From the February 24th Us Weekly:



     Justin: Cupid's Helper!     

If Justin Timberlake's red-hot career flames out, he has a future as a matchmaker, having just hooked up Tara Reid with his best friend and ex-flame Alyssa Milano with one of his dancers. Reid, 27, and Trace Ayala, 22, have "been dating for about three weeks," says a source. A radiant Reid, who used to date Timberlake's fellow 'NSyncer JC Chasez, hit Atlanta with Ayala for the recent NBA All-Star Weekend, where Timberlake performed. Meanwhile, Milano, 30, is seeing dancer Jimmy Federico, who is slated to tour with Timberlake this summer. Federico "comes to the Charmed set and spends a lot of time in her trailer," says another source. As for Timberlake, he doesn't seem to need any romantic help. A Playboy source says Hugh Hefner, 76, recently told Timberlake, who just shot a video at the Playboy Mansion, that "he could have the phone numbers of any Playmate, but Justin turned him down."

I say Alyssa and Jimmy break up before Justin's tour.

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