God Lantash Chill Out Will Ya !!!

God Lantash Chill Out Will Ya !!!

#God Lantesh chill out will you# Martouf told his symbiote. #God what was taking the council so long to make up their friggin minds?* He said to himself as he changed out of his usual uniform and into black leather trousers and black shirt
(Martouf you are acting most out of character) Lantash replied.
< No I am not, I am being myself and will you stop hassling me god what's taking so long? > Martouf sighed annoyed at his symbiote.

" I am at a loss to explain Martouf's behaviour" Anise announced. She could tell that the Tok'ra high council were pissed off, as Jacob would put it.
" Anise you have to go to Earth to show Doctor Jackson how to read several languages and I suggest you take Martouf with you to keep him out of trouble" Garshaw growled Freya nodded and left the council chamber and headed for the stargate."
"Freya can we go now?" Martouf sighed rubbing his head dramatically.
Freya walked up the steps and followed Martouf through the star gate.

< God I forgot just how dull this place is> Martouf complained to his symbiote.
(Yes but you know Samantha really brightens the place up) Lantash pointed out.
< True, god where is that cute sexy blonde anyway? > Martouf wondered.
(There is definitely something wrong with him) Lantesh thought to himself.
" Martouf, Sam wants you go to her lab she needs help with something" Daniel said.
Martouf smiled wickedly " It would be a divine pleasure to take care of Samantha's wants and needs".
(Oh no Martouf don't even think about it we agreed we would take things slow with Samantha) Lantash pleaded.
" May I go to Samantha now" Martouf asked.
" Sure you go ahead the airman will show you to her lab " The general said.
Martouf bowed as a sign of respect and followed a very young looking airman out of the room leaving Freya to ..... Uh attend to her male fan club. Thinking only of Samantha and how good she might feel in his arms in the throes of passion, the very thought made his blood pressure increase.

" Thank you for showing me to Samantha's lab" Martouf told the man who had escorted him.
The man nodded his head and left Martouf standing there.
(If you force her Martouf I swear I will cause you great pain and then I will ask Garshaw to find me a new host) Lantash hissed.
< Relax lanny, I would never force myself on any woman. There is however, nothing to stop me from showing her what she would be missing> Martouf smirked feeling his symbiote frown in his head. Martouf knocked on Sam's door.
" Come in" Samantha said.
< God I love her voice, I would so like to hear her cry my name as I bring her to the brink of...>
(Don't you dare Martouf I mean it now stop thinking such thoughts besides, you know Jacob would kill us if we hurt his daughter) Lantash yelled.
Martouf was beginning to get really fed up with his symbiote.

Martouf opened the door and stepped in. " Hi Martouf" she said.
She was writing something on the board her back was to him.
< I wonder if she has ever been taken against a wall? > Martouf wondered.
Lantash groaned in his head. (Why don't you ask her?) Lantash replied sarcastically.
Martouf walked over to Sam and ran his hand through her hair. Feeling the soft smooth silk flow through his fingers. Sam closed her eyes happy to let him do what he was doing. Martouf then turned Sam around to face him and lifted her head up so that he could look into her eyes. Martouf looked into Sam's eyes that shone like pools of water under the sun. " God he looks sexy as hell in black" Sam thought to herself.
" Um Martouf as much as I like..." She didn't get to finish her sentence because he kissed her full on the lips. She didn't resist. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss leaving no part of her mouth unexplored. She whimpered slightly. (Martouf I am warning you stop this before it goes any further) Lantash ordered.
Sam couldn't breath, (Martouf maybe you could stop kissing her now before she loses consciousness) Lantash whispered.
Martouf broke the kiss and started to bite her neck softly. Martouf looked at her, her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. He smiled he liked seeing Samantha like this completely at his mercy to do with as he pleased. Martouf moved his hand down from her head and started to caress her breast. She let out a soft moan of pleasure. " Samantha I want you.. But not here" He purred in her ear.
Sam finally opened her eyes and looked into his eyes she nodded her head and led him to her quarters.. He went in first, then Sam. Sam then closed the door firmly locking it and hoping that this wasn't a dream.

