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This is a photo gallery with some MoDo profiles throughout the years. Click on the links to see the picture, which will appear in a new window.

04-05 pictures! As most pictures below are pretty old, you can check out pictures from the 04-05 season in my Yahoo group (free account needed).

The Sedin Twins
Daniel Sedin celebrates a goal
Henrik Sedin celebrates too
Daniel Sedin laying on the ice
Daniel Sedin in the special EHL uniform
Daniel playing for Team Sweden
Daniel's first goal for Team Sweden
Great photo of Henrik with MoDo
Closeup b/w shot of Henrik
Both guys posing for the camera
Henrik and Daniel in the MoDo uniform
Mattias Weinhandl (left) and Daniel Sedin celebrating
Celebrating a goal together
One of the Twins just scored
Posing in MoDo jerseys before the draft
Daniel and Henrik showing their Canucks jerseys
Posing during the draft
Signed card by Daniel Sedin
Signed card by Henrik Sedin
The twins after an exhibition game against MoDo
Markus Naslund and the twins together
The twins during their first Canucks practice
Another pic from the first practice
Yet another pic from their first practice with Vancouver
Henrik (left) and Daniel playing against Montreal
Daniel stick checks a Minnesota Wild player
Current MoDo players
Mattias Weinhandl and Francois Bouchard celebrating a goal in the EHL
Mattias Weinhandl in action
Mattias Weinhandl celebrating a goal
Goalie Tobias Lundström (signed pic)
Defenseman Jan-Axel Alavaara in action
Mikael Pettersson (19) is happy!
Tough guy Magnus Wernblom in action
Another pic of Magnus Wernblom
Magnus Wernblom wearing a special yellow "scoring-leader helmet"
Magnus Wernblom fighting with Ulf Samuelsson
Magnus Wernblom falling over a goalie
Signed photo of Magnus Wernblom
Anders Söderberg scores
Anders Söderberg again
Defenseman Lars Jansson, back after a season in Germany
Tommy Pettersson, linemate of Wernblom and Påhlsson
Tommy Pettersson celebrates with his team
Big defenseman Andreas Pihl in action
The goalies Peter Hirsch and Tobias Lundström
Slovakian center Robert Petrovicky during his first game for MoDo
Current NHL'ers
Signed pic of Peter Forsberg in the MoDo jersey
Peter Forsberg playing for Colorado
Markus Näslund of the Vancouver Canucks
Peter Forsberg and Markus Näslund during an exhibition game
Niklas Sundström of the Sharks, here in the NY Rangers uniform
Anders Eriksson, now with the Blackhawks, here playing for the Red Wings
Frantisek Kaberle, Czech defenseman who played for MoDo, now in LA Kings
Signed card by Frantisek Kaberle (Czech Republic uniform)
Frantisek Kaberle playing for Long Beach Ice Dogs (IHL)
Former captain Per Svartvadet, now with the Atlanta Thrashers
Per Svartvadet (39) in action with the Atlanta Thrashers
Signed card by Per Svartvadet
Hans Jonsson after scoring a goal for the Pittsburgh Penguins
Hans Jonsson battling with John LeClair
Signed card by Samuel Påhlsson
Samuel Påhlsson skating around
Samuel Påhlsson trying to break loose
Samuel Påhlsson hitting an opponent into the boards
Other former MoDo players
Goalie Petter Rönnqvist, now playing for HC Lugano
Petter lost his mask
Older pic of Petter taking a break
Czech forward Jan Alinc
Czech Tomas Kapusta, didn't get to play much though
Francois Bouchard, now in Djurgården
Francois Bouchard (right) during an EHL game
Defenseman Marcus Karlsson, now in Timrå
Conny Strömberg, forward with spectacular penalty shots
Finnish goalie Marko Leinonen, now in Italy
Goalie Fredrik Andersson, here playing for Timrå
Pictures from the game MoDo-Vancouver
Heavy traffic in front of Tobias Lundström
Vancouver celebrates a goal
Team captains Markus Näslund and Jesper Duus
One of the Sedin twins and Mikael Pettersson
Good scoring chance for Vancouver
Picture from the stands behind Vancouver's net
Daniel Sedin robbed by former teammate Tobias Lundström
Older pictures
MoDo scores during the last game of the finals 1979
Leif Carlsson jumping and Assar Lundgren (13) looking for his teammates
MoDo celebrate a goal during the same final game
Captain Roger Lindström raises the Cup 1979
Roger Lindström and Per Lundqvist with the Cup
Kabben Berglund, legendary player of the 40's and 50's
Nicke Johansson, MoDo's leading star of the 60's
Anders Hedberg, former MoDo and NHL star
Anders Hedberg with the Winnipeg Jets, and Per "Iron Man" Lundqvist
Per "Iron Man" Lundqvist, one of the stars of the 70's and 80's
Robert Frestadius in action while Jan Eriksson (14) is watching
Robert Frestadius with most games played for MoDo, and goalie Tomas Byberg
Tomas Byberg, good goalie of the early 80's
Tomas Byberg again, looking happy with a teammate
Goalie Hardy Åström, played in the NHL and for MoDo in the 80's
Canadian goalie Ben Perreault, played for MoDo in 81-82
Goalie Anders Bergman, played for Team Sweden too
Ulf Sandström, Rookie of the Year 1987
Lennart Hermansson, popular forward, pic from his rookie season 82/83
The new jersey for the 2000-01 season
Team picture 1976-77
Team picture 1977-78
Team picture 1978-79 (Swedish Champions)
Team picture 1979-80
Team picture 1981-82 (sitting on an Air Force plane)
Team picture 1982-83
Team picture 1985-86
Team picture 1990-91
Team picture 1995-96
Team picture 1998-99
Team picture 1999-00
Team picture 1999-00 (wearing the EHL uniforms)
Giant version of Peter Forsberg's jersey hanging in the ceiling
The Zamboni at work
Hockey humor - No goals allowed!
Cool painting, check it out!
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