Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets

# indicates host internal conversation
* indicates symbiote internal conversation
Everything in italic indicates a memory flashback

----PART 1----

Martouf tried to open his eyes, but to no avail. His eye lids felt like they had heavy weights attached to them. His whole body felt as if it was on fire

*Martouf your injuries were severe, I am doing my best to heal you but I fear it may take many hours, now try to sleep

Martouf, to tired and sore didn’t bother to try and argue with his symbiote, instead he allowed his head to sink into the soft fabric of the pillow, and eventually sleep claimed him.

Martouf scanned the room around him to make sure that no one was watching what he was doing. The information he was downloading from the main computer was almost finished, when suddenly the large gold doors whisked open and in walked two horus guards, one either side of Darien, his friend and fellow Tok’ra operative. Lantash took control of Martouf’s body for fear that Martouf would try and do something rash that would only serve to blow their own cover.

*Martouf there is nothing we can do at this point

# I know Lantash but I cannot just stand here and watch as our friend is tortured

* We may be able to help him later but for now we will have to do nothing

Martouf could only look on in horror as his friend and comrade in arms was brought to his knees by a staff weapon. The Goa’uld system lord descended from his thrown hatred and revenge in his eyes. Martouf removed the small portable storage device from the computer console and slipped it discreetly into his pocket. “Now Tok’ra” Heru’ur threw back over his shoulder as he re took his place on his grand throne.

“You will tell me everything I want to know”. The brown haired man kneeling on the floor raised his head with dignity; there was no way they would get anything from him. One of the Horus guards dug a pain stick deep in to the back of Darien. Darien threw back his head and screamed. Martouf feeling helpless, knowing there was nothing he could do at the moment in time to help his friend, walked as fast as his legs would carry him, out of the throne room. He wasn’t about to watch one of his friends be brutally tortured.

Several hours later Martouf observed his unconscious and badly beaten friend being hauled away by the two jaffa that had brought him to the throne room. Martouf knew that they were taking him to the holding cells that were located on the east side of the palace. Keeping at a distance, he followed the small party. When they came to the holding cell Martouf ducked behind a bulkhead so that the two jaffa wouldn’t see him. The two Horus guard threw Darien’s body roughly into the cell and sealed it shut. Martouf waited until the jaffa contingent were out of ear shot, then he ducked out from his hiding place, pulling out his zat’nikatel just in case they doubled back. . Quickly he made his way to the cell, and entered the correct five symbols that would open the door. The large black door separating the well lit corridor from the dark and gloomy holding cell ascended into the ceiling, Martouf took a quick survey of the empty corridor before rushing into the cell and dropping to his knees beside his friend, reaching out he shook Darien’s body, trying to wake him up.

“Darien” Martouf whispered quietly, “It is I Martouf” the crumpled figure roused slightly, groaning as he did,

“Martouf, you should not be here go before the guards come back” Martouf glanced nervously toward the open door way leading to the corridor, trying to formulate a plan to help Darien to escape.

*Martouf there is no way we can get him out of here, Darien is not capable of walking and with the amount of guards this place has there is no way we could carry him and make it out of here undetected.

Martouf realising the hopelessness of the situation turned back to his friend. Martouf could see in Darien's eyes that he knew that he wasn’t going to live through this. He felt so helpless and angry; yet again the Goa’uld had won. Darien drew in a few breaths before speaking in a raspy voice,

“Martouf we both know I am not going to get out of here” Darien's face contorted in pain his whole body clenched in Martouf’s arms indicating to Martouf that he only had minutes left “I have a final request” Martouf allowed Darien to pull his head closer so that Darien could whisper into his ear, “ please Martouf”, The excruciating pain he was in was making it extremely difficult to speak, “Tell Aileena, that I love her and tell her that I die with a smile on my face remembering her” Martouf could feel a lump beginning to form in his throat. “I promise I will tell her I swear it” A small smile appeared on Darien’s face as his body went limp in Martouf’s arms. Martouf bowed his head and uttered a silent prayer.

* Martouf we must hurry if we are discovered here……..

But it was too late, “Well I see I have uncovered yet another Tok’ra spy” the arrogant system lord boomed.

Martouf picked himself up off the marble floor and glared, eyes filled with pure hatred at the overbearing system lord. Heru'ur signalled two of his guards to proceed forward and take Martouf to his throne room. The two guards rushed forward, one grabbed the zat from Martouf and they other grabbed him by his arms and dragged him out of the cell. Martouf didn’t resist, knowing that to do so was futile, he was outnumbered and unarmed. Heru’ur motioned to the other two jaffa to dispose of the lifeless body lying on the floor of the holding cell. And then followed the two jaffa escorting the Tok’ra spy.

