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(10-06-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The team pages for episode five have finally been updated. I know I am very far behind but I hope to do one episode every day or two until I catch up. Look for episode six stats on Friday or Saturday.
(10-06-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The cast reviews for episode five are also up.

(8-29-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The player pages have been updated for the week.

(8-28-05) The reality calendar has been updated for the week.

(8-24-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The standings, leaders, and stats pages have been updated for the latest games.

(8-23-05) A new wallpaper for the upcoming series "The Amazing Race: Family Edition" has been added to the reality tv downloads section.

(8-22-05) New Section! A page for Survivor themed downloads has been added to the site. Currently, you can grab a Drake Tribe or Rupert Boneham wallpaper for your desktop. Look for more additions to the page in the coming weeks.
(8-22-05) New Section! A page containing every single reality tv download has also been uploaded.

(8-21-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The New York Bling, Denver Hurlers, L.A. Armed Response, and Chicago Hitmen team pages have been updated.
(8-21-05) The Extreme Dodgeball cast reviews have also been updated for the week.
(8-21-05) Once again, the reality calendar has been updated for the week.

(8-16-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The player, stats, and leaders pages have been updated for the week.

(8-15-05) Both the printable and regular versions of the Pringles Survivor trivia pages have been updated.
(8-15-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The cast reviews for episode three are FINALLY up.
(8-15-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The standings have been updated for last week's games.

(8-14-05) New Section! Survivor is the second reality show to get it's own page.
(8-14-05) New Section! A page containing the trivia questions that Pringles printed on their chips has been added to the Survivor section.
(8-14-05) New Section! The Survivor section has also seen the addition of a polls page. In addition, a few new polls about Survivor have been added throughout the site.
(8-14-05) New Section! Just like every other section, the Survivor page now has it's own news page.
(8-14-05) Another week, another update to the reality calendar.
(8-14-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The team pages affected by episode three have FINALLY been updated. Hopefully, the pages will be updated for episode four early in the week.

(8-07-05) The newest reality calendar has been uploaded.

(8-05-05) The player pages affected by Tuesday's games have been updated.

(8-03-05) The stats, leaders, and standings pages have been updated to include yesterday's results. The teams and players pages will be updated tomorrow.
(8-03-05) Brian DeCato now has his own player page.

(8-02-05) The cast reviews for the second episode of Extreme Dodgeball are up.

(8-01-05) The reality calendar for the week is now up.

(7-27-05) All the standings, stats, leaders, and team pages affected by last night's game have been updated.
(7-27-05) (Extreme Dodgeball) The current leader in kills, Rob Clyde, now has his own page. Wade Clark of the New York Bling also had a page added today.

(7-26-05) The Philadelphia Benjamins & the Chicago Hitmen are the last teams to acquire their own page.

(7-25-05) The first Extreme Dodgeball cast reviews of the season are now up.
(7-25-05) New Section! A page containing all the player pages is now up.
(7-25-05) Sebastian Sciotti impressed everybody with his twelve kills in the season opener. Now he has his own page containing his season stats, career stats, season highs, and more. Eventually, every other Extreme Dodgeball player will have their own page too.
(7-25-05) A new desktop wallpaper featuring Zach, Bil, Michele, & Rip Torn is up on the downloads page.

(7-24-05) The L.A. Armed Response are the fourth team to get their own page.
(7-24-05) New Section! Curious of who's leading the league in kills? Want to know who has been hit the most? Check out the leaders of these stats and more at the season 3 stat leaders page.
(7-24-05) This week's edition of the reality tv calendar has been uploaded.

(7-23-05) The New York Bling haven't even played a game but they are the second Extreme Dodgeball team to get their own page. Since they haven't played yet, not much is up at this time.
(7-23-05) The Detroit Spoilers also got their own page today.
(7-23-05) New Section! Extreme Dodgeball is the latest subject to get it's own polls page.

(7-22-05) The Denver Hurlers are the first Extreme Dodgeball team to receive their own team page. The rest of the season three teams should get their own ones shortly. On each team page you can find player stats, standings, records (broken down by quarter, game, and season), and more.