Martouf woke up early actually Lantash woke him up. The first thing he saw was Sam lying next to him. He smiled as he remembered the events that took place last night and the early hours of this morning.
(Martouf get up now and get dressed hurry up before she wakes up) Lantash said.
Martouf did as his symbiote told him. He was just replacing his shirt as Sam began to stir. Martouf walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Stroking her hair face, she opened her eyes and flashed him a smile.
" Good morning Samantha I trust you slept well" He whispered.
"What?" she replied still half asleep.
Martouf looked at the clock on the wall. Most Tau'ri technology was a mystery to him except this one device.
(Oh is that the time we really should be going we have to report to the council) Lantash reminded him.
" Samantha I have to go, why don't you come to my planet as soon as your finished" He asked her. Sam nodded in response.
" You are not much of a morning person are you?" Martouf said laughing.
" I am usually its just someone kept me up all night" Sam replied.
Martouf smirked " I love you and Lantash loves you and I didn't hear any complaints last night". He kissed her goodbye and left.

"Martouf kree where have you been" Anise demanded impatiently.
(Why don't you tell her Martouf?)
< Tell her what exactly. By the way Freya I didn't do any work like I was supposed to I spent all our time having fantastic sex with Samantha> Martouf replied sarcastically to his symbiote.
" I was asked by Teal'c to train with him" Martouf lied.
Anise stared at him and shook her head not believing him. " Yes I think I know what caused you to act out of character," Anise announced making some minor adjustments to her computer console.

(Martouf!! Give it a rest, we love Samantha, and I think she would be hurt if she found out that we were ogling another woman).
< Yes you are right I can't cheat on Samantha...>
(Martouf could you please focus on the task at hand)
At that Jacob walked in.. Head high and proud as usual. The look on Jacobs face told Martouf that he had something important to say.
"Martouf it would appear that Aldwin brought back a very smart virus from keit'el. It was created by the male elders to enhance male pleasure, perception and emotions.. What they didn't bank on was that the woman whom these men slept with also caught the virus which had the exact opposite effects... most of the woman were paranoid delusional and ended up committing suicide." Jacob explained.

(Shut up and be quiet)
" I do not understand" Lantash replied getting rather annoyed with his host's witty comments.
" Ok I am going to put this as simply as I can your blood tests show that you caught the virus, well you and Aldwin no other Tok'ras did ...so long as you haven't had intimate encounters with a woman you are going to be alright." Jacob answered bluntly.
"OH NO" Lantash exclaimed aloud.
"What is it?" Jacob asked becoming alarmed.
" I slept with Samantha last night one thing led to another and I..." Martouf answered.
Jacob got up from his seat, crossed the room and slammed Martouf up hard against the wall.
" Martouf why I ought to ... if me daughter harms herself because of you I swear Tok'ra or not I will castrate you with the bluntest knife I can find", Martouf gulped and looked really terrified. (It would serve you right)

(I told you it was a bad Idea but as per usual you did not listen)
"We had better go to earth immediately," Lantash whispered trying to calm down the irate Jacob.
" I think we had better," Jacob hissed as he walked out of the chamber and headed for the transport rings of course he had to get permission from the council first..
(He looked really....)

< Lantash I am sorry old friend for not listening to you. I should never have slept with Samantha. I should have waited like you suggested> Martouf apologised to his symbiote trying to sound as sincere as possible. Lantash knew that his host was indeed sorry and replied (I am also sorry Martouf I should have took control before I let anything happen... but never mind lets just concentrate on Samantha)

