Our museum to honor reality television's worst.
If you have a nominee for the Reality TV Hall of Shame, please e-mail us here.

The Plaque for Pathetic Programming

The Rashad for Incompetent Hosting

The "Throw the Game Away" Trophy for Poor Strategic Thinking

The "Fair Play" for Unnecessary Lying
Oh No! Omarosa (Added 2-28-2005)

Jonathan's Medal of Meanness
Oh No! Omarosa (Added 2-28-2005)
Fear (of Omarosa) is a Factor for Us (Added 3-02-2005)

The "Book of Bad Ideas" for Producer Mistakes
Finding a Lock in a Haystack-TAR Kills Two Teams Chances (Added 2-15-2005)

The J.V. Trophy for Terrible Teamwork

Honorary Ribbon of Laziness
Oh No! Omarosa (Added 2-28-2005)

A Bottle of Wine for the Biggest Whiners
Oh No! Omarosa (Added 2-28-2005)

The Freddy for Fantastic Fighting
Oh No! Omarosa (Added 2-28-2005)

The "Goat Award" for Poor Challenge Performance
Oh No! Omarosa (Added 2-28-2005)

The William Hung Trophy for the Talentless
Oh No! Omarosa (Added 2-28-2005)

The Loser's Lodge

Which reality villain(s) should be the next one added to the hall of shame?
Jonathan & Victoria (The Amazing Race)
Jerri (Survivor)
Johnny Fair Play (Survivor)
Aunt Donna (The Family)
Penny (The Will)
Ami (Survivor)
Team Guido (The Amazing Race)
Charla & Mirna (The Amazing Race)
Alison (Big Brother, The Amazing Race)
Somebody Else
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