Our own museum to honor reality television's best.
If you have a nominee for the Reality TV Hall of Fame, please e-mail us here.

The TAR Trophy for Excellence in Reality Programming

The Cooper for Excellence in Hosting

The Machiavellian Medal for Strategic Thinking
Hatching a Plan: The First Alliance (Added 2-27-2005)

Honorary Award for Humor
Rupert Pilfers His Way Into America's Hearts (Added 2-13-2005)

The Bingham Prize for Integrity

The Rupert Ribbon for Outstanding Play in Challenges

The Kris & Jon Plaque of Teamwork Award

The Excellence in Entertainment Award

The Heffron for Exceptional Talent

The Winner's Wing

Which reality host should be the first one added to the hall of fame?
Anderson Cooper (The Mole)
Jeff Probst (Survivor)
Phil Keoghen (The Amazing Race)
Donald Trump (The Apprentice)
Joe Rogan (Fear Factor)
Somebody Else
None of the Above
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