Cinjun Tate walks out on Alyssa Milano From the December 14th National Enquirer:


AFTER 11 months of marriage, "Charmed" star Alyssa Milano's husband has walked out on her.
     In a showdown at her Beverly Hills mansion two days before Thanksgiving, Milano's husband Cinjun Tate demanded, "Do you believe in this marriage?"
     When 26-year-old Alyssa refused to answer, Cinjun told her he was leaving.
     "Alyssa had become impossible recently," a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER.
     She plays a good witch on 'Charmed' - but there's nothing good about the witch she's become in real life.
     "She's very demanding and controlling."
     Cinjun told an ENQUIRER reporter that he and Alyssa were not separated - but admitted, "We're not spending a lot of time together because we're both very busy. We're working out a lot of stuff right now."
     When asked why he was staying in a ramshackle apartment building in a run-down section of Hollywood instead of with his gorgeous wife in their lavish home, the 26-year-old rocker said he likes to "hang out" there because "this is where I grew up" - but research shows Cinjun grew up in Alabama.
     Alyssa and Cinjun, a rocker with the band Remy Zero, married last New Year's Day with Alyssa's co-stars Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs as bridesmaids.
     "Cinjun thought he had a happy marriage," said the source. "Then he came home from his band's month-long tour of Europe recently - and everything changed."
     "Alyssa was mad because he hasn't called her every day like she told him to, and she didn't meet him at the airport. He tried to tell her he'd called several times, but hadn't been able to reach her." He sent her flowers to apologize, but that didn't work.
     Alyssa was so mad that she stayed away most of the first week he was home.
     "She'd stay overnight with Holly Marie, then spend the next night with her mom," said the source.
     Cinjun was hurt when he learned Alyssa had been going out a lot with Holly, who's single.
     "And when she WAS at home, she'd fly off the handle at the least little thing. She went ballistic at him for not buying cat food - even though someone came in two days a week to look after the cats and dogs," added the source.
     Then, Cinjun started hearing whispers that Alyssa was flirting up a storm with other men in a nightclub called The Red Chariot, in Van Nuys.
     "There was no suggestion she was having an affair," noted the source, "but it suddenly explained why she hasn't been home when Cinjun called from Europe."
     When Cinjun told Alyssa that his band planned to return to Europe in February to work on an album, she went bonkers.
     "She threw a fit!" divulged the source. "She reminded him that she had built a recording studio in her house so he could work there instead of going to a studio."
     "Cinjun replied, 'The band and my music are my life - and you knew that before you married me!'"
     "Things got so bad that Cinjun suggested they go to marriage counseling - but Alyssa refused to discuss it."
     After the couple cold-shouldered each other for two weeks, Alyssa's mother Lin arranged a face-to-face powwow. When the spouses met, Alyssa demanded Cinjun tell her what would make him stay in Los Angeles with her.
     He considered his response overnight - and the next day is when he asked her if she believed in their marriage or not. "When Alyssa refused to say yes or no, he handed her the keys to his leased car and his credit cards - which she took care of - and told her, 'I want a legal separation.' Then he left."
     An insider told The ENQUIRER, "Cinjun truly loves Alyssa but she's too self-centered. He has to give up his entire career - even his personality - to cope with her ego. Cinjun put up with Alyssa's bossy ways for 11 months, but he's done with her."
     Friends fear there's no hope of renciliation, even though there has been no discussion of divorce - yet.
     When contacted by an ENQUIRER reporter, Alyssa would only say, "No comment."


The flowers didn't work because she knew he most likely charged them on HER credit card.

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