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Zee Toys Collectors Club -- Readers' Comments and Questions
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Zee Toys Collectors Club

For Zyll (Zee Toys, Z-Wheels, Zylmex, Intex, etc.) die-cast toy collectors

General comments and questions

Puff 'n Play

[I'm] Looking for info on Zee Toys "Puff 'n Play" inflatable doll furniture. This series, or at least the part of it I'm looking for, was created in the early 1970's to be used with Barbie dolls. Anybody have any info as far as availability, etc? Thanks in advance...
Bruce Ansell ...Tue, 21 Jan 1997

From Zed at the ZTCC:
As far as I know, Puff 'n Play hasn't been available since the early '80s. Zyll only made the metal toys for Zee Toys, the vinyl inflatables were made by Intex Recreation Corp. you can contact their U.S. headquarters in Long Beach, California at (310) 549-5400 (ask for the design department as the "office" people probably won't know what you're talking about).


A modest beginning, but very attractive. The pictures are OUTSTANDING. BEST WISHES. [snip] If you know any collectors of diecast banks, please tell them about our site.
Dick Heuser.....Wed, 30 Oct 1996

From Zed at the ZTCC:
Thanks for the kind words. Your link is now on the ZTCC link page. As far as we know, Zyll never made any banks. Readers, submit links you think we should put on this site.


While most Zee Toys are plain, cheap and forgettable, there are enough distinctive models to warrant further attention. It's interesting to find a website dedicated to these unsung toys.
Dana Johnson, chairman.....Tue, 29 Oct 1996
Diecast Toy Collectors Association
P O Box 1824
Bend OR 97709-1824

From Zed at the ZTCC:
You're right! Readers, what are your picks for the most distinctive Zee Toys?

Questions and comments

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