"Why is it so hot in here" Sam wondered shaking her top.
The briefing appeared to have gone on for hours. Daniel was explaining something and drawing funny things on the white board. General Hammond looked like he was about to fall asleep. Teal'c had his eyes closed and a slight scowl on his face, he was probably meditating. Colonel O'Neill was staring at Sam's neck. Sam looked deep into his brown eyes trying to search for the answer. When she did not find when she looked down at her own neck to find bite marks on it. Oops, Looks like Martouf and I got a little carried away last night. Sam smiled at the memory that her mind had conjured up. It was nice waking up in the middle of the night lying in some ones arms. Although something bothered her about last night and she couldn't put her finger on it. Then she didn't know why but she got up and just walked out of the briefing room leaving the guys shouting after her.
She walked quickly down the corridors of the SGC. It was about time that some broke a can of paint out. The brown walls looked a mess and the way that pipes where sticking out.
"God this place is so small, I have to get out of here before I go nuts". Sam broke into a fast jog and headed for the elevator that had just arrived. Thank god there was no one else in it or she might have gone mad it was small as it was with only one person in it.
"Why is this taking so long?" Sam muttered becoming really agitated and looking at her watch every second. Until the elevator came to a complete stop on the ground level.
She quickly passed through he security checkpoint. The air outside the mountain felt great, not to warm and yet too cool. The birds were out in full force. Swooping and diving. Sam turned around to see the mountain standing high above. " I wonder how long it would take me to climb to the top?". She decided that she would climb the mountain. From there a she would be able to see for miles around. The view would be spectacular.

Finally after what seemed like ages, having gotten approval from the council Jacob and Martouf had finished dialling earth. Martouf watched on as he saw the senior carter step through the event horizon.
< Lantash I hope that the next time we step through the stargate we bring Samantha with us>
(Martouf I hope so too) Lantash comforted before he stepped through the blue event horizon

"Sir it's the Tok'ra" the sergeant said as he was inputting commands into the computer to open the tritanium barricade up at the stargate, which had been called an iris. Hammond nodded his head and pondered to himself. Two figures dressed in beige appeared on the ramp. It was Martouf and Jacob.
" Defence teams stand down," Hammond ordered through the mic before making his way to the gate room.
"What can we do for you?" Hammond asked the two men who looked like they were going to pounce any minute now.
" Where is Sam and is she ok," Jacob inquired in worried voice.
" Major carter walked out of the briefing this! Morning and no one has seen her since" Hammond answered now becoming rather concerned. Martouf and Jacob exchanged worried glances before Jacob turned to the general and said, " We have to see Sam immediately I fear she may try to take her own life". The general was clearly disturbed by the information that his friend had just given him. Hammond turned around to the sergeant in the control room and ordered him to call major carter to the gate room. They waited for ten minutes staring at the brown walls and the metal pipes that covered them. Finally General Hammond gave up and ordered a full search of Cheyenne Mountain.

"Not much further to go" Sam said to herself as she wiped perspiration from her brow. She was nearly at the top of the mountain now and she didn't feel too good. She felt really dizzy and sick and her sight was really hazy. She clambered over the big brown boulders and over loose pebbles with greenery poking through. After a few stumbles and a few choice insults she finally was stood on top of the mountain looking down upon the county. Sam could see for miles. She could see Cassie's school and O'Malley's from which she, Daniel and the colonel were band for life. Just beyond that was the mall and the cop shop. Beyond that were blocks of houses and the fitness club that she liked to work out in.
" I feel like I could fly," She shouted into the air waving her arms in the air.

" General Hammond major carter has been reported to have left the mountain... but some airmen that were on there way into the mountain say that they spotted a blonde haired woman standing on top of the mountain" The sergeant explained as he was inputting the co-ordinates of the planet that sg-7 were going to conduct preliminary surveys on. The general exchanged anxious glances with the two Tok'ra and the remaining members of SG-1.
" People you go on up to the top and I will let the infirmary know" The general ordered watching as the five men ran from the room.

" Umm.. Its so peaceful up here" Sam thought to herself. She could hear the birds twittering in the trees down below. Probably engaging in mating calls. Sam looked down to see people arriving at the mountain. Out of the corner of her eye she saw five figures running toward her. Three of them were in khaki and two of them were in beige uniforms. As they got closer Sam heard them calling her name and telling her not to move. Why would she move she was at peace on top of the mountain she hadn't a care in the world.

