Compromising Situations

Compromising Situations

The story is to take place on the planet using all or part of the below stages:
1) Chills & Fever
2) Delirious
3) Drunk Like
4) Amorous/Sexually Excited
5) Depressed/Crying
6) Supercharged/Hyper
7) Hungry
8) Loss of Inhibitions (removal of clothing, etc.)
9) Childlike (picture Sam acting like a 5 or 6 year old)
10) Hysterical
11) Withdrawn/Silent
12) Optional: Develop a relationship between Janet & Jacob (friendship or romance, you decide)

“Looks like there is some sort of building over there” Daniel said as he pointed to the half fallen down building way in the distance, at the same time he tried to shield his eyes for the blistering sun.

Martouf helped Sam down from the dead tree she had decided to climb in order to see if there were any signs of life. Sam accepted Martouf’s helping hand, but tripped over the p-90 she had dropped and landed slap bang up against Martouf’s chest. His arms encircled her protectively. She looked up to an amusing gleam in his eyes and he was smiling wolfishly. She didn’t need to take a guess as to what he was thinking at the specific moment in time.
They must have been stood there like that for a good five minutes before Colonel O’Neill looked over at them and the expression on his face told them that he was clearly not impressed.

“Carter if you and Marty want to get up to that then could you please do it in your own time and not mine?” Jack scoffed angrily.

Reluctantly Martouf removed his hands from Sam's waist. Sam felt disappointed at the loss of his touch. Her father glared at her. Sam flashed him a brief smile letting him know what she and Martouf did was none of his business. Jack glared at Martouf all the time they were walking. Jacob was growing more concerned by the open hostility that the two men held for each other. Mean while Sam and Martouf were smiling at each other like two teenagers in the midst of a first crush.
When Martouf felt sure that no one but O’Neill was watching them, slyly he inched hand over Sam’s arm, saying to himself and Lantash that if he did get caught he could say that he was only making sure that Samantha didn’t trip over. Sam didn’t shy away when Martouf touched her, in fact she felt quite giddy and a little confused. Confused about the fact that she had really deep feelings for Martouf. Most of them were her own but there were a few of them that were Jolinar’s. When she had first met Martouf all of the feelings she had felt for Martouf were solely Jolinar’s but as she had had chance to get to know Martouf, Jolinar’s feelings had developed into her own.

*O’Neill does not approve

# It is not his approval we seek.


# Her father no doubt by now knows that we have feelings for her

* Well we did give it away Martouf, by asking about her welfare when ever he returned from the Tau’ri

# True, but we were just being polite

*If you say so Martouf, but we both know what you were really thinking and feeling when you enquired about her. I know because I felt everything you felt

# The thing is does she feel the same

* Judging by her reaction earlier I would say so

# Appearances can be deceiving

*Hmm your are right we will have to have this out with her after this mission

“Sammie what you got there?” Jacob asked gazing curiously at the round grate thing in the dusty ground.

“I don’t know dad, it looks like a drain of some kind, but why would it be here I mean there isn’t any sign of any water” Sam replied stamping her feet hard on the hard ground to test its density.

It was completely bone dry. Sam stamped hard on the ground again just to make sure it was well and truly dry when suddenly the ground beneath her collapsed, she fell through it straight into a massive pool of cold water. It was shoulder deep and smelt like flowers. The shock to her system was great she couldn’t breath. The room the pool was in was very dark.
Martouf was the first to reach the hole that Sam had fallen through. He was followed closely by Jacob and the rest of sg-1. His face scrunched up in a vain attempt to see Samantha. He could hear the unmistakable sound of splashing water.

“Samantha! Samantha! Are you alright” Martouf cried.

“Yeah Martouf I am here, could you get a rope or something” Sam called after spitting a mouthful of water out.

“Ok Sam” her father replied.

Jack took of his backpack and pulled out the rope that they had brought just in case of an emergency. Jack hoped it was going to be long enough as they only had the one rope. Jack handed the rope to Martouf. Martouf looped the rope around his body and lowered one end of the rope into the hole. Teal’c knelt down on the ground ready to haul the rope up. Sam grabbed the rope with both hands.

“Ok guys pull me up now” Sam yelled relieved that she didn’t have to stay long in the pool.

Teal’c and Martouf pulled the rope. Sam felt herself being hoisted up. The water dripping from her legs as she was lifted higher. Jacob and jack grabbed her arms and hauled her out of the hole. All of a sudden Sam started to shake she felt so cold.