Martouf could see the doors to the throne room coming into sight.

* Martouf prepare yourself for what is too come

# Lantash we have to make it out of here, we have to keep the promise we made Darien

Lantash didn’t reply, instead he began to formulate a plan of escape for when the opportunity arose.

----PART 2----

Martouf could feel an insistent tapping on his left shoulder, he raised his hand up to swipe at whoever was tapping him, fortunately Larak one of the senior healers was prepared and grabbed Martouf’s hand just in time. Martouf’s body tensed, for a minute he thought he was still in the holding in cell on Heru’ur planet, he bolted upright in bed ignoring the pain in his chest. When Martouf realised that person restraining him was Larak, he relaxed. Larak relinquished his hold on Martouf and dug into his pocket to retrieve a small disc.

“Martouf I am glad your awake, I have to run a few tests and then you can go back to sleep” he explained as he placed the small flat disc over onto Martouf’s naked chest. His torn and bloody clothing having been removed hours ago. All he wore underneath the blanket was a pair of loosely fitting trousers which he used to sleep in. The device on Martouf’s chest began to transfer information to the data pad.

“Lantash has almost finished healing your injuries, but I must insist that you spend the night here so that I may keep a check on his progress” Larak said, in a no nonsense tone of voice.

Martouf sighed as he lay back down on the bed. Larak walked over to the control console by the exit and dimmed the lights in the chamber, “get some rest and I will check on you later”, Martouf pulled the brown blanket further up his body and closed his eyes once again drifting off into slumber.

Martouf was pushed to his knees in front of Heru’ur, whom was smirking down upon him evilly. “Well it is not everyday that I find two Tok’ra spies in my midst, you friend, told me much, though not all”, Heru’ur indicated for the jaffa with the pain stick to approach Martouf, “Now I will get the rest of what I seek from you”.

*Prepare yourself Martouf!!!

The jaffa shoved the pain stick into Martouf’s back. Martouf reared back gritting his teeth to prevent himself from screaming. Heru’ur sat back in his throne, “I see you are high spirited, don’t worry I will break you eventually”, at that the jaffa again jammed the pain stick into Martouf’s side. He reared back but he didn’t cry out.

A few hours later the Horus guards dragged a semi conscious Martouf back to his holding cell. For hours Martouf has been subjected to the pain stick, and the hand device. The Horus guards had taken great pleasure in punching and kicking him, whilst Heru’ur had looked on with a smirk on his face and an evil glint in his eye. The two jaffa flung Martouf into the holding cell, the force of which sent him sprawling to the floor. Martouf winced in pain as he landed on his broken ribs. The two guards turned their backs and departed the cell, the door closing automatically upon their departure. Careful so as not to aggravate his broken ribs further, he arranged himself into a sitting position, resting his back against the wall.

# Lantash are you ok?

* I will be fine Martouf… try not to move around too much as I am going to try and heal you as best I can before the guards return.

Martouf tilted his head back against the wall, and attempted to get some rest, knowing that in a few hours he would need his strength.

----PART 3----

Martouf pulled back the blanket and swung his legs over the side of the bed, at that Larak waltzed into the chamber humming, he soon stopped when he realised that Martouf was getting out of bed.

“And just what do you think you are doing?” Martouf turned his attention to the frowning healer and announced his intentions.

“I am going into the adjoining chamber to bathe” Martouf explained slowly as if he were talking to a small child. Larak shook his head; Martouf could be quite obstinate when he wanted to be. Martouf hopped down off the bed and hobbled through to the next chamber, followed by Larak.

When he reached the bathing pool he pressed the green button on the side of the pool and it began to fill with warm water. Larak went over to the crystal bench on the other side of the chamber and procured a large piece of cloth form the small pile, for Martouf to dry himself on. Martouf transferred his weight quickly from one foot to another as he removed his trousers and climbed into the pool, sighing with delight as the warm water began to soothe his aching and tired muscles.

“Do you require anything else”

Martouf thought about it and said to Larak, “Would you please get me a clean uniform from my quarters?” Larak nodded his head and set to it, leaving Martouf to soak away his aches and pains.

