05 August 2002


Dear Catherine James


I was disappointed to note from your reply to my letter of 1st August that you are unable to agree to a meeting with me.


Adverting to the options you suggest, please be advised as follows:


Re 1


Apostle Kriel denies that he was with a woman in an hotel room on 26th April and is not, therefore, prepared to resign.


Re 2


If we are furnished with positive proof that Mrs Alfred was, in fact, in the hotel room as you say, the Church will conduct an internal disciplinary hearing and you may rest assured that after all the evidence placed before the hearing has been considered an appropriate decision will be made and you will be advised of it.


In principle, the Church is prepared to reimburse you for reasonable expenses you may have incurred directly in the course of your investigations but you will understand that we cannot agree, as it were, to sign a blank cheque. Kindly, therefore, let me have details of each item of expense you have incurred (you need not, at this stage, indicate the identity of any party you my have employed but the nature of the service must be indicated) and if it appears to us that the amounts you have had to disburse are reasonable, we will agree to reimburse you at the conclusion of the hearing. You will also have to provide us with witnesses who can provide the hearing with factual evidence to support your allegations against Apostle Kriel.


You will, of course, understand that Apostle Kriel will have the right to test any evidence to be led at a hearing and as a person is obviously innocent until proved otherwise, it will be necessary for the hearing to be satisfied that he is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. I mention these aspects so that you will understand why I must ask you to agree to furnish us with oral evidence.


I await hearing from you.


Kind regards,


Johan Bucchianeri



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