“ I am so c.c.cold” Sam stuttered her teeth chattering.

Jacob and Martouf exchanged concerned looks. Then her body doubled over.

“Samantha” Martouf dropped the rope he was holding and scooped Sam up into his arms before she had chance to hit the floor.

“She is unconscious “Teal’c announced.

“Ok let’s go back and fetch Frasier”.

“Why can we simply not take major carter back through the gate to earth” enquired Teal’c.

“Well Hammond is showing some top brass pentagon officials around the base, lets just say I don’t think that they would be on our side if they caught an alien virus having only been on base for what four hours” jack replied sarcastically.

“I see” Teal’c stated blinking his eyes.

“Marty, you stay here with carter. Teal’c Daniel, Jacob and I will go back to earth and bring ole doc Frasier back with us”.

“Oh Marty why don’t you put up one of the tents, fasten it to rocks if you have to, I think you could be here for a while” jack pointed out. Jack pulled his cap further down his head to shield his eyes from the sun.

“Jack when can we study that pool that Sam fell into?” Daniel questioned.

“Oh try never, come on it’s at least a three mile walk back to the gate and I want to get home by 1600 hours” jack retorted.

Daniel shrunk back knowing that he had lost his argument before he had even voiced it.

“Marty we will be as quick as we can. Keep a look out for any indigenous life forms or other hidden pools”

“I will O’Neill”

“Samantha! Samantha! Can you hear me?” Martouf received no reply from the still form lying on the ground.

Martouf shifted position on the floor so that he could pull Sam into his arms. Martouf could still feel her shivering. They had brought only two blankets and he had changed her clothing. Martouf’s face flushed red and he had to smirk a bit at the memory of a very naked Sam carter in his arms but two hours ago.

*Martouf you should not be thinking such thoughts at a time like this

Lantash tried to sound stern, but he was really encouraging Martouf along.

“Hmmm” a muffled sound came from the Tau’ri woman.

Martouf jerked back quickly to make sure that is ears weren’t deceiving him.

“M.M.Martouf.f.f I.I am cold” Sam chattered her whole body trembling violently.

Martouf rubbed his hands up and down Sam’s arms in a vain attempt to try and warm her up.

“We have no more blankets and I have already changed your clothing” he told her softly.

All of a sudden her body stopped shaking but her face contorted and then she started crying big crocodile tears. They rolled down her cheek’s she began to punch Martouf in the stomach. He was taken by surprise.

“Samantha what is the matter?” he demanded no terribly afraid for her.

“You don’t want me because of me you only want me because I was host to Jolinar. What were you doing huh Marty comparing my physical appearance to her see which one of us was better or were you going to…” Sam didn’t finish her sentence instead she just kicked Martouf.

Who was really hurt by what Samantha had said to him rather than the physical injuries that she was causing him. Sam continued her sentence vehemence in her voice her nostrils flared with anger

“What were you going to do to me hmm, touching me up? What would you have done Martouf if I hadn’t have woke up, would you have taken me while I wasn’t able to defend myself?”.

That was it Lantash had had enough he took control of Martouf body and grabbed Sam by the arms pulling her up against his taut body .

“Samantha do you really think I would rape you while you were unconscious?” he demanded worried that she could possibly think so little of him and Martouf. Sam glared at him her eyes full of fire; it made Martouf’s body aware of just how close he was to him.

“I… um... I suppose not” Sam replied as if she just snapped out of a trance.

“So you mean to tell me that you don’t feel those things about me” Sam asked innocently. Lantash got confused.

“Do I not think what about you?” Lantash inquired tightening his grip on her.

Sam looked down at her feet face going beetroot red, and then back up to gaze directly into Martouf’s eyes.

“You don’t think about me in the woman sense”.

Lantash shook his head he clearly didn’t understand Sam’s terminology.

“You don’t think about wanting me?”.

# WHAT!!

“What?” Lantash said dumbstruck.

Sam started to feel really stupid and prised herself away from him. She self consciously ran her hand through her short blonde hair.

“Oh never mind forget I said anything” Sam mumbled.

#Do something before she walks away.