Martouf pulled the beige tunic over his head and secured the fastenings. When Larak had returned with the clean uniform he had informed Martouf that as soon as he was finished bathing that the high council wanted to see him. Martouf threw the dirty clothing and his towel into the laundry bin and embarked upon his journey to the council chamber, though he intended to make a short detour first.

* Martouf the high council made it clear that they wished to see us first before anyone else

# Lantash for once I do not care what the council wants I made a promise, beside Aileen was his mate and I think she deserves to be the first person to know

Lantash didn’t pursue the matter any further; because he knew that once Martouf made his mind up about something that was it. It took ten minutes at a limping pace to reach Darien and Aileen’s quarters, he paused briefly outside to take in a deep breath before venturing in to the chamber. Their quarters were quite spacious though sparsely furnished. There was a small desk at one side of the room, a few data pads were upon it. Just above the desk were two sturdy shelves and directly opposite the desk was a sleeping platform, just big enough for two people. Upon the sleeping platform were several pillows and a few woven blankets. Aileen was kneeling on the floor, with her back to him riffling through a storage container. Martouf limped further into the chamber calling out the woman’s name, upon hearing it the woman glanced over her shoulder to smile at him. But her smile soon disappeared when she caught sight of the cuts and bruises that marred his handsome face. She scrambled to her feet, flicking her hair over her shoulder as she did so.

“Martouf I heard you were back but I did not know… what happened to you?” she exclaimed with concern. Martouf stretched out his hand and took hers in his.

“Aileen I have something to tell you”, Martouf tried to find the words.

“Darien was captured by Heru’ur, he…” when Martouf’s voice cracked, Aileen started to shake her head, “I am so sorry Aileen but Darien died in my arms”. Aileen broke down into tears. Martouf pulled her in to his arms. Her whole body trembled form the force of her uncontrollable sobbing, she screamed the name of her deceased mate at the top of her voice, hoping that this was all a nightmare. By now a small group of Tok’ra had congregated in the entrance way to the chamber. Martouf didn’t say anything to them he merely shook his head; the expressions on their faces were ones of remorse. A few minutes later and tall woman called Bronwyn, whom was a close friend of Aileen’s barged through the group of Tok’ra and headed straight over to Aileen. Martouf released the woman he was holding to allow Bronwyn to comfort her. Bronwyn wrapped her arms around her grief stricken friend telling her how sorry she was. Martouf decided to make himself scarce, but before he left he said to Aileen

“He loved you and wanted me to tell you that his final thoughts were of you”.

Aileen raised her head and whispered shakily “Martouf thank you”, Martouf inclined his head and then limped out of Aileen’s quarters. Sullenly he made his way to the main council chamber wishing that it had been him that had died and not Darien.

---- PART 4----

Three weeks later

Martouf muttered a few choice curses as he picked up the data pad on the desk in front of him and hurled it across the room. The data pad broke into several pieces upon hitting the wall, only narrowing missing Jacobs head as he ducked around the corner. Jacob glanced at the broken data pad and then back at his scowling friend sat behind the desk.

“Martouf what did the data pad do to you?” Jacob inquired as he approached Martouf’s bed and plonked himself down upon it.

Martouf’s scowl deepened. “Go away Jacob I wish to be left alone”.

*Jacob he has hardly left this chamber in three weeks

# I know Sel that’s why we are here to see if we can gently coax him out

Jacob folded his arms in front of him, “Martouf a lot of people are very worried about you”. When Jacob didn’t receive a reply he carried on, “You have been holed up in here for three weeks only coming out for meals and the occasional council meeting, you don’t spar with Malek anymore, you don’t socialise with Korra, Aldwin or me or anyone for that matter”.

Martouf’s face contorted with anger as he slammed his fist down hard upon the desk, causing everything on it jumped at least an inch into the air.

“I have asked you to leave me alone now go before…”

Selmak had had enough; she took control of Jacob's body “Martouf kree! We have had enough of your tantrums and mood swings, you will attend the celebration tonight if I have to drag you there” Selmak stated firmly.

Martouf clenched his fists together, whilst continuing to glare at Jacob.

* Martouf it is no use

# But I really do not want to go

*well tough because Selmak is not giving us an option

“Fine!!” Martouf eventually grated. Jacob; having re taken control, jumped up from his seat and headed out the exit way.

“Oh and Martouf” he called back over his shoulder “make sure that you leave your foul mood here” Martouf grabbed the rest of the data pads and hurled them at the wall as he directed a volley of insults and curses at the exit of the chamber.

