hey they won’t hurt you”. One of the Tok’ra male inched his way forward. The creature sprang to its feet and began to bark. The man jumped back. The creature then took position directly in front of sam, protecting her. The three of them realised what the creature was doing and back off.
“Is there something I can do for you” sam inquired. “It is time for his bath”
“May I bath him” sam offered. She half expected him to say no but to her surprise they didn’t. In fact they looked rather relieved that she had offered.
“Yes you may I though I have to warn you he doesn’t like baths” the Tok’ra male told her. Sam had no doubt that the creature hated baths judging by the smell coming from him.
“Just show me where I can bath him”. Sam got up off the hard floor and followed the three Tok’ra. The creature was next to sam yapping away excitedly. “Excuse me sir does the animal have a name?” sam asked.
“No he does not”
“May I give him a name?”
“If you wish”. Sam looked down at the creature by her side. She wished she could remember some names, but she just couldn’t. So she decided to call him after the man who had chastised her in front of that healer.
“Jake I will name him Jake” she announced quite pleased with herself. The three Tok’ra didn’t comment though sam swore she could see smiles on their faces at the announcement of the creature’s new name and Jake he was still yapping away. Sam expected her Tok’ra guides to show her to a special bathing chamber for the animal. Instead they lead her to a large chamber in it were three large bathing pools. Like the chamber she had been in previously there were shelves with bath sheets and bottles of different liquids. One of the pools was occupied by two female Tok’ra. Both of them looked about forty years old. Sam recalled what Martouf had said earlier about there being little privacy amongst the Tok’ra. The two women appeared not bothered by the intrusion. Sam knew that if she were in their shoes she would be as embarrassed as hell, but then again they were probably used to it.
“Samantha”. Sam’s attention darted from the Tok’ra females to the three Tok’ra she had followed. Sam glanced down and expected to see Jake at heel, but he wasn’t there. She whipped around and there he was cowering at the entrance to the bathing chamber.
“Come Jake time for your bath, come on come to sam” she coaxed him but Jake was having none of it he remained where he was.
"Samantha you are to use this pool here to bath Jake” the male Tok’ra instructed her. When he spoke poor jakes body shook and swayed.
“Err maybe it would be a good idea if the three of you made yourself scarce, he appears to be terrified of you” sam suggested, trying her best not offend these three Tok’ra.
“I think that would be best, if you require any assistance ask for Pablo” he instructed before he left with his two companions. No sooner than they left Jake came bounding over to sam. Wagging his stubby tail.
“Ok now boy I know you don’t like baths but do you think you could co-operate just for once” She pleaded. Jake looked at her then at the pool, he pounced up the step and leaped into the pool with a big splash.
”Good boy” sam praised him. The Tok’ra females looked on in astonishment. Sam set to work on bathing the creature. She gathered a big handful of the liquid in the jar that had been by the side of the pool and plonked it on Jake. It smelled like flowers. She rubbed it into his coarse fur making sure he was well lathered. Jake didn’t yapp not once. He was quite happy to let sam wash him. When she had finished lathering him up she dunked him under the water and repeated this action a few times till all of the soapy stuff was off him.
“Ok Jake you can jump out now”. Sam laughed as he leaped over the side of the pool completely missing the step and landed on the floor. Next he shook himself off sending droplets of water everywhere. Sam lunged at him with a bath sheet to towel off the excess water. Sam wondered why Martouf hadn’t come looking for her by now. But why was she bothered about him? Well he had rescued her from that awful place nut then there was that instant attraction she had felt between them. Somewhere inside her she knew that she should be afraid of these people but for some reason she couldn’t explain she wasn’t afraid. In fact she felt quite at ease here. Sam had only been there for a day and a half. The healers had healed her more serious injuries but she still felt sore and stiff. Her little walk and bathing Jake had given here quite an appetite.
“Ok Jake do you fancy going for something to eat?”. Jake bolted like lightening out of the bathing chambers and straight to the mess hall. Sam jogged behind him to keep up. Jake reached the mess hall before sam sat he sat down and waited for her patiently at the entrance. Sam panted and puffed as she reached Jake.
“Good Jake right lets go see about getting something to eat”. The animal followed behind her. Sam walked up to the counter top and helped herself to some weird looking fruit and a delicious pastry. She placed them on a round tray whilst she examined the drink selection. What should she choose?
“I think you would like the moss tea” Martouf suggested, leaning over her shoulder to see her choice. Sam picked up the moss tea. Her senses went haywire. Why did he have to stand so close? Why did her heart beat like crazy and her pulses race whenever he came near? A memory came to her. She was in a strange room, having an argument with Martouf. Only it wasn’t Martouf speaking it was …Lantash. The others she had remembered earlier were there too. There was also another man there, who was older, chubby and bald. Sam tried to remember what they had argued about but it was no good. She had to ask him or else she would drive herself crazy with wondering.
“Lantash what did we argue about?” sam asked as she picked up a bowl with meat in it and a bowl of water for Jake. Martouf bowed his head to allow Lantash to take control.
“When did we argue?” he asked softly so as not to frighten her by his sudden appearance. Sam placed the objects in her hand onto the tray and set about finding a seat. With her back to him she explained when they had argued and what she remembered of the event. Lantash opened his mouth to say something, but when no words came out he should his mouth again. Didn’t chance to linger on his answer instead she decided to ask him another question that weighed heavily on her mind.
“Lantash are we lovers?”
Lantash was stunned he never expected such a straight forward question from this woman.

