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Zee Toys Collectors Club -- Readers' Comments and Questions
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3" car, truck, bus & construction questions and comments

We'll have fun, fun, fun!

I have one of my old toys that I received from my grandmothers house. The markings on the bottom are:

zylmex p-356

56 t-bird

It is a diecast model with the opening doors.(I believe 1-64 scale) can anyone tell me anything about this car. Should I let my kid play with it or put it in the attic. Basically is it worth anything ?? I appreciate the help.

[no name] ...Thu, 20 Mar 1997

From Zed at the ZTCC:

Your '56 T-Bird was in production for about fifteen years and until the mid-90s, all were painted metallic red.
Your car probably says "HONG KONG" on the bottom which might make it a little more desirable to collectors because production moved to China in the late '80s. Unfortunately, Zylmex/Zee Toys aren't popular enough to have prices established -- I'd estimate it's worth about $1 if it's in like-new condition. Zee Toys went out of business last year so there's always the possibility it could be worth more in the future.
I recommend that you let your child play with it and share the fun you had.

Ford and Mercury Wanted

I want Ford and Mercury diecast. Anybody interested in trades or helping me find things?
I would like to make contact with some collectors with spare cars. I am trying to put together a collection of Ford and Mercury diecast cars and I stumbled on this site. I am amazed that there are that many Ford cars and trucks that I didn't even know about. Boy I have a long way to go!
I saw quite a few that I'll need in the Dynamites/Dynawheels list and a few on the Pacesetters list. I am most partial to Cougars but I love Mustangs almost as much. ... and race cars, and on and on. I prefer my cars loose to display. That Olds funny car looked like a nice piece.
Any help with acquiring certain cars reasonably or through trading would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Dan ...Sat, 22 Feb 1997

From Zed at the ZTCC:
Readers, here's your chance to help Dan put a Ford in his future!

Mangusta or Pantera models wanted

I want to buy any Detomaso Mangusta or Pantera models that were made. Can you help me? I need to know what was made and where I can buy them now. ...Sat, 15 Feb 1997

From Zed at the ZTCC:
Thanks for writing. Zee Toys made a Mangusta as a 3" die-cast in the Dynawheels line (style number D39) in the '70s. It doesn't appear in the 1982 catalog so it was probably out of production by then. There is no source for Zee Toys so you'll just have to scour swap meets or post a wanted ad in the die-cast publications. Try posting your request on the news group

Zee Toys never made a Pantera (darn!). Good luck!

Delorean Wanted

Does anyone have a P347 [sic] Delorean for sale?
[no name] ...Fri, 20 Dec 1996

From Zed at the ZTCC:
Readers, have you got an extra one? Actually, the number is P374. It was only released in one decoration: metallic silver paint with a white interior.

Back to the the Delorean

Are there any die-cast DeLorean cars available? If so, where and how much?

Someone....Thur, 7 Nov 1996

From Zed at the ZTCC:
It'll be pretty difficult to find a Delorean or any Zee Toys Pacesetters in retail stores. The manufacturer went out of the die-cast business earlier this year and I'm told that retailers hadn't ordered very many Pacesetters in the past few years -- instead, they ordered the cheaper Dynawheels (metal body, plastic chassis). Readers, if you've got a Delorean to sell, post it in the newsgroup section.

P301 Citroen baseplate

The page is looking good. The Citroen looks like a Siku. What does it say on the bottom?
John Dean.....Tue, 29 Oct 1996

From Zed at the ZTCC:
We've never actually seen the Citroen so we can't say what's on the bottom. Readers, does anyone know the answer?

American Motors?

I'm new to diecast collecting and have limited myself to collecting American Motors replicas. Can you tell me if any of these companies have made any?[snip]
Thanks, Bob.....Tue, 29 Oct 1996

From Zed at the ZTCC:
We're 99.9% certain that Zyll never made any AMC replicas.

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