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The McPhee Family

McPhee Family

This information is from McGill records and was transcribed from handwritten text by Frederick Eugene Bonjour.

Allan McPhee (1810/11-1892)

Allan McPhee was born 1810/11 at Lot 21, near Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island, a son of Allan McPhee and ? McLeod, both born in Scotland. (They may have been among the 800 settlers from Shye & the Uists brought to P.E.I. in 1803 by Lord Selkirk). Allan Jr. became a surveyor and also a farmer on that lot. He married Flora Sutherland, born 1823 (1829 by "County of LAmbton" book) and they had ten children, all born in P.E.I. (See letter of Nov/84 from Rev. Floyd McPhee, re: 1861 & 1881 Census, etc.). Allan died in 1892 & Flora in 1909, both buried in Oil City Cem., 1 mile north of Oil City on Highway 21 in Enniskillen Twp.

Info from Mrs. Robert McPhee, Twilight Haven, Petrolia.

The McPhee family moved from P.E.I. to Ontario in 1874. The father, Allan, taught land surveying & navigation in P.E.I. & also for a time in Kitchener, Ontario. Then the family moved to a farm in Lambton county near Camlachie. It was the west side of the sixth line of Plympton Twp. at Viner's Corners.

Later Allan & Flora retired & lived with their son George on Lot 5, Conc. 6, Enniskillen Twp. Allan died in 1892 and was buried in Oil City Cemetery on Highway 21. The next year when his son Daniel died in Dakota, (died from being kicked by a horse), his remains were brought back to Ontario & buried beside his father. Daniel's widow re-married & is buried in Oil Springs Cem. George's sisters - Christina, Barbara, & Mary lived with him until they were married.

Anna said the McPhees were Highland Scotch & Allan changed their name from MacPhee. The mother Flora persuaded her family to leave P.E.I. because her sons were fishing sometimes & taking fish to Boston & she thought it was too dangerous

Info from Grant McPhee, born 1891

All the McPhee brothers & Jessie & Anna Bella went to Dakota but returned to Ontario.

George McGill, born 1860, second son of John & Jane McGill, bought land just east of his parents farm in 1883. At the Land Registry Office, Instrument #5431 dated March 10, 1883 is an agreement whereby George McGill is to pay $2000 to Canada Land Company for E 1/2 of N 1/2 of Lot 11, Concession 2, Ekfrid and to perform all the Covenants in a lease made by John McGill. On February 25, 1901 George bought W 1/2 of N 1/2 of the same lot.

In 1892 George McGill married Mary McPhee of Enniskillen Twp. Lambton County. She was the youngest of ten children of Allan & Flora McPhee, all born in Prince Edward Island. Allan McPhee taught Land surveying and navigation there but moved his family to Plympton Twp., Lambton County, Ontario in 1874.

McGill Family

Fred Bonjour

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