Lantash grabbed hold of her and kissed her passionately. Sam sure didn’t expect that, though she kissed him back just as passionately. Lantash’s hand started to stray. It roamed down to her bottom , pausing for a moment before sliding around her leg pausing again on her upper thigh. Sam moaned her response into his mouth. She wanted him and judging by his actions he wanted her. Sam not content to be an inactive partner lowered her hands down to the hem of Martouf’s black military issue t-shirt that he had been given to wear so that they had all looked the same.
She pulled the t-shirt up. Martouf released her allowing her pull it off over her head and then he resumed kissing her again. Sam threw the t-shirt over to the other side of the tent. She then wrapped her arms around his back intending to feel his soft skin. Lantash groaned he was becoming seriously impatient and came to the conclusion that Sam was wearing too many clothes. Martouf took control; he set Sam way and pulled her top off throwing that across the room. Martouf was stumped

#what is that contraption? It’s horrible

*I agree but I have no idea how to remove it

Sam as if sensing his problem unhooked her bra and allowed it to fall in a heap at her feet. All of a sudden she felt self conscious As a result she folded her arms in front of her breast blocking them from Martouf. Lantash was quick and he grasped her arms placing them back down at her sides. Slowly he ran his hand up her naked torso, cupping her breasts. Sam shivered with excitement.

“You are beautiful” Martouf whispered huskily having taken over control from Lantash.

“Martouf” Sam declared passionately.

His head bobbed so that he could take one of Sam’s nipples into his mouth and sucked gently. Sam shrieked ecstatically and pulled Martouf’s head closer to her breast. Martouf diverted his attention to the other nipple sucking greedily. Martouf dropped his hands down to her waist, and unbuttoned her combats. Sam reciprocated the action. Pretty soon they had taken off each others clothes and were taking position on the floor. Martouf gently pushed Sam down so that she was lying on her back looking up at his lust filled eyes.

“I want you” he growled huskily, taking position between her thighs.

He took a few moments to simply study her. He had waited for over a year to express his feelings for her. Sam wound her arms around Martouf’s back urging him on. Sam needed this it had been years since she had allowed herself pleasure in another’s arms. Martouf could stand the torture no longer. He thrust into her causing her to arch her back and cry out helplessly. He waited a few moments for her body to adjust to him. Sam pulled him down to her indicating that she wanted him to continue. Martouf pulled out of her nearly all the way and thrust back into her. With each thrust Sam dug her nails into his back. The sensations soon became too intense to bear. Sam cried out Martouf’s name as she climaxed and Martouf yelled out her name as he came, spilling his seed inside of her. Then he collapsed sated on top her, his head resting on her breast. Their breathing slowed as they came down from there euphoric state. Suddenly Martouf snatched himself up.
He tried to push the guilt and regret away. He was disgusted with himself at the moment. Quickly he stood up and just stared at Sam. Tears started to fill here eyes. A single tear rolled down her cheek followed by another.

* Martouf you have made her cry

Martouf facial features softened, but he didn’t dare reach out her.

“Oh forgive me my love, I did not mean to upset you. It is just that I am disgusted with myself for my lack of control, I was blinded by lust. I should never have taken advantage of you when you are so clearly vulnerable”.

Sam eyes stayed glued to Martouf, her posture changed slightly.

“I want my daddy!”

#Jacob what would he say if he found out? What would he do!

“I want my daddy” Sam demanded.

*perhaps it would be better if we got dressed.

Martouf picked up his clothes and proceeded to dress, under the scrutinising gaze of Samantha carter whom was now behaving like a small child. When he was finished dressing he handed Sam her clothes. She took them from him and threw them down on the floor, laughing. “Samantha there is nothing funny about this situation now will you please get dressed” he said firmly. Sam glanced at the clothes and then at Martouf.
“No” she replied sulkily. “Fine if you will not dress yourself then I will have to dress you”. Sam curled herself into a little ball.

*How very childish Lantash, perhaps we should put her over our knee and give her a spanking. That would make her comply; I know it worked when your father did it to you

#Yes Lantash and you know were that would lead especially as she is in an unclothed state

* You have to admit though Martouf she is beautiful.

Sam got bored when Martouf ignored her, so she decided to dress herself after all, much to Martouf’s relief.

“Samantha I am just going outside for a few minutes.

* I hope Jacob and the rest of her team come back soon

# I do not

* Why not Martouf?