(7-21-05) If you prefer your desktop wallpapers to be simple, you may want to download one of the six Extreme Dodgeball logo wallpapers that are now up.
(7-21-05) There are also buddy icons of the Benjamins, Armed Response, Bling, and Hitmen up.
(7-21-05) New Section! The Extreme Dodgeball section now has it's own news page.

(7-20-05) The Extreme Dodgeball standings have been updated to include last night's games.
(7-20-05) The stats for the first two games of Extreme Dodgeball are up on the season three stats page.

(7-19-05) All the other teams of season three of Extreme Dodgeball now have their own desktop wallpaper for you to download. Look for individual player and past team wallpapers soon. In addition, other reality shows will be getting their own wallpapers in the future.

(7-18-05) New Section! The Extreme Dodgeball section has seen the introduction of a new page. Deck out your desktop with new wallpapers inspired by the hit show. The first wallpaper added to the site is of the Chicago Hitmen. If your team isn't up yet, look for it in the next few days.

(7-17-05) The reality calendar has been updated for this week.

(7-10-05) Shockingly, the reality calendar has been updated for this week.

(7-08-05) New Section! Extreme Dodgeball is the first show to get it's own section on the site. Even though the new season doesn't start until July 19th, we just can't wait to launch this section. The stats and standings pages are up but as the season hasn't begun yet, there is very little information on them. A cast review will be uploaded as soon as GSN releases the official website.

(7-05-05) A page for all the reality tv polls found around the site is now up. Click here to raise your voice.

(4-29-05) The ninth leg of the "Amazing Race" was non-elimination but the reviews are up anyway.

(4-25-05) Another edition of the "Amazing Race" cast review has been posted.

(4-23-05) Another episode, another "Apprentice" cast review.

(4-21-05) The twelfth edition of "The Apprentice" cast reviews is up.

(4-15-05) I know it is shocking but the "Amazing Race" cast reviews for episode eight are up relatively early.

(4-10-05) It's a little late but the Survivor: Palau reviews for the week are up.
(4-10-05) The "Amazing Race" cast reviews are also up.

(4-09-05) The first two of (probably) four dishonorable mentions have been added to the worst winners list.
(4-09-05) The reviews for the eleventh episode of "The Apprentice" are up for you to enjoy.

(4-08-05) The worst winner of all-time has been crowned. She whined, screamed, and quit her way to a victory.

(4-07-05) #2 and 3 on the worst winners list have been posted. The list should be finished tomorrow.

(4-06-05) All of the Amazing Race 7 reviews (other than yesterday's) are finally up.
(4-06-05) Two lackluster winners of Survivor have been added to the worst winners list.

(4-05-05) Today is Mort's Hobbies first birthday! To celebrate, the site will be seeing extra big updates.
(4-05-05) The Survivor: Palau reviews are FINALLY up. I have uploaded the full reviews for every episode that has aired.
(4-05-05) The worst winners list has seen the addition of a terrible manipulator and a comedian that wasn't so funny. The whole list will hopefully be finished by the end of the week.

(4-01-05) Two more terrible winners have been added to the worst winners list. The first won over six fellow candidates that I thought were better than him. The second team should have been kicked out of game.
(4-01-05) Episode ten of The Apprentice has come and gone and the reviews are now up.

(3-28-05) The last reviews for Dream Job-Season 3 are up. If ESPN airs another season, I will be back to recap the contestants.

(3-25-05) The episode nine reviews for The Apprentice are up.

(3-23-05) The reviews for last week's Apprentice are FINALLY up. Also, I have semi-reviewed the recap episode. However, I mainly focused on reviewing the finalists strengths and weaknesses.

(3-21-05) The reviews for Dream Job episode five are up. (I know I am behind in the other cast reviews. Look for them in the next few days).

(3-15-05) The Dream Job cast reviews for episode four are now up.

(3-11-05) #10 on the worst winners list has held her title for less than a week. Find out who it is by clicking here.

(3-10-05) Two winners of sports related reality shows have been added to the worst winners list.

(3-07-05) I know it is late but The Amazing Race 7 cast reviews have finally been added for the first episode.
(3-07-05) The Dream Job reviews for episode three are also up.

