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Picture of LignieresCoat of Arms

The Villiage of Lignieres, Canton of Neuchatel, Switzerland, the ancesteral home of many BONJOUR families in the USA, and many JUNOD families as well. Most of the JUNOD come from Nicolas Andre Junod, be sure and visit his Junod of Lignières Home Page. (Lignieres history), (More pictures)

The BONJOUR's of Switzerland come from the following towns.
Les nims de famille suisses, Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz, I nomi famigilia svizzeri. (The Surname Book of Switzerland / Swiss Family Surname Book) published by the Swiss Society of Genealogical Research 1940.
This is available on microfiche #605307 from your local Family History Center (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)

The BONJOUR and JUNOD families of Lignieres Switzerland are very close. Nick Junod, who has been a big help to me in making contacts in Switzerland, maintains Genealogy pages for the Junod family. Be sure to check these pages out.

Fred Bonjour
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