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New to CBM 64 Emulation?
The BEST Emulator
The Blast Collection - Complete!
Single games (Not part of any collection)

New to CBM 64 Emulation?

To emulate CBM 64 games is easy when you have a good emulator, but it's not quite as easy as with other formats, i.e. Nintendo. Here is a few explanations and tips for you who are new to this kind of enjoyment.

There are two standars of file types for CBM 64. These are the .T64 and .D64 formats. "T" means Tape, and such files are never a problem to looad. "D" means Disk, and is a little trickyer. A disk image almost always contains more thant one file to select to load. You have to find the right one. Usually that is no problem, but not always. Most such files should be loaded by selecting a line that equals the game title. Remember, you must ALWAYS choose a line which ends with PRG. If you get a blue screen with a flashing marker, then type RUN and hit Enter. The game should now load. Do not forget that loading time is also emulated, so it can take a little while before is has finished the loading.

The BEST Emulator

Name:    CCS64
Version: 1.09

No other CBM 64 emulator is so easy to use. It has lots of configuration choices which are logical and easy set up. Hit F9 during emulation to get the menu.

Windows 95 / 98
Start the emulator with the file CCS64_95.BAT. If you don't, your computer will guaranteed freeze. The "bad" thing about this emulator, is that it doesn't support long filenames.

The Blast from the Past Collection

As far as I know, this is the complete Blast Collection. It contains 300 volumes or packs, and covers 1,792 games! That is about 50 Megs of games (170 kb per file). This list are sorted by volumes / pack #, but I have also included an alphabetical list over these games. If you wanna search this page for something specific, just hit CTRL + F.

All of the Blast volumes has a menu you should load, where you  can choose directily what game the emulator should run. Easy and convenient.

To avoid downloading problems, espcially with Netscape, hold down Shift when you click on the Blast links. This should also be done in the single games section, mainly if the link does not lead to a ZIP-file.

Every link is fully working, but if you have problems because of the traffic, just try the German mirror instead. I will add links to this mirror for every volume, but that has to wait. Other games are more important for the moment.

There might be a few games that are found in more that one of the packs. An example is Thunderblade, which is both included in #157 and #294. Those duplicates are VERY FEW, and are NOT reduces from the total number of games. Therefore, that number is just a little higher than the actual number of different games. This is not my fault - I did not pack the games - I just linked them.

Don't forget: Hold down Shift and click on links to download these volumes!!

Single Games

These games are not part of any collections - they are single gamefiles that stands alone.

Will be updates in a very few days - please come back later!

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