Jacob came to a stand still, in the middle of the unoccupied tunnel. The transport rings descended from the ceiling and engulfed him in a bright light. When he reappeared on the surface, Malek was waiting for him.

“How did he take it?” Jacob gave Malek a knowing look that made Malek chuckle he knew very well how Martouf would react. Side by side the two men made their way through the sand until they came to the Stargate. As Jacob inputted the co-ordinates into the d.h.d he said to Malek “you will make sure that Martouf goes to the celebration wont you?”, “Yes Jacob” Malek promised. Jacob patted his friend on the shoulder as he walked up the few steps to the Stargate and stepped through.

Sam Carter was quite busy, typing away at her computer when the door to her base quarters swung open. She spun her head around to see who was there and was pleasantly surprised to see her dad, because she hadn’t been told that he was coming.

“HI Dad I didn’t know you were coming or I would have been there to greet you”,

“That’s ok, so what are you up to” He asked pretending to be interested. Sam turned back to the computer and point to a small picture on the screen in front of her.

“Sg 4 brought back this along with several other objects from their last mission and I am just imputing the data …” Sam paused mid sentence when she realised that he wasn’t listening to a word she was saying.

“Ok” She announced laughing, “Do you want to tell me why you are really here”, Jacob beamed, she knew him to well.

“Well truth is Sam, its sort of Martouf who needs your help”, that got her attention.

“Why what’s the matter” She demanded. The expression on her fathers face grew serious; her heart lurched had something happened to Martouf?

“Three weeks ago Martouf was captured by Heru’ur who took great pleasure in torturing him, he isn’t himself and he won’t talk to anyone in fact when Renal asked him what was the matter he swore at her”.

“That’s not like Martouf” Sam whispered quietly, all sorts of horrible images flooded her mind. “What can I do”, she would do anything for Martouf.

Jacob picked up a pencil off her desk and fiddled with it, “Selmak has ordered Martouf to go to the celebration tonight, and we thought that if you went you could talk to him”.

Sam didn’t even have to think about it she agreed without hesitation. Sam closed down the program she was using on her computer and hopped down off her stool. She scooped up a few filefolders and headed towards the door.

“Were are you going?”, Sam grinned at her dad “If I remember rightly Freya is gonna go all out literally so I think I might head into town and pick myself something nice to wear and I will meet you back here in two hours”. Saying nothing else she headed into the corridor leaving Jacob on his own, a triumphant smile spread across his face.

# See Sel I love it when a plan comes together

*Jacob don’t get too over confident, Martouf may not react the way you want him to

# just relax Selmak everything will work out just fine

* Who are you trying to reassure Jacob, me or yourself?

----PART 5----

Martouf gazed at his reflection in the mirror, the cuts and bruises had healed leaving no scars. He needed a shave though, and reached out idly for his razor. No sooner as he picked it up he threw it back down in disgust.

* What did you do that for Martouf, you should at least make yourself look

presentable? # Hmpf why should I bother I did not want to go in the first place

* Then why are you?

Martouf growled aloud,

# You know why, because Selmak ordered us too.

Lantash sniggered mentally, no one ever disobeyed an order that was given by Selmak.

* Yes well it is time that someone did, she is too used to getting her way Martouf retorted, stomping angrily out of his quarters

Martouf raised the metal goblet too his lips and slurped some of the red liquid in it and glanced around the room. Malek, Korra and Aldwin were stood by the food table conversing in an old dialect of Goa’uld, occasionally looking over into Martouf’s direction and smiled at him. Martouf smiled back and the group of men went back to their conversation. Martouf’s smile dissipated quickly he drained the goblet of the last few drops of liquid and set it down upon the blue crystal table.

*Martouf do cheer up this is supposed to be a celebration

# I have nothing to celebrate

* Martouf you could try and make an effort

Martouf ignored his symbiotes last remark.

# Where's Jacob if we have to be here then he should be to
Martouf slumped back in the chair and folded his arms in front of him.

Just then Martouf felt someone place their hand on his shoulder; he looked around to see Anise beaming down at him.

*what is she wearing?

# Lantash my friend, I think the question is what isn’t she wearing.

Freya smoothed down her top, what there was of it. The top she wore was made of a green see-through material, it just reached below her breasts, barely containing them. Her skirt was made of the same green material and stopped just above her knees.

“Martouf” Freya drawled silkily, batting her eyelids. Martouf groaned internally.

*Here we go Lantash remarked sarcastically inside of Martouf’s head.

“Yes Freya” Martouf demanded impatiently.