(3-06-05) The third edition of the Survivor: Palau cast reviews has been posted.

(3-05-05) I have uploaded the latest Apprentice 3 cast reviews.

(3-02-05) Yet another three contestants have been added as honorable mentions to the top 25 reality contestants list. All three are from Survivor: Vanuatu.
(3-02-05) Omarosa has once again been introduced into the reality hall of shame after her appearance on Monday's Fear Factor.

(3-01-05) The winner of a spoof show based on American Idol comes in at #13 on the worst 15 winners of all-time list.
(3-01-05) Buck Star (Last Comic Standing 2 although not officially), Corbin Bernsen (Celebrity Mole), and Stephen Baldwin (Celebrity Mole) have been added as honorable mentions to the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list.
(3-01-05) REMINDER! The next season of The Amazing Race begins with a two-hour premiere tonight at 8 EST/7 CST. Expect the cast reviews to be up tomorrow or Thursday.

(2-28-05) New List! The next list highlights theworst 15 winners of all-time. The fifteenth worst winner of all-time was eliminated once but yet found a way to win the game. #14 is actually one of my favorite Survivors of all-time but she didn't really play the game well.
(2-28-05) Two more honorable mentions have been added to the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list. John Heffron of Last Comic Standing 2 & 3 and Gary of The Biggest Loser are the newest entries.
(2-28-05) The latest member of the reality hall of shame has won a total of seven awards.
(2-28-05) The reviews for the second episode of Dream Job are now up.

(2-27-05) A new article has been added to the reality television hall of fame. The first "Machiavellian Medal for Strategic Thinking" goes to the first alliance in Survivor history.
(2-27-05) Two honorable mentions have been posted on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list.

(2-26-05) The Survivor cast reviews are now up for episode two.

(2-25-05) Both #1 & #2 have been posted on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list. I will be adding a few honorable mentions and making a change (adding Kris & Jon) soon. Also, stay tuned for my next list-"Worst Winners."
(2-25-05) The reviews for The Apprentice are up ON TIME (for once).

(2-24-05) Someone who you probably have never heard of is #3 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list.
Who will be #1? I will give you the hint that both are former Survivors. #2 should be up tomorrow and look for #1 over the weekend.
(2-24-05) The nicest team in Amazing Race history comes in at #4 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list.

(2-23-05) Many people considered the person in the #5 spot of the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list to be unethical.

(2-22-05) As promised, the reviews for the fifth episode of The Apprentice are now up.
(2-22-05) The most talented person in reality television history checks in at #6 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list.

(2-21-05) Added the cast reviews for last night's Dream Job season premiere.
(2-21-05) I have also finally added the reviews from Thursday's season premiere of Survivor: Palau. The reviews for The Apprentice should be up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay on both.

(2-20-05) Dream Job season three is starting tonight (6 p.m. central) and I have added my pre-show reviews.

(2-15-05) Our first reality hall of shame entry is up. We have our first winner of "The Book of Bad Ideas." See what these producers did wrong by clicking here.
(2-15-05) One of the sweetest players to ever play the game of Survivor comes in at #7 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list.

(2-13-05) New Section! The reality hall of fame has finally opened its doors and its first inductee has been named. This famous moment was even honored as "Survivor's Best Moment" during the Survivor: All Stars America's Tribal Council show. You can look forward to many other inductions during the next few weeks. The reality hall of shame has also been added but there are currently no inductees.
(2-13-05) The top 25 reality contestants of all-time list is down to #8. This contestant is one of only two Big Brother players to make the list.
(2-13-05) #9 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list is one of only two Survivors to be eliminated without receiving a single vote.
(2-13-05) Wickedly Perfect is down to six perfectionists after Denise was eliminated from the game yesterday.
(2-13-05) Dream Job season three is going to premiere on February 27. I'm a little disappointed with the concept (former NBA players vying for an ESPN NBA analyst job) but I will still be watching. Look for a cast review as soon as ESPN uploads the official site.
(2-13-05) Not much reality television news today:
Driver Said to Make 'Survivor' Tape on Bus-The driver encouraged students to "jump around, throw things, and misbehave on her moving bus" as part of her audition tape.

