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BG DISTRANS 03.11.02

CCG Links

Last Unicorn Games - Creator and publisher of the Dune CCG. - This newsgroup is used to post discussions about Dune CCG. 

Seitch Community - A place I created that offers a message board and chat room functions for fans of the game. Need to have a Yahoo profile to join. Everything is free.

CCG Fan Pages

House Soubakh Chuhada - An actual member of the Landsraad Council. Lots of great info, strategies and current card descriptions. Definitely worth a look. Excellent site. 

Darryl's Playtesting Collection - Fellow Dune playtester. Compiled a list of the cards from his material. Has a nice game walkthru too covering card concepts.

House Muffshag's Dune EOTS trade list - Trading Post for your Dune cards. 

Dune Gurps Castellano - Fan page in Madrid, Spain. Very informative, but it's only in Espanol. Created by Jose Fernandez. 

Merric's Dune EOTS page - Gives personal impressions on the game, includes a deck building strategy guide.

Dune FAN Pages

IMDb Entry on Dune - The Internet Movie Database's entry on the film.

Dune, Music Group - A techno/dance band who formed a group because of their interest in the books.

Dune CCG Online Retailers

Chapterhouse Times - Site run by Universal Cards named after this site. Mostly JOTC stuff left.

Firebreather - EOTS, JOTC boxes.

J&B Cards - JOTC Starters.

All-Star Trading Cards - Dune booster boxes.

RC Hobbies -  Mostly Dune singles, no starters/boosters.

CCG Businesses - Yahoo's listing of its CCG Company entries.

ebay - Current listings of Dune CCG auctions running on the popular auction site.

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