# Because he won’t fail to noticed the bite mark on the side of her neck

* We could say that she fell on a utensil

# Oh yes Lantash someone just happened to leave a knife in the middle of this barren desert

*I was only trying to lighten up the situation

#well you weren’t, oh Lantash what are we going to do?

*Martouf it is too late to do anything about it

Another possible consequence arose that Martouf had only just thought of.

#what if she carries our child?

* Martouf you always think so negatively.

But secretly Lantash thought the same thing. Then a doomed sensation washed over them.

Sam sat hugging her legs close to her chest, rocking slowly backwards and forward. She was hungry, really hungry. Her stomach was rumbling so badly that it hurt. Where was he dad? She knew he would come and feed her. He was here somewhere she was sure of it. Perhaps if she snuck out the back of the tent then maybe she could try and look for her father. But what about the man outside? Nah she had to find her father on her own there were no two ways about it.

Quietly she crawled on all fours to the back of the green tent. Sam glanced back at the opening of the tent. Martouf was still stood there looking out at the vast dry desert. Sam slid under the tenet and clawed at the ground. She pulled herself out, nearly kicking one of the pegs. She rubbed a grubby hand across her brow, wiping away a few beads of sweat. Sam stood up and swayed a little, her father would make things better for her all she had to do was find him.

#We should go back in, she should not be left on her own for very long especially in that state of mind.

After about five minutes, several deep breaths and a few curse words later Martouf was ready to face Samantha. He stretched out his hand and parted the flaps. Not expecting to see no Samantha. He started to panic as did Lantash. Where was she? He had only left her unattended for about ten minutes. He shoved the flaps out of his way and ran. He paused behind the tent and looked right the left. Then he saw her. He took of in her direction, panting heavily as he ran. He yelled her name. Sam turned her head to see him and quickened her pace.
He was still gaining on her. Run faster she urged her tired legs. Too late. Sam felt a hand each out and grab her shoulder. With a good grip on her shoulder his other hand wound around her stomach, lifting her up. Sam kicked her legs in a vain effort to try and free herself. After a while her struggles ceased and her body went limp in his arms... when Martouf was sure that she had clamed down he placed her gently on the ground.
Martouf had about lost his patience with her, he spun her around to face him. Oh he was really angry with her. His finger dug into her arms.

“Please don’t hurt me “she pleaded. He released her.

“Samantha I have no intention of hurting you in fact all I want to do is protect you. You are not yourself, come let’s go back to the tent and wait for your father and friends. Martouf walked Sam back to the tent and hoped that Jacob would return soon.

Janet paused just as she was about to step through the Stargate, Jacob nearly bumped her.

“Sorry” Selmak said.

She jumped to the side with fright and nearly fell over the side of the safety barrier if Jacob hadn’t caught her. Her face flushed bright red, she felt so stupid.

“Are you sure that you are ok” he asked her.

Breathe Janet she told herself think nothing of the fact that you are being held intimately close to your best friend’s father.

“Yes Jacob… I...I mean general carter” she stammered, pulling herself free from his grasp. She straightened out her jacket and walked through the event horizon.

Sam watched Martouf whom was sat directly opposite her. His knees were pulled up to his chest and he was completely engrossed in what he was doing to notice Sam pull off her jacket and crawl predatorily over to him. She was careful not to trample on the discarded wrappers from their make shift meal.

Sam paused when she was in front of Martouf and sat back on her haunches licking her lips seductively. He took that particular moment to look up.

* Oh here we go again

“Has anyone ever told you how sexy you are” she drawled.

Martouf shook his head and set the object he had in his hand aside.

“How about you and I find something to do that would keep us both from going mentally insane due to boredom” she suggested innocently, running her hand over her breasts and down to her upper thighs. His breath caught in his throat.

“Oh god Martouf I am so hot for you, do you mind if I take my shirt off” she enquired, getting ready to whip it off.

* We better put a stop to this before she goes any further

Martouf reached put grabbed her hands which were now roaming over his legs.

“Samantha I do not think that this is such a good idea” by now she had crawled onto his lap straddling his legs.

“Why not I have nothing you haven’t seen or taken before” she coyly reminded him.

“Do not remind me” he whispered not loud enough for Sam to hear.

“Oh please Martouf, god I need you please” she pleaded furiously with him.

“Samantha I have told you no” he stated firmly.