(2-11-05) I have added a section for The Amazing Race 7 cast reviews. The new season begins March 1st.
(2-11-05) The Apprentice 3 cast reviews for episode four are up.

(2-08-05) The Apprentice 3 cast reviews for episode three are finally up.

(1-28-05) The Apprentice 3 cast reviews for episode two are up.

(1-23-05) The Apprentice 3 cast reviews for episode one are finally up. Sorry for the delay.

(1-17-05) The Apprentice 3 cast reviews (pre-show) are now all up. Like the Survivor: Palau reviews, this section will (hopefully) be updated weekly after each episode. Look for them every Friday until Survivor starts. They will then be posted on Saturday or Sunday and the Survivor ones will be added Friday.
(1-17-05) One of the few runner-ups that was robbed of the win comes in at #10 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list.
(1-17-05) Last night on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the design team finally failed to complete their house (in this case two houses) in the seven days. Once complete, the house looked really good. The team even turned the show into Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition as they created a wedding for one of the family members.

(1-16-05) The Apprentice 3 cast reviews for the book smarts team have been added to the cast reviews section. Look for the reviews of the street smarts team to appear tomorrow.
(1-16-05) One of the few master strategizers that was still a nice guy comes in at #12 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list. The #11 spot has also been posted. These two from "The Amazing Race" were so funny that they even got their own show.
(1-16-05) Added a few more links to the reality links section and reorganized it.
(1-16-05) The reality television news of the day:
Wayne's World-Wayne Newton is the newest celebrity to get a reality show.
Universal to open "Fear Factor" theme park attractions-Great idea by Universal.
'Idol' speculation-An article on the new season of "American Idol."

(1-15-05) #13 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list is the third representative from the great Survivor: Amazon. This one was a little crazy at times but overall was a very nice person.
(1-15-05) The reality calendar for the next week is now completed. Look for a new version to appear every Saturday (hopefully).

(1-14-05) The Survivor: Palau pre-show reviews are all up. Every contestant has been "reviewed" and I have predicted the boot order.
(1-14-05) The fourteenth ranked person on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list was one of the funniest ever to appear on a reality show.
(1-14-05) We have finally released an updated version of the reality calendar. It still is a work in progress so don't totally rely on it yet. Hopefully we will be able to update this section weekly from now on.
(1-14-05) The second episode of Wickedly Perfect aired yesterday and baker Michelle was sent packing after Team Artisan lost again.
(1-14-05) The reality television news of the day:
SCI FI Unveils Reality Slate-Lots of interesting ideas from the network that gives us "Scare Tactics" and "Ghost Hunters."
Drinkard will try to 'survive' Palau-An interesting article on new Survivor Bobby Jon Drinkard. A few tidbits on his personality were mentioned.
Fox follows through with plans to put unaired 'My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss' episodes online-Very good news as this was a funny show.
Merced Native Mum On Time As 'Survivor'-More information on Survivor Katie Gallagher.

(1-13-05) New Section! We begin the new season of reality television with a new feature. The cast reviews section has opened for business. Basically, this section will be filled with our personal opinions on reality contestants. We will try to update after each week's episode is aired. Today we begin with the newly announced Survivor: Palau cast. The only person with a "review" so far is Angie but we will try to get one or two more done each day.
(1-13-05) #15 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list is a recent contestant on a big time show. This contestant came up with several solid ideas and was very talented. #14 has also been posted. These two Amazing Racers were incredibly funny yet still competitive.
(1-13-05) Added a whole bunch of official site links to our reality tv links section.
(1-13-05) The website for Survivor: Palau has been launched. Not on the website but revealed on the early show is the first twist. The twenty contestants will start out on one big tribe instead of the usual two.
(1-13-05) The reality television news of the day:
New season starts reality TV rage-A decent overview of the newest reality television offerings.
Reality TV makes mark in Dayton-Dayton has the second highest percentage of reality television fans in America. Number one in that category is Providence, Rhode Island.
Despite ratings, reality shows abound-This article from CNN discusses recent reality television flops like the "Rebel Billionaire" and "The Next Great Champ." They neglect to mention new reality successes like "The Biggest Loser," "Wife Swap," and resurgants like "The Amazing Race," but it is still a pretty good article.
'Amazing Race' contestant makes College Park layover-A nice article about recently eliminated "Amazing Race" contestant Gus McLeod. It contains information about his aviation interests and the race. I had no idea that he actually holds an aviation record.
CBS cancels 'The Will' after only one episode broadcast-Very unfortunate as I liked the show. It received terrible ratings but CBS could have at least shown the five episodes left.
"Survivor: Palau" Cast Revealed-A news article on the previously mentioned Survivor: Palau cast reveal.

