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Zee Toys Collectors Club Windracers/Pacesetters Roster

Windracers/Pacesetters roster

Pacesetters are 3" vehicles with a die-cast metal body and chassis, clear plastic windows, and a plastic interior; most have spring suspension axles; some have opening doors.


1. The Windracers brand name was used before 1985 when the line changed to the Pacesetters brand name.

2. Some trucks appeared in Rough Riders packaging in the early 1980s.

3. The letters A, B, C, etc. following the style # indicate different decorations but do not appear on the baseplate.

4. Most construction vehicles were originally issued with a P prefix style number, later changed to MP with the same number; most, if not all, were in the Mini Macks (later renamed Dyna-Mites) line.

5. Starting in 1994, some Pacesetters items were issued in other lines with the same or different decorations; these were assigned MC (Muscle Cars), C (Dyna-Classics) or DT (Dyna-Trucks) style # prefixes in the Zyll catalog but the style # molded on the baseplate did not change. See the other rosters as those cars are not listed here.

P301 Citroen

P302 Datsun Fairlady (240Z)

P303 Toyota 2000GT

P304 Mazda GT

P305 Honda 600

P306 Mazda GT Police

P307 Bulldozer

P308 Front Loader

P309 Hino Cement Mixer

P309 Ford Cement Mixer(Ford cab replaced Hino cab approx. 1986)

P310 Mack Dump Truck

P311 Crane Truck

P312 Fire Engine (ladder)

P313 Tipper Truck

P314 Hydraulic Excavator

P315 Fork Lift Truck

P316 Fire Engine (snorkel)

P317 Track-type Loader

P318 Hydraulic Excavator

P319 '70s Datsun Pick-up w/shell

P320 '70s Dodge Van

P321 McLaren Indy Car

P322 Crown School Bus

P323A '70s Chevelle Malibu

P323B '70s Chevelle Malibu Police

P324 Ford Pinto

P325A '32 Ford Roadster

P325 '32 Ford Roadster

P326 GMC Motorhome

P327 Nissan Skyline 2000GT

P328 Toyota Corolla 30 1400 GSL

P329 Toyota Corona 2000GT

P330 Toyota Celica LB 2000GT

P331 Mercedes 450SEL

P332 '70s VW bus

P333 Toyota Ambulance Van

P334 Double Decker Bus

P335A (English) Ford Van Fire

P335B (English) Ford Van Hwy. Patrol

P336 Hino Oil Tank Truck

P336 Ford Oil Tank Truck Ford cab replaced Hino cab approx. 1986

P337 Fire Engine (pumper)

P338 Early '70s Chevy Stepside Pick-up

P339 Chevrolet Monza Hatchback

P340 McLaren M8-A CanAm

P341 Super Van (from movie)

P342 Wheaties Custom Dodge Van

P343 Van Killer Custom Dodge Van

P344 Straight Arrow Custom Dodge Van

P345A '70s Plymouth Taxi

P345B '70s Plymouth Police

P346 Chevy Ambulance Van

P347 U.S. Mail Truck

P348 '70s Ford Country Squire Wagon

P349 Farm Tractor

P350 Jeep

P351A '70s Mustang II Cobra (silver)

P351B '70s Mustang II Cobra (yellow)

P352A '70s Mercedes-Benz 450SL (dark met. green)

P352B '70s Mercedes-Benz 450SL (silver)

P353 Fun Trucking Ford Courier Pick-up

P354 '30s Mercedes 540K

P355A '57 Chevy Bel Air (black)

P355D '57 Chevy Bel Air (aqua)

P356 '56 Ford Thunderbird

P357 Kandy Van Custom Dodge Van

P358 Ford Pinto ...what's the name of the "portholed panel" style?

P359 '70s Chevy Blazer

P360 '70s Dodge Pick-up Camper

P361 '35 Chevy modified

P362A '70s Firebird TransAm T-top (pearl white)

P362B '70s Firebird TransAm T-top (black)

P362C '70s Firebird TransAm T-top (solid white)

P363 Continental Mark IV

P364 '63 Chevy Corvette

P365 '57 Chevy Corvette

P366 Peterbilt Big Rig Tow Truck

P367A '70s Camaro Z28 T-top (hot pink)

P367B '70s Camaro Z28 T-top (yellow)

P368 Jeep CJ-7

P369A '70s Ford Bronco (silver); some have a removable black roof, some don't

P369B '70s Ford Bronco Police

P369C '70s Ford Bronco (red); some have a removable black roof, some don't

P370A Mercedes Benz 300SL (silver)

P370B Mercedes Benz 300SL (red)

P371 '80 Chevy Corvette

P372 '70s Mazda RX-7

P373 '70s Camaro Z-28 Hwy. Patrol

P374 '69 Dodge Charger; factory # mistake, later renumbered 3001

P374 Delorean

P375 '84 Corvette

P376 Porsche 928

P377 Cat wheel scraper

P378 Cat bulldozer

P379 Cat wheel loader

P380 Cat dump truck

P381 '82 Camaro Z28 convertible

P382A '82 Pontiac Firebird convertible (silver)

P382B '82 Pontiac Firebird convertible (hot pink)

P383 Firebird funny car

P384 '80s Toyota Celica Supra

P385A Peterbilt Racing Rig (blue)

P385B Peterbilt Racing Rig (red)

P386 '70s Ford Bronco Puller

P387 '80s Grand Prix stock car

P388 Cat snowplow

P389 Cobra 427

P390 '80s T-Bird stock car

P391 '69 Pontiac GTO

P392A '68 Mustang Pro/Street (orange)

P392B '68 Mustang Pro/Street (met. red)

P393A '80s Charger funny car (met. burgundy)

P393B '80s Charger funny car (blue)

P394 '80s Mustang SVO

P396 Pontiac Fiero

P397A '70 Hemi 'Cuda (met. red.)

P397B '70 Hemi 'Cuda (yellow-green)

P398 Cat motor grader

P399 '80s Camaro Pro/Stock

K510A London taxi

T439B '53 Chevy sedan delivery (T prefix is from the military line where T439A decoration was an Army ambulance in a M*A*S*H set)

3001 '69 Dodge Charger (formerly P374)

3002 ?

3003 ?

3004 ?

3005 '69 'Vette

P3201A Mack Class 8 Wrecker

P3202A Sand Buggy (yellow)

P3202B Sand Buggy (Hwy. Patrol)

P3203 '80s Chevy Crew Cab Dually pick-up

P3204 Sprint Car

P3205A Beretta Pro/Stock (color?)

P3205B Beretta Pro/Stock (yellow-green)

P3206 Custom '80s Nissan pick-up

P3207 Olds Aerotech

P3208A Olds funny car (white)

P3208B Olds funny car (orange)

P3209 VW Baja Bug

P3210 never produced (Chevy racing pick-up)

P3211A Nissan GTP (blue #12)

P3211B Nissan GTP (blue #83)

P3212 Mazda Miata

The following were assigned Pacesetters #s but were always sold as a separate Flip Cars line:

P3213 Flip Car II (Manta Ray/Space Raycer)

P3214 Flip Car I (Indy Champ/Max 2000)

P3215 Flip Car III (Bonneville Blaster/DD Coupe)

P3216 Flip Car IV (Retro Rod/Formula Fusion)

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