Scary, Isn't He?
Custom Character Sounds for Baldur's Gate
These soundpacks will function as well with Shadows of Amn, BG2 as the original.  Check back for possible updates.
You can also grab 4 updated soundpacks for Icewind Dale.  You can find them linked at the Adventurer's Guild.

Simply download the file you wish and unzip it into your Baldur's Gate Sounds directory, ie. c:\Program Files\Blackisle\Baldur's Gate\Sounds
Yeastman's Corner
The Adventurer's Guild at BGChronicles
I'd like to thank the folks over at the Adventurer's Guild through PlanetBaldursGate for hosting my files on Fileplanet.   The Adventurer's Guild has a lot of great resources for customizing your characters, and Yeastman has all sorts of cool customizations for many games, though he has stopped updating. 

A footloose chap who oft makes known his desire for a nice, cold ale.  He sounds like a half-elf, and perhaps one could use this set for any elven character, though a decidedly alchoholic elf.  Might be used for a halfling as well.
Sly Bard (2mb)
Likely deemed "expendable" by his mate, this poor male Drow has escaped to the surface and seeks adventure.  He speaks common, yet more oft than not reverts to his native tongue, much to the annoyance of his companions.
Male Drow (2mb)
Male Mage (3.8mb) A wise mage.
This cleric despises evil, and protects the weak.  He worships (and once mentions) the NG goddess Eldath.
**Thanks to David Lin and uaintjak for the input in the creation of this set! **
Good Cleric (2.7mb)
This cleric fears and covets evil, and exploits the weak.  He worships (and mentions a few times) the NE goddess Shar.
Evil Cleric (3.1mb)
Male Dwarf (3.1mb)
He's dour, he's strong, he's the mighty dwarf.  Just don't call him "little fella," because he's wielding a pretty sharp axe there.
Not the person you want to suddenly notice standing behind you, the despicable sort you're thankful is an ally.  Sneering, lockjawed and evil,  just the soundfiles you always wanted.
Male Thief (1.4mb)
Noble Paladin (1.6mb)
This fellow has a deep, serene voice.  He could easily be a priest also, though of good alignment I think!
Now you have a voice appropriate for a gnome.  This doesn't really sound like a dwarf, in my opinion, but who's to say?
Gnome (2mb)

Baldur's Gate Chronicles
Now that you have some custom soundfiles, you might consider picking up a few custom portraits for your characters.  I recommend Lady Knightshade's Baldur's Gate Portraits, Baldurian's Wrath or The Adventurer's Guild over at Baldur's Gate Chronicles.   Just think, you can go on HEAT and nobody'll be able to hear you, or even see what you look like!  Fun!
"Your soundfiles suck!  And I could do 'em better--but don't know how!"
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Webmasters: You're more than welcome to put these files on your site, just leave the text file included in the zips intact, and try to credit me as the source if you can.  Fact is, I'll be running out of space soon.  I would rather this site become the place I dump the newest files, and link to sites like yours!  Hang Loose.
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