Though Martouf knew his words would do no good she wouldn’t do anything unless she wanted too. Sam grabbed his hands and placed them firmly on her breasts. Martouf’s fingers sunk into the fabric of her black military issue t-shirt, her nipples pebbled under his touch...

*you must get this under control Martouf

# I know

“Samantha you have no idea just how much I love you and want you, but not here not like this. What happened a few hours ago was a mistake. I know I have said this earlier but I took advantage of you and I am really disgusted with myself for doing it” Martouf explained to her unbeknownst that Jacob, doctor Frasier, Teal’c, Daniel Jackson and O’Neill was stood at the entrance to the tent and had heard every word he had just said.

“Martouf kree!!! Selmak barked. Startled Martouf lifted Sam up off him and stood up, Sam pulled herself up using Martouf as leverage, then she wrapped her arms around him and clung to him like a limpet.

Selmak narrowed his eyes as he glared at Martouf with contempt.

“Martouf a word outside … NOW!” he hissed through gritted teeth.

Martouf gulped. Slowly he extracted himself from Sam's clinging arms and she flopped to the floor and stared up at him. He dragged his feet along the floor as he walked, under the ever watchful eye of Selmak. Doctor Frasier crossed over to Sam and knelt down next to her, she was joined by Daniel and Teal’c whom had carried the equipment she needed. O’Neill stepped inside the tent clutching his p90 closely.

Selmak's head bowed indicating that Jacob was in control, Martouf paled as he stood their waiting to be ripped to shreds by a very angry father. There was no one around to stop Jacob if he wanted to do some serious damage to Martouf. Jacob grabbed Martouf by the arm and spun him around so that they were face to face, only a few centimetres apart.

“Martouf you were supposed to be looking after her, not…. Not…” he flung his arm out dramatically indicating the tent were Sam was.

Martouf didn’t even try to offer a defence for he knew that if he did Jacob would mostly likely do serious damage to a very personal part of his anatomy.

“I will deal with you later” Jacob growled and stomped off angrily to the tent, leaving Martouf to stare after him. Lantash thought it best that he not follow, it would be wise to avoid more confrontations today.

“Without having a sample of the water we I cant determine exactly what is wrong with her but I will guess that there is some sort of drug or narcotic in the water” the doctor explained.

Sam had now curled up into a ball and had fallen fast asleep.

“Its safe to take her back to the SGC, what she has isn’t contagious”.

Janet dropped down on to her knees to pack away the equipment that she had been using.

“Ok Frasier, Daniel, Jacob and myself will take Sam back to the SGC Teal’c you and Marty can pack away the other equipment” Teal’c nodded his head in reply and then left the tent to inform Martouf of their plans.

“Sam come on wake up we are going to take you home now?” Janet said softly, patting her arm.

Sam slowly opened her eyes and rubbed at them with the back of her hands. Then she looked around the tent for Martouf.

“Where’s Martouf?” she demanded when she realised that he wasn’t there. Janet smiled and pointed outside. Janet tried to help Sam up off the ground but she wouldn’t move.

“What are you doing here” Sam asked her knowing that doctor Frasier had not come on this mission.

“Sam what is the last thing that you remember?” Sam scrunched up her face and thought hard.

“I remember being pulled out of the water but I don’t remember anything after that”.

Oh dear Janet thought to herself... Sam scrambled to her feet, straightening her top as she went.

“Ok Sam lets get you back to the Stargate ”. Janet slung her medi-bag over her shoulder and led the way out of the tent.

Sam squinted as she emerged from the tent, the suns brightness was blinding. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her; it was as if they knew something that she didn’t.

“What?” she exclaimed. No one answered her she was growing seriously annoyed.

“Err sir lets get moving back to the gate I have a few more tests that I have to run on Sam... Oh and we still have to get a sample of that water” Janet said, hoping to divert the men’s attention from Sam to her.

Jack mumbled something under his breath and picked up some of the equipment that Janet had been carrying, then they headed in the direction of the Stargate. Sam paused a she passed Martouf, he wouldn’t look at her.

What had gone on that she wasn’t aware of? Usually he was giving her the old puppy dog eyes, “Sam come on” Janet urged. Reluctantly Sam left Martouf and went to rejoin her friends.

“Is this really necessary?” Sam complained.

She had been in the infirmary for hours.

Janet flashed her sympathetic smile, “I am afraid so. I analysed that sample that Teal’c brought back and from what I gather that pool you fell in was once part of a vast palace. I guess when it fell down or was knocked down it was just covered over". The doctor explained as she fiddles with the IV going into Sam’s arm.