*Did you hear?

#Yes I did what are you going to tell her?

*The truth Martouf I can not lie to her about something as important as this

# Remember what Lyola said

* Martouf I know but this is obviously bothering her, it would be cruel to leave her in suspense like this

When Lantash didn’t answer her immediately she though he was ignoring her. She Didn’t realise that he was having an internal conversation with Martouf.
“We are not lovers, well at least not for the moment. Martouf and I had hoped that sometime in the future you, Martouf and I would become mates” Lantash admitted honestly.


Sam was dumbstruck. She stared at him open mouthed. #Lantash now you have frightened the woman further

* I had to be honest Martouf

“You want … you and I too...” sam stammered. She tried to put together a complete sentence but failed miserably. What a bombshell he had dropped
“Do you love me?” she asked quietly.
“Yes we both do” he replied softly.
“Ahh” sam said. What could she say to that? How could she answer him when she only couldn’t even remember how they had met? They both sat there in silence. Sam tucked into her food, whilst Martouf cradled a cup in his hand. Sam picked up her own cup and took a cautious sip of the moss tea that Martouf had recommended. To her surprise she quite liked it
“Mmm” Sam muttered aloud. Martouf grinned as he said to her “I told you that you would like the moss tea best”. Sam looked at him and then back at the steaming cup of moss tea in her hands.
“It has a unique taste. We have nothing like this on earth, though I do like a cup of earl grey now and again but I am mostly a coffee drinker” Sam informed him, and the she realised exactly what she had just said. Earth and coffee! It was strange that she could remember these beverages and their tastes these were only minor details and nothing more important like was she married, did she have any kids? What was her job?
“You remembered something of your home world Earth?” Martouf probed gently.
“Yes I think so but I can’t remember anything else though” sam replied, feeling very frustrated with herself. A tall blonde haired man came strolling over to their table clutching a staff in his hand.
“Martouf SG-1 has arrived and they wished to see Samantha immediately” he curtly informed them. Martouf got up from the table followed by sam and then the very loyal Jake. Though he looked mighty pissed that he didn’t get to finish his dinner, but he followed sam none the less. Sam wrung her hands, echoing the tension that was flowing through her body. What would they expect of her? What could she expect of them? Sam suddenly stopped dead, Martouf walked straight into the back of her. In an instant he had wrapped his arms around her body to prevent her from falling to the floor.
“Why Martouf you have saved me yet again” sam teased, him lightening the mood.
“It is one of the privileges I get for having to listen to your father snore on away missions” he joked, getting a giggle from sam.
“Martouf when I meet them will you stay with me?” sam pleaded, leaning back into his body for support.
“If you want me to I will” he promised her faithfully. Sam squeezed his hand affectionately. Martouf unclasped his hands from around her waist and they both ventured into the chamber side by side.