“Come and dance with me”


“Perhaps some other time” Martouf refused her firmly. Freya pouted like a wronged child,

“Come now Martouf it is only one dance” Martouf shook his head vigorously.

“Fine sulk here on your own I will go find someone else to dance with” She flung back crossly as she waltzed off.

# I am not sulking, I simply wish to be on my own what is wrong with that

*nothing except you have been this way since we escaped, Martouf people are only concerned about you as am I

# I just need a another mission to take my mind off what happened on the last one

* Martouf you really need to talk to someone about what happened, perhaps one of the healers or Jacob

Martouf switched off from Lantash it was bad enough that he alone had to remember what happened but to have to tell someone else.

Martouf cried in pain out as Heru'ur's first prime booted him hard in the ribs though only coherent word that Martouf had uttered through out the torture had been that of his mother. Heru'ur had picked up on it straight away, he recognised the name. He signalled to one of his jaffa to bring the small chest that was on the gold pedestal. The other jaffa hauled Martouf back up on his knees. Martouf grunted in pain, his vision had grown increasingly blurred he could barely see anything. The jaffa flipped the lid of the chest open and procured a small vile. He handed the now empty chest to the other jaffa. Heru’ur’s first prime grabbed Martouf’s arm roughly and injected the vile of liquid into his arm.

*Lantash what was that?

# Martouf I have no idea.

----PART 6----

Sam Carter brushed a strand of silky blonde hair out of her eyes, all of a sudden she felt nervous. She had no idea how helpful she was going to be to him, but she had to at least try. She knew from Jolinar’s memories that Martouf didn’t like to accept help from anyone but she was hoping that maybe this once he would make an exception. Sam trooped behind her father; he was taking her to the hall in which the celebration was being held. The celebration, her father had explained, was an event that happened only a few times a year. It was a chance for Tok’ra to meet up and enjoy them and for a few hours forget about the hectic lives that they led.

Martouf’s eyes were firmly glued on the entrance way to the mess hall as Jacob carter came strolling in and right behind him was Samantha. His eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when he saw her and what she was wearing, a long figuring hugging blue dress that showed off an ample amount of cleavage. Sam glanced around the room looking for Martouf; sure enough there he was sat all on his lonesome at the back of the hall. Wow! She thought to herself, he looked great in the black fitted shirt and the trousers that he was wearing. She completely forgot about anything else but him until he father leaned over into her ear and told her that he was just going to have a quick word with Malek. Martouf’s gaze darted from Samantha to Jacob and Malek, both of which were whispering to another.

# I knew it … this has all been a set up

* Calm yourself Martouf you do not want to cause a scene

# I wish that people would stop interfering and respect my wishes

* Martouf what are you going to do?

Martouf got up quickly from his chair and weaved his way through the partying Tok’ra, at that Jacob and Malek turned their heads in his direction.

“Good luck” Malek muttered as Jacob moved to stand beside his daughter

As he got closer she flashed him a delightful smile, “Hi Martouf how are you?”

“Hello Samantha” he replied smoothly. His facial features hardened in to a look of contempt as he turned to Jacob and answered the rest of her question, “I am quite upset that you chose not to listen to my wishes”

. * Jacob I told you this wasn’t going to work

“I specifically asked to be left alone, but of course you think you know better than I about what it is that I want”, by now the music and soft chattering had stopped and everyone was looking over to see what the commotion was about.

“Now Martouf” said Jacob in an attempt to pacify the irate younger Tok’ra. “I had thought that as a friend that you would value my wishes I see now that my trust in you as a friend was miss placed” he spat angrily as he barged past Jacob. Sam could only look on as Martouf stormed out of the mess hall leaving her father lost for words. The way she saw it she had two choices she had either stay were she was and continue to be gawped at or she could go in search of Martouf to try and talk to him, she decided upon the latter after all that was the reason that she was there in the first place.

Martouf trudged along an empty tunnel

*what have you done?

# I spoke my mind, if others can do it then so can I

“Martouf wait please?” Sam called from a small distance behind him.

Martouf slowed his pace to allow Samantha to catch up with him. Together they walked side by side to Martouf’s quarters neither one said a word until they got they. Martouf sat down upon his bed holding his head in his hands, ashamed. It wasn’t until she heard his muffled cries that she wander over and sat down beside him. Her heart went out to him, something really bad must have happened to him on his last mission, to be affecting him so. She dint know it was appropriate but she didn’t care, she wrapped her arm around his shoulders and massaged his arm comfortingly and they remained like that for some time. Sam hugged him close to her all whilst whispering soothing words into his ear, until he had finished crying. He wiped the tears away from his eyes with the back of his hand.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Martouf bobbed his head and drew in a deep breath, and then explained to her about everything that had happened to him up until the point that he had been injected with the liquid that the first prime had given him.

