Computer Graphics
Planetside - The homepage of Terragen
Terrasource - A huge listing of many Terragen recources
Pandromeda - The homepage for Mojoworld
Fractint - A powerful fractal generator
Manpwin - A 24bit color fractal generator
Tierazon - A powerful, artistic fractal generator for windows
Blender - Powerful, but difficult to learn, 3D modeller/renderer
OpenFX - Free, with NURBS support modeller/renderer
Anim8or - Free 3d modeller. Its basic, but easy to learn. Good for beginners
The GIMP - A free, open source image editor. Who needs Photoshop?
Bink - A free video compiler/compressor. Many Terragrn vidoes [including mine] are made using Bink
Halo Program - Renders ice-crystal halos.

Personal Favorites
Mechadrake - Megaman X, writing, and all kinds of fun stuff. - NickD's weblog. I do not know him, but I check the site every day. Why? I don't know
WinAmp - Another satisfied user
Space Ghost - I'm going to get every one on tape! I will! - This is the place to be if you spend more school time with your TI than your friends
Blueman Group - If you haven't seen their show, go see it now
XiRCON - Why should I have to pay for an IRC client?
Google - Accept no substitutes
Limewire - Gnutella was always better than Napster anyway. And Limewire has a nifty UI design
Nearworlds - Such talent for art . . .just go look!
Hammerhead - Free rhythm machine
Battlebots - The best. None can match it

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