# I really do love her

* Yes so do I

Sam drew in a deep breath as the three men, Lyola and her father came into her direct line of sight. The only person who wasn’t there that she had expected to be there was the older bald guy.
“Sam!!” the man with the glasses exclaimed with delight. He rushed forward to hug her but she stepped back.
“Who are you?” she demanded. The three men looked at each other and then back at her with worried faces.
“What the hell” the one with the cap declared. “As I tried to explain to you Colonel O’Neill, major carter has her memory. We are going to try the memory recall device tomorrow” Lyola explained slowly.
“Well major...” Jack went to place his hand on Sam’s arm, Jake leaped at him his teeth bared and growling. Startling everyone in the room. Jack jumped back and clutched his p90 tightly. Sam said softly to Jake “Please Jake be quiet”. Jake stopped growling and barking but kept his impressive set of sharp teeth bared for all to see, he also deposited himself directly in front of sam protecting her from Jack.
“Sam what did you call that slobbering creature Jake for?” Jacob demanded slightly upset.
“Because the creature reminds me somewhat of you”.
“Charming” Jacob replied pretending to be hurt. Martouf couldn’t help the smile that crept to his face. It was so rare that Jacob was bested.
“So sam when are you coming home with us?” Sam looked over at Martouf.
“I thought I might stay here for a while” sam whispered barely being heard. Colonel O’Neill began ranting and raving. The atmosphere had turned form peaceful to hostile in a matter of moments Martouf realised that O’Neill’s ranting and raving was not helping Samantha one bit and decided to intervene on her behalf. He grabbed sam by the arm and announced coolly “I think Samantha is still very tired, perhaps you could visit with her later?”. Sam was glad that Martouf had come to her rescue. This had been a big step for her. Hoe could a man like this O’Neill character possibly be her friend! The man with the glasses flashed her a weak smile and mumbled something about her feeling well soon. Sam smiled back at him, and then allowed Martouf to escort her back to his chamber so that she could rest.

Lyola placed a small disk on the side of Sam’s head. Sam felt a sharp pain as the device was inserted. Lyola took her place at the work bench, Martouf beside her. Sam took reassurance in his smile. Martouf likes to smile a lot she said to herself.
“Are you ready to proceed?” Lyola enquired, pressing a few buttons on the control panel in front of her whilst Martouf tapped his fingers impatiently on the crystal surface. Ok you can do this she told herself.
“Samantha we are not going to use the other part of this technology as there is…”
“No specific way of targeting certain memories” sam finished Lyola’s sentence.
“I remember that particular phrase being used somewhere before” she remembered.

* She remembers our conversation “Ok Samantha we will start there now close your eyes and focus on those words. Then take your mind back to where you heard them”. Sam closed her eyes and drew in a few deep breaths. She shifted position in her chair as she tried to recall where she had heard those words before. Then it came to her. With her eyes still close she told Martouf and Lyola where she saw.
“I was on a space ship. I remember there was a special mission to… I can’t remember” Sam said, growing increasingly frustrated with herself and her predicament.

#Perhaps we should prompt her

* Very well but just one hind she should try and remember things on her own.

“The mission to Naetu” Martouf prompted, Lyola nodded her head. Sam twisted her head at angle so that she could get a better look at Martouf.
“Yes we were going to rescue Jacob my father”.
“Go on” Lyola instructed when sam hesitated.
“I remember Martouf putting on of these disks on me” sam hand went to her temple where the device was located. Sam’s face suddenly contorted with disgust intriguing both Martouf and Lyola.
“What is it ?” Lyola demanded. Sam struggled to find words to describe what she saw.
“I remember seeing a blonde haired woman and a rather unattractive man kissing and making love”. Martouf glanced down at the floor to hide his repulsion from her.

#She had to remember that

*That memory had to be close to the surface it was just unlucky that it was that particular one

# I know I know but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

*It upsets me also that Jolinar had to do that to escape from Naetu. But I take solace in the fact that Apophis vile creature that he was killed him.

Sam felt sick inside. She wanted to throw up. Plus she could tell she had upset Martouf by the way he held his body. When he had composed himself somewhat he stared at her through those eyes of his. Sam saw pain and instantly felt guilty.
“Please continue” Lyola said bringing her attention back to the task at hand. Sam replayed several memories that had resurfaced and in turn those memories triggered other memories. Martouf and Lyola now sat and listened to what sam remembered. After four exhausting hours Lyola called a halt. They had made sufficient progress. Sam now remembered most of the basic things about her life like her mothers name and how she died and her father and how he became Tok’ra.
“Samantha go back to my quarters and I will bring you something to eat”. Sam rubbed at the side of her head were the disk had been, it was sore. Just as Martouf was about to leave she yelled his name forgetting about the slight discomfort. He spun around to face her. She bolted across the room like lightening and threw her arms around his neck. Martouf was slightly taken back this was something he hadn’t anticipated. His body held rigid for a few minutes before he wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to him. Sam snuggled into his warm body.

#I did not expect that

“I am sorry Martouf” sam blurted.
“Sorry for what” he asked softly.
“I didn’t mean to upset you its just that I got so frustrated with myself because that anything I remember well… I consider anything I remember as positive” sam explained. Martouf held her more tightly.
“Samantha I was not upset with you”.
“I love you” sam admitted. His heart skipped a beat.