(1-12-05) The Amazing Race 6 continued yesterday and while Hayden & Aaron finished last, they weren't eliminated because it was a non-elimination leg.
(1-12-05) The Biggest Loser had its season finale yesterday as well and Ryan was proclaimed the "biggest loser." Next week will see a reunion show along with a weigh-in to determine another $100,000 winner.
(1-12-05) The cast of Survivor: Palau will be revealed on tomorrow's early show and should be posted on later in the day.

(9-03-04) #17 on the top 25 reality contestants of all-time list has been posted. This contestant overcame a severe disadvantage to finish seventh.

(8-12-04) The eighteen best reality contestant was proclaimed "the best player never to win." Find out who it is by clicking here.
(8-12-04) The reality television news of the day:
Tuned In: Site lets fans dive into more reality TV-An update on a previously mentioned site. Another article focusing on this site can be found here.
'Starting Over' reality series holding casting call-This is a reality show that tries to help people "start over."
Advanta announces spokesman-It is Bill Rancic, better known as The Apprentice.

(8-11-04) Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Lance & Marshall of The Amazing Race. Marshall's knee injury was just too bad. I am sorry to see them go as they were my favorite team. They were funny and great competitors. During this leg I also found a new team to hate. I now despise Charla & Mirna after they were once again rude to Colin & Christie. If you would like to read an interview with Lance & Marshall click here.
(8-11-04) Last Comic Standing 2 had its second to last episode yesterday. After an extremely entertaining first hour of highlights and humor, the last three comics attempted to win our votes. The final episode will air tomorrow and we will find out who the last comic standing is.
(8-11-04) "The Six-Finger Plan" worked perfectly yesterday on Big Brother. Drew won the veto and chose to save Diane. In her place, Jase was nominated. Jase is most likely going to be evicted tomorrow. If he is evicted, be on the lookout for a new section to open soon. The Hall of Shame will have its first nominee(s) if this strategy works.

(8-09-04) #19 on my list of the top 25 reality show contestants is the first of many Survivors that will make an appearance on the list. He is also one of the best winners in reality history. Click here to find out who it is.
(8-09-04) FOX's ripoff boxing reality show "The Next Great Champ" will premiere on September 10.
Source: Yahoo! News
(8-09-04) Donald Trump, host of The Apprentice, has launched a fashion label.
(8-09-04) CBS has picked up yet another Mark Burnett show. "Recovery" will be a midseason replacement.
Source: Reality TV World
(8-09-04) The most ridiculous idea for a reality show I have ever seen is "Bodyguard." It is an American Idol like show where one person will be named as the new bodyguard for the Backstreet Boys.
Source: VH1

(8-08-04) Yesterday, Nakomis decided to put Marvin and Diane up for eviction. Her plan is to have everyone go for the veto, use it, and put up Jase. Jase will have no way to save himself. Will her plan work? We will find out on Tuesday when the veto competition and ceremony takes place.