Occasionally when Sam had lapses in concentration, images flooded her min, and funnily enough they were of Martouf. Sam was seeing an image of Martouf kissing her and she was reciprocating.

“Sam did you hear me?” Sam shook her head; she hadn’t heard single word the doctor had just said.

“Janet I keep getting these weird images in my head”.

“What sort of images” Janet asked inquisitively.

“Martouf, I am kissing Martouf and he is kissing me and then we….” The tray of instruments that Janet was holding fell to the floor with a loud clang.

” Janet?” Sam questioned.

Janet tried to make out as she hadn’t heard, her eyes speaking volumes. So it really happened. Sam couldn’t quite digest it. Her and Martouf, she did fancy him she fancied him a lot but to actually ….

Sam wrapped her hand around the IV in her arm and yanked it out, much to Janet’s protests “Sam what are you doing” Janet demanded having gone from friend mode to doctor mode in a matter of seconds.

“I need answers; I am assuming that dad and Martouf are still here?” The doctor nodded her head. Right Sam thought to herself I am gonna have this out with him and she stomped out of the infirmary.

Martouf typed in his report on the data pad that he had brought with him

# I wish we could see her before we go

*now Martouf we promised Jacob we wouldn’t go anywhere near her for the remainder of this mission and besides what would you do Martouf sneak into the infirmary and kidnap her. Jacob would simply love that, seducing and kidnapping his daughter all in one day

# Sometimes Lantash I could quite happily …..

Wham the door flew open and banged against the wall, startling Martouf, he thought it was Jacob. He was a little relived when it turned out to be Samantha, even if she did look a little displeased.

“Alright Martouf I am going to ask you a question and please answer me honestly” She said, quite calmly.

Martouf nodded his head.

“Did anything happen you know err… between us”. Martouf didn’t answer the question immediately as he was conversing with Lantash.

*Martouf you wanted to her before we left well here is your chance.

“Yes we ….” He wasn’t quite sure what to say next as the reaction he received was not the one he expected.

He had expected her to get real angry with him, instead she gave him an almost bank expression as she folded her arms in front of her.

“So we……”

“Yes I made you my mate. There is also the possibility that you could be carrying……”

“Ah no…” Sam cut him off “I am not pregnant Janet checked”.

Several long minutes of silence descended neither one new what to say to the other. Sam knew she loved him; she had done for a long while. He was so handsome, charming, caring, strong and loyal, and yet there was a side to him that frightened her.

“Samantha…” Martouf shattered the temporary silence “I am sorry it happened the way it happened, but I am not sorry that it happened does this make sense?”

“Yes it does I understand what your saying, I am not angry at you I was just a little surprised I mean we have never really talked about it. So what happens now between us?” she asked him.

He smiled and took hold of her hand squeezing it gently.

“That is up to you, I would not wish to force you into doing anything that you did not want to” he assured her.

“You need some time to think and I will give you this but I want you to know that I am prepared to wait for you however long it takes” He confessed pouring his heart into every word.

“Martouf kree!! Get away from my daughter” the pair were interrupted by a rather irate Jacob, whom was looking most annoyed.

Sam sighed some things would never change. Sam stepped in front of Martouf, to shield him from her father in case he decided to harm Martouf.

“Dad I appreciate your concern for my welfare but what happened between Martouf and myself is no ones business but our own, I love him dad, I really love him and he loves me” she declared passionately, then continued “ he isn’t pressuring me into doing anything that I don’t want to do”.

Jacob studied his daughters face; she looked a little on edge that was probably because she was afraid of what he might do to Martouf.

Narrowing his eyes on Martouf he replied sternly “Good I should hope he isn’t, Martouf we have to leave we’re expected back on the Tok’ra home world”.

Sam accompanied Martouf and her father to the gate room, the Stargate was already engaged. Jacob tuned to his daughter and gave her a hug promising that he would come and visit her again soon; he then walked up the ramp, pausing at the top to wait for Martouf.

“I meant what I said earlier, I am prepared to wait for you because I love you” he raised her hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on it.

Rather reluctantly he released her hand and strolled up the ramp to join Jacob. As they disappeared through the event horizon Sam sighed, finally for once in her life she had fallen in love with a man who truly loved her in return.

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