Martouf asked panicking seeing his love staggering and waving her arms in the air.
(Martouf I do not know but she is in a very dangerous position try not to do anything that might distract her) Lantash advised he was also worried about Samantha.
"Sammie don't move okay I am going to come and get you" Jacob shouted anxiously as he started to climb the mountain.
" Hi daddy" Sam shouted waving her hand at him, almost falling over.
" Samantha please stay were you are Lantash and I are going to come and bring you down" Martouf yelled trying to hide the panic in his voice. Martouf glanced up at the mountain. It was very high and he was just terrified of heights. He had been since he had fallen out of a tree as a child because he was trying to impress a girl that he had had a crush on.
" Jack, Daniel, Teal'c go and get security quick we may have to restrain her " Jacob shouted as he raced to climb the mountain. Sam watched her dad climb up, "How dare he intrude on my privacy?" she whispered viciously. From somewhere inside her came this uncontrollable rage and sense of hatred.
"Leave me alone.... I don't want you go away" she screamed now becoming increasingly agitated.
Martouf cried to symbiote who watching Samantha sway at the top of the mountain.
(Climb faster Martouf!!) Lantash instructed.
He did as his symbiote advised. Martouf climbed faster and his fear grew. He was shaking like a leaf and what's more is that he had even thought about climbing back down.
< I have got to do this for Samantha's sake> Martouf declared determined to save his love.
" Go away dad leave me alone.... I'll jump" Sam threatened moving closer to the edge of the mountain. Dread flooded through Jacob's mind. How could his baby girl even consider killing herself when she had so much to live for.
"Sammie..Sam please can you come down and we will talk about this yeah?" Jacob asked looking at the angry face of his only daughter. Whom he was dead proud of and had great respect for what she had accomplished through her life. She had tried to keep the family together after her mother died and it had worked for a while but in the end mark had high tailed it out of there Leaving Sam and himself alone.
" I don't wanna talk to you .... You always wanted a second son and not me" she accused glaring at him.
"Sammie that's not true I love you and I am so proud of you" Jacob tried to assure her as he reached the top of the mountain followed shortly by Martouf. Sam shook her head and backed closer to the edge.
" No no you don't you think that I am a geeky scientist who is no credit to our military family" Sam sobbed broken-heartedly.
" No Sammie that's not what I think at all". Sam saw Martouf Standing behind her father.
" And you see me as a replacement for Jolinar you don't love me for me you just want me for the part of her that is left" Sam cried pointing her finger accusingly at Martouf. Martouf bowed his head allowing Lantash to take control.
" Samantha I... we have fallen in love with you for the person whom you are. Yes we loved Jolinar but we have come to accept that you are not here and never will be. You are an intelligent, thoughtful, kind, caring person who thinks nothing for her own happiness but only of the happiness of the people around her" Lantash pleaded despairingly.
" Lies!!" Sam screamed as she backed even closer to the edge.
" Samantha please come down I don't want anything to happen to you" Lantash begged his voice quivering slightly.
Sam turned around and looked at the crowd of people that had gathered at the bottom of the mountain.
" I can't I am scared" Sam whispered looking back up at the blue sky. Lantash bowed his head, and Martouf came forth.
" Samantha I know you are afraid but please...."
"No you don't know what I am afraid of" Sam screamed.
"Please tell me" Martouf insisted moving closer to her. Martouf saw the tears falling freely from Sam's eyes.
"I am afraid that...oh it doesn't matter I have had enough am so sick of being the good little soldier that everyone think I am. Always feeling trapped being taken for granted good old Sam will fix this mess while we go and find other interesting things to do. Good old Sam will spend hours working on a solution cos she hasn't got a life....Jolinar understood what this feels like" Sam whispered.
Martouf flinched briefly at the mention of his dead mate.
" She felt trapped by rules and obligations and it ended up killing her.." she yelled as she closed her eyes and moved to the very edge of the mountain. Martouf began to panic more his heart was racing.