“What happened next?” She prompted, knowing that he was obviously struggling to get his words out.

----PART 7----

Martouf felt the effects of the liquid all most immediately, his eye sight was becoming increasingly blurred and his whole body was beginning to relax, Martouf felt a small pin prick as the memory device was pressed into the side of his head. All of a sudden he was bombarded with memories from his childhood.

He and mother and father were seated at the wooden table in the main living compartment of their dwelling happily enjoying their evening meal, when they heard a loud crash in the sky. Martouf’s father knew what it was. He darted up from the table and began to barricade the door with whatever he could find. His mother jumped up to help him.

“Martouf go and hide in our compartment” His father ordered sternly. Martouf did not understand why they were behaving this way but he complied none the less. He ran into his parents sleeping compartment and hid in the old wooden cupboard, closing the door behind him. Martouf could still see his parents through a small peep hole in the wood they were dashing around frantically. Martouf could hear crying and shouting coming from the street outside. He was very afraid and didn’t want to hid,e he wanted his mother to hold him on her lap and sing him one of the calming songs that she knew. The next thing Martouf heard was a loud bang on their front door, after a few blows the door came crashing off its hinges, two figures dressed in grey armour with a horse shaped head came charging in followed by another figure in the same style of armour but gold in colour. The two grey armoured men grabbed his parents and made them kneel before the gold one, then the gold ones helmet retracted revealing a hard and angered face.

“Kree I am your god, Heru’ur,” the man boomed in a distorted voice.

“Please” his father begged “let my wife go”

Heru’ur signalled through his eyes to one of the other men. The other man aimed his weapon at his father and fired. Martouf wanted to scream as he watched his father's lifeless body crumple to the ground, his mother wailing loudly as she tried to wake him. Heru'ur grabbed his mother by the chin and tilted her head up

“What is your name?” he demanded,

“Safrie” she cried. Heru’ur leered at her as he released her

“Take her“ he instructed the guards. The guards grabbed his mother and hauled her out of the dwelling. Heru’ur scanned the room quickly before spinning on his heels and marching out of their home.

As Martouf came out of the memory the jaffa guard booted him in the chest.

“Yes I remember Safrie well,” Heru’ur taunted him, “she resisted me at first, fought me even but she succumbed to me in the end”,

Martouf felt the anger inside of him bubble any moment now it would burst.

“Her skin was so soft and how she clung to me after…” Martouf launched at the overbearing system lord himself with all strength he had left, but the guards seized him before he could do anything. Heru’ur threw back his arrogant head and laughed, this was no longer about gaining information this was about his amusement and his amusement alone.

Sam felt so sorry for Martouf; her heart went out to him. He had been carrying this around with him for weeks no wonder he had reacted the way he had. She was going to say something to him but stopped what could she say that would make everything right for him. Martouf turned his body at and angle so that he could look directly in her eyes.

“Heru’ur told me that she like many of his mistresses bore him a child, a son, a jaffa” he hissed through gritted teeth.

Sam raised her hand to cup his face, “Martouf I am so sorry, I wish there was something to make your pain go away”.

Martouf closed his eyes and leaned into her hand “Samantha your being here and allowing me to speak openly with you has helped me more than you will ever know”.

With his eyes still closed he told her how he had managed to over power and kill the jaffa and escape. The tears were now flowing freely down Sam’s her cheeks, she used her hand to wipe them away; she had to be strong for him. She had to tell him and this seemed like the perfect opportunity

“Martouf I am so glad your alive, if you had died my heart would have broken”,

Martouf opened his mouth to speak, but Sam stopped him by placing her finger over his lips, she had to finish before she lost her nerve.

“I love you Martouf, I have done for a while. I’ve just been too scared to admit it but I am not now”.

Martouf removed her finger from his lips and whispered softly

“I love you Samantha and if I had have died I would have regretted not telling you” as he finished his admission, he leaned over and kissed her.

When she offered no resistance he deepened the kiss. He pushed her back so that she was lying on her back and moved above her so that he was looking down into her eyes; they mirrored the love that was in his. It had taken pain and suffering to bring them together, but now that they were together nothing was going to separate them….

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