“What!!” Martouf stammered.
“I love you and I guess I have for a long while this I remember clearly” she declared passionately.

#did you hear?

*Yes I heard maybe it would be a good idea to tell her of our feelings

#Lantash what should I say?

*Hoe about I love you too?

“Samantha I love you too” her replied, his voice full of affection. Sam smiled into his chest. She was quite content to stay like that and Martouf showed no signs of budging within the next few minuets.
“Why you no good son of a bitch” Jack O’Neill spat as he marched furiously into the chamber.
“Thought you would get in first hmmm, seduce her whilst she is not completely in control of all of her faculties?”
“Colonel I had no such intension” Lantash barked, having taken back control of Martouf’s body because he was furious with O’Neill for interrupting their private moment.
“Yeah sure you didn’t “Jack scoffed as he grabbed sam forcefully by the arm extracting her from Martouf’s loving embrace. Lantash’s face contorted in anger.
“Release her at once” Lantash growled, preparing himself for a fight. Sam tried to wriggle free of the O’Neill’s grasp. Lantash and O’Neill started shouting at each other. Insult flew over Sam’s head. She was growing ever more distressed by the minute. Just then Jake came bounding through the archway. Launching himself at Jacks leg and set about savaging it. Jack let go of Sam’s arm and howled in pain. One Jake saw jack release sam he retreated albeit a few steps. Lantash stood there, arms folded head held high and smirked.
“Carter, Lyola came and spoke to us. She said that you would need two more sessions with her to fully regain your memory so Hammond is allowing her to come to earth to finish your treatment. So be ready to leave in fifteen minutes” he ordered, his voice rough with pain. He shot Martouf a hateful stare before limping out of the room. Jake watched him every step of the way till he disappeared form sight. She didn’t want to go. But she didn’t want anymore trouble between these two men. She held her arms out in defeat and followed I the direction O’Neill went. Martouf stood there he still couldn’t believe the audacity of the human O’Neill. If he had truly cared about Samantha he would never have put her through such a distressing scene and wouldn’t be forcing her in to a situation that she wasn’t comfortable with. But much like himself once he had made his mind up about something there was no changing it.

Sam dropped down on to Martouf’s bed. She smiled slightly, Martouf’s bed. She felt safe here. Her mind was buzzing with activity. She wanted to stay, but maybe she would get all of her memories back if she went home. She didn’t have any belongings. Apophis had confiscated her weapons and her clothes were beyond repair. All she had were Martouf’s clothes and the dog tags around her neck. She would take Jake with her of course like she could really leave him behind not that he would stay. O’Neill would just have to earn the creatures respect or failing that wear protective body armour anytime he ventured near her. Sam pulled Martouf shirt tighter to her body.
“Sorry sam Jack says we have to go now” Daniel interrupted her thoughts. “Doctor Jackson…?”.
Daniel took off his glasses and began fiddling with them. “You used to call me Daniel” he told her. Sam sighed and got up.
“I am sorry Daniel, I just feel a bit awkward sometimes” She tried to explain how she was feeling but it was difficult to put into words.
“Yeah sam I know but you will soon be back to your old self” he assured her. Sam walked side by side with Daniel, taking one last look around the place. She had made a couple of friends in her short time here. Jake was waiting for her at the transport rings along with Korra who was going to escort them to the surface. Korra pressed the button on the side of his hand and the rings descended engulfing them in bright light. They reappeared on the surface where O’Neill, her father, Teal’c and Martouf were waiting for her. Her eyes locked with Martouf’s, he held her intense gaze. Sam was glad that Martouf knew about her feelings for him. But she was even more pleased by the fact that he reciprocated those feelings. A pang of fear took hold of her. She really, really didn’t want to go. Sam turned her attention briefly from Martouf to her father. Long enough for them to exchange a quick hug and a promise that he would come visit her in a few weeks. She then turned to Martouf. They simply looked into each others eyes. Words weren’t need just yet. Martouf leant forward and placed a kiss on her lips. For the first time in several days everything was clear.
“I will also see you in a few weeks… My love” He whispered only loud enough for her to hear. Her eyes hone brightly with love for him.
“I will look forward to it… my love” She replied tenderly. Sam strode confidently up the few steps followed by Jake who hurled himself straight through the Stargate. Sam paused before walking through the Stargate and whirled around to get one last look of Martouf. Yep! Her life had taken a turn. A turn for the better. Relishing the new sense of hope she walked though the Stargate. Ready to assume her old life, well nearly with two exceptions. Jake her new found friend and the love of the most handsome man in the universe.


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