Multidimensional Reality

Multidimensional Reality: UFO's And Aliens
by Branton

Although scientific discoveries have proven that there is one overall 'reality' consisting of the full electromagnetic spectrum, there are many suggestions that there are 'facets' of this immense electromagnetic reality which are as yet unknown to us and which are erroneously referred to as 'other' dimensions. This is not necessarily the case, as there is evidence that what some see as other dimensions are actually various different facets of the ONE multi-faceted superdimension we call 'reality'. For instance, it is theoretically possible that another 'world' may exist on the other 'side' of the electromagnetic reality in which we live, an anti-matter world or realm or possibly a world invisible to us yet no less 'solid' existing on the opposite or reverse electromagnetic 'polarity' from our own. Scientists have mathematically proven that anti-matter does exist. Many writers have theorized about the existence of an 'alternate' world where the flow of time might be different from that as we know it. One such author was C. S. Lewis. There have been many accounts however which suggest that people have vanished into or appeared from such a region. Based on the suppositions, both fictional and para-scientific, the one electromagnetic reality might consist of three major facets. 1) The world of the 'Living' in which we find ourselves, 2) the world of the 'Dead' or the spirit realm as it in known among many religions and which may consist of electromagnetic energy itself, 3) and possibly although uncertainly a 'para-physical' realm invisible to us though no less solid, which might exist in an opposite polarity of the electromagnetic reality-spectrum in which we find ourselves, and which may be inhabited by entities who have somehow found their way there from the other two realms, and which might be referred to as the land of the 'Living-Dead' since it seems from both fictional and theoretical accounts that it is a realm where physical and supernatural flow together, a possible realm of intense conflict between good and evil.


Much has been written about so-called multiple dimensions and realities. Some of the theories surrounding this subject may be half-true, but not always entirely accurate. The fact is, there are many 'dimensions' yet only one 'reality'.

Let us use this example: A plant usually contains a main or central 'stem' yet many 'branches' which shoot forth from the main stem. If one branch could look toward the other side of the plant and see another 'branch', it might get the idea that it is part of an entirely different 'world' than it's own when in fact it is one with the other 'branch' by way of the main 'stem'.

In the same analogy, there is apparently only one overall 'electromagnetic reality', yet numerous FACETS of that one electromagnetic spectrum.

The human mind and body was created in such a way as to be enabled to perceive elements of all major 'dimensions' at once, or rather small portions of all dimensions at once. Humans as a result 'dwell' in the realm where all 'dimensions' converge, or in the convergence of the entire electromagnetic superspectrum, thus in a sense humans are 'multi-dimensional' beings, so to speak.

The human nervous system is in essence a type of biological 'transceiver' which is capable of perceiving these interlocking 'dimensions' and can receive and send information and impressions [The spoken word being one method], yet sociologists admit that 'words' make up only about 20 percent of the 'communications' which takes place between human beings. Enormous amounts of 'communication' can be exchanged through attitudes, tone, the eyes, body 'language', feelings, touch and so on.

Since mankind was created to perceive all dimensions simultaneously in a balanced and unified way, they have the power to 'focus' or 'tune-in' on one particular aspect, facet or spectrum of reality over all others. The danger in this is that the more one focuses on one facet-dimension of reality the less he or she is able to perceive-discern the others. In other words the more 'room' that one makes in their perceptions for a particular facet of reality, the less 'room' there will be to develop and maintain perceptions of the other aspects of reality. This is why it is good to have a 'balanced' perception.

One good example of this would be those who are born blind (being deprived of perceiving the dimension of light) and as a result are usually highly developed in the hearing/sound/touch senses, which attempt to make-up for the lack of sight perception. Most blind people, nevertheless, would probably rather have their eyesight if given the chance, since they are nevertheless being deprived of fully perceiving and enjoying one facet-dimension of reality.

Being multi-dimensional beings, we possess specific sensory organs which allow us to perceive different 'dimensions' or facets of reality. For instance here are some distinct 'dimensions' which are part of the one electromagnetic reality- spectrum, as described by researcher John A. Keel: LIGHT-COLOR DIMENSION (Infrared-heat, Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Violet, Ultraviolet); LOWER ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM-DIMENSION (Kilocycles, Megacycles, Electricity, Audio spectrum, VLF Radio, LF Radio, High Frequency Radio); MIDDLE ELECTROMAGNETIC DIMENSION (Kilometers, Microwaves, Super-heat, Very-High-Frequency Radio, Ultra-High-Frequency Radio); UPPER ELECTROMAGNETIC DIMENSION (X- Rays, Gamma Rays, Cosmic Rays); AUDIO-SOUND DIMENSION (Infrasonic, Bass, Treble, Ultrasonic, Very-Low Frequency or VLF); SUPERSPECTRUM DIMENSION (Gravity waves and fields, Magnetic fields, Black Streams, Thought-waves, Super Energies, etc.).

As one can see, this is a BASIC outline of the various 'dimensional frequencies' which make up the one electromagnetic reality, and all of these in turn break down into seemingly infinite and finer frequencies as in a Radio's AM-FM and other bands and even finer facets of these.

If it were possible for someone to enter and 'inhabit' one of these particular energy-dimensions via molecular energizing, then it would only be logical to assume that they would only have power to operate within that dimension. One can only operate and influence the 'world' in which they find themselves. If someone were capable of PHYSICALLY generating or 'phasing' themselves into the 'etheric' or non-physical dimension for instance then they must as a result give up the control and power which they formerly held to influence the physical-material dimension, other than perhaps influencing to some extent the spirit-etheric body of a human being. A non-solid entity usually would not possess the ability to lift physical objects unless they were at least 'partially' material. The accounts of 'poltergeists' would suggest the activity of entities, whether human, animal or angelic (usually infernal rather than paradisial) which have manifested in para-physical or partially-physical form whether through 'tapping off' from the bio-energies of a human being, an electrical or some other MATERIAL or semi-material energy source.

