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News & Notes (Last Updated 2-27-2006)
Season & All-Time Standings (Last Updated 8-24-2005)
Season 3 Stats (Last Updated 8-24-2005)
Season 3 Stat Leaders (Last Updated 8-24-2005)
Players (Last Updated 8-29-2005)
Season 3 Cast Reviews (Last Updated 10-06-2005)
Downloads (Last Updated 7-25-2005)
Polls (Last Updated 8-03-2005)


Team Pages
Chicago Hitmen (Last Updated 10-06-2005)
Denver Hurlers (Last Updated 8-21-2005)
Detroit Spoilers (Last Updated 8-14-2005)
L.A. Armed Response (Last Updated 10-06-2005)
New York Bling (Last Updated 10-06-2005)
Philadelphia Benjamins (Last Updated 10-06-2005)

Which team are you rooting for this season?
Los Angeles Armed Response
Philadelphia Benjamins
New York Bling
Chicago Hitmen
Detroit Spoilers
Denver Hurlers
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Who will lead the league in kills?
Marie Philman (Hitmen)
Hal Sparks (Hitmen)
Bobby Roe (Hurlers)
Danno Kingman (Hurlers)
Jeremiah Trotter (Benjamins)
Art Spiegel (Benjamins)
David Benedetto (Armed Response)
Kel Waltrin (Armed Response)
Strati Hovartos (Spoilers)
Ben Toth (Spoilers)
Adam Ullberg (Spoilers)
Tyrone Rush (Bling)
Portis Hershey (Bling)
Somebody Else
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