(8-07-04) A player from The Mole 2: The Next Betrayal and a team from the recently finished Extreme Dodgeball make up my #20 and #21 reality contestants/teams of all time.
(8-07-04) The Apprentice 2 website is now up. Currently you can watch a promo ad and read information about Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, and the show. The contestants should be announced soon as the season starts September 9.
(8-07-04) Today on Big Brother, Jennifer (aka Nakomis) will make the decision of who to nominate. Will it be the obvious choices of Jase, Michael, or Marvin or will Nakomis shake up the house and nominate one or two of her own? We will find out tonight at 9 Eastern/8 Central.
(8-07-04) On Tuesday, Extreme Dodgeball rapped up its season with the championship match between the Certified Public Assassins and the Barbell Mafia. My favorite team, the CPA's, won the championship in a blowout. Extreme Dodgeball will be back early next year with a new league and also a celebrity tournament.
(8-07-04) This article describes a new reality show on SpikeTV called "American Start-Up." This series appears similar to The Apprentice except that the prize is capital to start a new business instead of a job.
(8-07-04) Canadian-born reality show winner gets crack at TV action movie as promised-An article from Yahoo! News about Next Action Star female winner Corinne.
(8-07-04) According to this article, the Big Brother houseguests will be competing for a walk-on role on "The Young and the Restless." The losers will get a chance to view and critique the winner's performance.
(8-07-04) Added three links to the reality tv links section.

(7-21-04) Extreme Dodgeball had its second postseason edition yesterday. The Stallion Battalion took on the Barbell Mafia. Barbell Mafia won without much of a fight. Also, Armed Response beat the SBD Mimes 2-0. Next week the Certified Public Assassins will take on Ink Inc. The Barbell Mafia will try to outmuscle Armed Response.
(7-21-04) On yesterday's episode of Big Brother Jase won the veto competition and decided to take Holly off the block. Marvin responded by putting Karen up for eviction. Tomorrow, either Karen or Lori will be evicted and the new Head of Household will be crowned.
(7-21-04) Yesterday on the Amazing Race Jim and Marsha (the father-daughter team) were eliminated from the race after a mistake in the airport. They almost caught up to the pizza boys (Lance and Marshall) but unfortunately fell short. If you missed this episode it will be re-airing on Saturday. Also, be sure to watch the finale of former Amazing Racers Kevin and Drew's new show-Kevin & Drew Unleashed-tomorrow.

(7-12-04) How can a person with a terrible singing voice be named the #22 reality television contestant of all time? Find out by clicking here.
(7-12-04) Yet another New Section! This time it is a calendar to keep up with the upcoming reality television episodes. *The list is still being updated.*
(7-12-04) New Section! A section for Reality TV lists has been added to the site. This section will be the new home for the Top 25 Reality Show Contestant list as well as many other future lists.
(7-12-04) New Section! We have added a sectioncontaining essential links to reality news sites, message boards, and official sites.
(7-12-04) This articleannounces that a new web community for reality tv stars and their fans will be opening in the summer. will be a subscribtion service and will contain information about reality tv stars that was created by the actual star.

(7-11-04) A team of two from The Amazing Race make up my pick for the #23 reality television contestant/team of all time.

(7-10-04) The #24 reality television contestant of all-time is not just a winner. He is also a hero. Find out who it is by clicking here.
(7-10-04) NBC executives feel that FOX is stealing reality television ideas from its competitors. They cite "The Next Great Champ" (a clone of NBC's "The Contender") and Trading Spouses (similar to ABC's "Wife Swap") as examples. Also noteworthy in the article is the mention that Last Comic Standing will be back for another round in the fall.
Source: Yahoo News!

(7-09-04) Adam's Top 25 Reality Show Contestant countdown is underway. The #25 contestant of all-time was an innovator, an incredible strategizer, and a good guy. To see who it is click here.
(7-09-04) Yesterday, the second episode of Big Brother 5 aired. The first Head of Household, Jase, nominated Mike and Jennifer for eviction. Also in this episode Michael gave away his secret (he has a half-sister in the house) to the entire house.
(7-09-04) Yesterday, former Amazing Race competitors Kevin & Drew began their new series on the Discovery Channel. First, they went to Gator Land in Florida to learn about alligator caretaking. They even got to wrestle gators. In the second half of the show, they went to a cranberry marsh and harvested cranberries. If you liked Kevin & Drew on the first edition of the Amazing Race, you will like this show. They were very funny throughout the show. The second episode of this series will air next Thursday at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on the Discovery channel.
(7-09-04) On July 28, UPN will begin "Amish in the City." This reality series will follow Amish teens who discover the world outside of their community. Of course, the government has deemed it "exploitive" and wants it stopped.
Source: Yahoo! News

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