(You are right we have to stop her)
"Well I won't take it any more" Sam stated proudly raising her head up. She was just about to jump off the edge as Martouf lunged forward and grabbed her pulling her back.
Sam thrashed wildly, kicking and screaming and cursing. Using Words that were making Martouf's face turn an interesting shade of red.
"Get off me I hate you I never want to see you again...."
"Samantha please stop this behaviour at once. I want you to live not die. I love you and I am going to help you through this please stop fighting me" Martouf whispered soothingly.
" Never get off me or I will have you done for sexual harassment... get off me now!!!!!!". At that Jacob walked over to Martouf and helped him restrain his daughter. Never in his life had he seen her this angry.... Well he had once but that memory was too painful. Sam looked into her father's eyes seeing pain and regret.
"Sammie please I love you are the best daughter any father would want" Jacob assured her. Sam looked at him and gave a small hysterical laugh before spitting in his face.
" Go to hell" She yelled as Martouf started to guide her down the mountain. Jacob just stood there and wiped his face with his sleeve. She really hated him and that hurt. Martouf managed to wrestle Sam to the bottom of the mountain without either of them falling. Security was waiting to take Sam to the infirmary knowing that she was hostile and extremely agitated. Martouf watched as the two men were taking his love away.
Martouf stated sorrowfully.
(Yes we did and we can help her) Lantash assured him.
Martouf followed the remaining members of sg-1 and Jacob back into the mountain complex. Everyone was silent as they made there way to the general's office were they were to explain just what exactly had happened up on the mountain top.
(The council are not going to be happy about this)
Martouf exclaimed insistently to his rather irate symbiote.

The general listened intently while O'Neill explained what happened followed by Jacob giving his version of events.
" I wonder what caused Sam to go all psycho?" Daniel Jackson wondered aloud pushing his glasses up his nose.
" I slept with Samantha, needless to say she caught a virus and that is what made her behave the way she did" Martouf offered keeping his eyes fixed firmly on the jug of water that was on the table.
"Why you no good, lying scheming ...."
"Colonel that's enough" Hammond ordered.

(It's not entirely your fault I should have stopped you when I had the chance)
The argument was interrupted as the brown haired doctor walked in carrying a few papers.
" It would appear that Sam has contracted a virus. The virus appears to be clearing so she will be fine " Janet explained not liking the tense atmosphere.
"Very well dismissed" The general said. Everyone got up from the table and followed the doctor to the infirmary.

Sam was sat on the hospital bed in her green uniform reading some papers no doubt science related.
" Hi guys sorry about what happened up on the mountain top I.. Well I just wasn't myself no hard feeling eh" Sam apologised smiling.
" You had us pretty scared for a while, but if you are trying to say that we should forget about this and never mention it again for fear that you might do something pretty vile as revenge I agree" The colonel replied.
" Yeah Sam just next time you feel like climbing a mountain let us know in advance so that we can get a chopper" Daniel added.Sam grinned and watched as her three friends left the infirmary. Only Jacob and Martouf remained. Sam averted her eyes to avoid theirs. Several minutes past before any of the spoke.

(Why me?)

(Ok fine)
Martouf walked up to Samantha and tilted her head so that he looked into her eyes.
"Samantha I am sorry I should never... yeah got sick because of us and we are really sorry and if you want us to never..." Samantha raised a finger and placed it over his lips.
"You don't have to say anything Lantash I wanted you. So there for it was my own fault. It doesn't matter now though cos one good thing came from the virus" Sam answered. Lantash looked questioningly at her.
" What is that?" he asked.
" That we love each other and enjoy being in each others company," Sam declared seeing the spark in his grey eyes.
" Yes Samantha" Lantash replied leaning over to kiss her before quickly realising that Jacob was still stood there. Lantash backed away from Samantha letting Jacob in. Sam looked at her father then down at the floor sighing heavily.
"Sam obviously we have some unresolved issues to talk about" he said rubbing his forehead.
" I didn't mean most of what I said about you dad, I wasn't myself and well I chose you to take my frustration out on" Sam apologised sincerely.
" I am really sorry daddy forgive me please" Sam begged. Jacob studied his daughter, and then he leaned over taking her in his arms for a big hug. Sam hung onto her father glad that they had made up there differences.

(Yes with no thanks to you>


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