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Judge of the Change
BG DISTRANS 10.08.99
"As Planetologist and Judge of the Change, I am a direct subject of the Imperium my Lord." 
                Dr. Liet Kynes
The Spice Miner's Guild (1/3)
New Elements

Part 1 of 3 of the Judge of the Change expansion for Dune was finally released late April and brought with it a few new elements to the game. 

Among the new elements: 

  • The Spice Miner's Guild
  • Decree Card Type which are Imperial type cards
  • New Charters
  • The Great Flat, a new Dune Fief
  • Events with Allegiances
  • A new rule book
This 61 card set is only part 1 of a 3 part expansion release. Expect part two a month after this release, and the final part a month after that. 

This is a release schedule Last Unicorn and Five Rings have decided to go with for all the expansions to come. 

The Spice Miner's Guild

A new Imperial Power has been added to the game and two more will be added with each release of this expansion. 

These are the spice miners represented by Director Omri B'rrican, an Ally which can be found in the set. They represent the threat of stopping all spice production if they feel it could improve their situation. 

The Spice Miners are adversarial with the Water Sellers Union (which won't be released until next month). 

Display Box

It seems LUG changed their display box as stome point before releasing the expansion. It was originally going to look like this. Even the Judge of the Change card uses this art for game play. But instead they went with the creepy-looking guy image you see in the upper left corner of this page. 

Card List

I have assembled a card list for this part of the release available in Excel and Text formats. You can find it in the files section on the main page. It might seem the list is not in any order, but they are seperated by Imperial and House cards. Since there is only 61 cards in this release, the list is little bare and that will cause it to seem disorderly. 


Decrees are resource cards which the rulebook describes as "enhancements granted you by a Great House. Because they are granted by Great Houses, they are Imperial cards and often bear allegiance." 

Decrees can be assigned to personas, homeworlds or charters and enhance the existence of target card. 

The Judge of the Change card is an example of a decree type card. In the example of this card, if assigned to a target vassal you govern, engage the assigned target and discard Judge of the Change to immediately subdue Dune. 


The Dune, Siridar Fief card was printed with an extra battle icon with no value assigned to it. Thanks to Gary Trobaugh.

Imperials Given a Little Boost

Due to popular demand, LUG has begun stocking Imperials in the boosters. They're not just for starters anymore. 

The Water Sellers Union (2/3)

Release date: June 1, 1998 
Card list, soon to come. 

Part 2 of 3 in the newly released expansion. 

Elements this set introduces: 


The cardlist is available in Excel and Text formats. 

I have incorporated this part of the expansion in with the first part but have marked each entry with a 2 to signify that it was released with part 2 of this expansion. 

Dune Smugglers (3/3)

Release date: July 6, 1998 


The cardlist for all three chapters of this expansion is available in Excel and Text formats. 


False Wall South are the Smuggler's deep desert hideout. The title insinuates they don't want to be found. Their adversary is the Guild to keep their business transactions and black-market cargo a secret from the ever-prescient Guild Navigators which is why they have setup base right on the planet Dune. 

Prominant Characters

Tuek makes an appearance in this release as an Ally. An important character in the books and an excellent smuggler.

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