There is evidence that the malevolent entities commonly known as the 'Greys' have (to mankind's detriment) succeeded in 'phase-shifting' between various different electromagnetic levels of energy and have been able to cause extreme harm to those who are spiritually weak and vulnerable, whether such a process is initiated through occult-tech or through mentally 're-directing' electromagnetic currents through their physical bodies to produce such an effect. This may explain why some 'phantasms' which seemingly appear and disappear have been described as appearing similar to the saurian grey entities, and have been mistaken for 'demons' (although some would nevertheless argue that they ARE demonic in character if not in nature). Such corrupted abilities on the part of these 'aliens' might explain why some people involved in investigating such creatures and their activities have gone insane, committed suicide, or literally died of fright, etc. at the hands of such infernal entities even through they were attacked from the 'etheric' dimension. Of course in such a state they could cause little if any PHYSICAL harm to a human being, however the psychic and spiritual oppression directed at the psyche or spiritual nature of a human being might drive a person to 'lose their minds' and engage in self-destructive behavior. Also, their 'alien craft' have often been observed 'materializing' into or out of the deeper electromagnetic 'levels', wherein the demoniacal entities of ancient tradition are believed to dwell, suggesting that these draconians (serpent race and the fallen angels) work collectively in some type of 'Grand Conspiracy' or planned takeover of human society which involves intense activity within these 'supernatural' dimensions.

If and when humanity ever gets the 'upper hand' in a physical sense against such malevolents, it may largely be due to the fact that the human race has control of the 'confluence' or the 'space' where the various 'dimensions' converge, whereas the malevolents must still operate in the various time-space-energy 'levels' which they now control. Otherwise, the malevolents would control the SURFACE of this planet and all human life would either be eliminated or brought under their absolute control.

The various sources which have led some to believe that we must give up our hold of our 'multi-dimensional' existence in favor of a '4th dimensional' existence ENTIRELY, "to make way for a New Age One World Order", is most likely an alien propaganda strategy designed to deceive mankind into leaving their multi-dimensional realm. They do this by promoting involvement in, and especially the darker sides of, the occult, witchcraft, occult-tech and the supernatural, which in turn leads to an UNBALANCED preoccupation with other 'dimensions' at the expense of the balanced, multi-dimensional or '3rd dimensional' existence. And within the various 'dimensions' into which the 'Draconians' would lure us and trap us, THEY are the masters. They are, at least at this point in 'time' when these words are written, the ages-old masters of the occult realm or the electromagnetic aerial realms penetrating this plane, and therefore those who would attempt to enter into the 'occult' dimensions they control through the occult 'arts', etc. (which these 'aliens' admit they have controlled and manipulated for centuries) will simply put themselves under their absolute control. And the Saurian Greys are allegedly so cunning and deceiving that one can be under their absolute control and not even be aware of it, via their ability to control minds and suppress memories via occult-tech, even from a distance.

The Greys, like all 'Saurians', have a physical body-brain and a 'spirit-essence' which dissipates when their physical existence is terminated. They have no eternal soul 'matrix', but nevertheless are able to manipulate certain other-dimensional frequencies while they physically exist.

Humans are naturally superior to the Reptilians (which can only gain dominion over man when man via willingness, deception or manipulation surrenders their natural authority over these creatures and all nature). The reason for this is that humans possess THREE bodies, infused with each other which are able to operate simultaneously in the 3 MAJOR or BASIC levels of reality: Spiritual, Soulish and Physical. The Spirit-Etheric 'body', the Mental-Thought body (or soul); and the physical-Touch body, are all distinct yet inner-twined with each other and superimposed upon or within each other. Therefore man is able to experience the third (or three) major 'dimensions' of reality and the various seemingly endless subtleties or facet-dimensions of these three 'worlds', as each of these 'bodies' can themselves be sub-divided into numerous operational facets capable of perceiving-experiencing the various electromagnetic energies mentioned above. As it is written, man 'is fearfully and wonderfully made!' These various facets of the human bio-system 'flow together' in the human bloodstream, or the bio-plasmic body as some have referred to it, which contains the human 'life- essence'.

Man was born a part-spiritual being, which is evidenced by the various senses or perceptions which operate from this 'etherial' part of man: sight, emotion, touch, thought, etc., all of whose operations cannot be entirely 'explained' in 'physical' terms. Since the human blood or life-stream contains BOTH physical and spiritual characteristics, this would explain why the life-blood of a human being plays such an important part in not only Christian thought, but also in satanic cults and rituals. Avowed satanists fully realize the power resident in human blood, and so do the draconians themselves. The reptilians are 'energized' to some extent by stealing and robbing human souls of their very life-essence, and to some extent these predators are vampirial and anti-life in character. Any human being with a beating heart is fully alive in the eyes of our Creator, and to steal someone's life-essence which the Creator has given them as an invaluable gift is one of the most heinous crimes that could possibly exist.

The above explanation of dimensional convergences would also explain why some people are able to discern objects, such as cloaked aerial craft, which lie behind the normal limited range of human vision while others nearby are not able to perceive such objects. In modern times a good percentage of UFO craft are concealed through an electromagnetic 'cloaking' system, but certain 'sensitive' humans as well as certain fine-tuned equipment may be able to detect such craft. However, as we've indicated, someone who strives to be 'sensitive' or focus entirely on any particular 'frequency' of the electromagnetic- etheric superdimension will suffer by becoming 'blind-sighted' to other aspects of reality into which they are not 'focused', and may be far more susceptible to draconian mind manipulation due to reasons that we have mentioned earlier.

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