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BG DISTRANS 10.08.01

Information on Dune: Judge of the Change (3 monthly installments) 
First Expansion Set
Rolling Thunder Arc Series

"First light glints wanly off the dull metal of the newly arrived House frigates. A drum corps pounds a cheerful cadence as the new governer and his family emerge to regard Arrakis in the morning light. By mid-day the fanfare reaches its crescendo, the vigor of its celebrations rivaling the dizzying heat of the merciless Arrakeen sun. It is an historic moment on Arrakis, the time of the new regime. . . a time of change and a time for judgment." 

  • Fully released
  • Release Date:  Summer 1998

Information on Dune: Stormfront
Second Edition of EOTS

This is not an expansion. It is merely a reprint of the first Dune cards to be released. It includes, "Nearly 60 new pieces of artwork, clarified card wordings, and updated rules." 

  • 301 card set
  • Release Date:  1998

Information on Dune: Thunder at Twilight (3 monthly installments) 
Second Expansion Set
Rolling Thunder Arc Series

"The hot afternoon sun in decline beyond the Shield Wall, dust from the fanfare settles into the desert twilight. The last of the Arrakeen water 
merchants can be heard crying "Soo soo suk!" just as the static-crackle of dry thunder peals in the distance, confiding the passage of a nearby 
storm. It is an hour of forboding, a time for vigilance. Who can predict when the muted din of thunder will be replaced by the battering rapport of 
sudden gunfire?" 

  • 180 card set.
  • TAT's setting occurs when House Ateides fell and wasn't able to fight off the Harkonnen and Imperial forces invading the planet.
  • Fully Released

Information on Dune: Second Moon Rising (3 monthly installments) 
Third Expansion Set
Rolling Thunder Arc Series

"Into the chill desert night flee steams of refugees, given small kindness by the rising second moon as it affords its pale and shadowy light. 
Arrakeen burns, and all of Dune seems afire. A surprise assault has uprooted the former regime, casting its supporters into the dark chasm of 
exile. The hunting horns are winded, and the wardogs race to the scent. It is a night of peril and a time for awakening. The Sleeper must Awaken!" 

  • 180 card set.
  • SMR is in reference to Paul Atreides. He took his Fremen name, 'Muad-Dib' from what the Fremen referred to as a feature in Dune's second moon. Paul Muad'Dib rose to power in the Fremen tribes after the Harkonnen's took the planet from his family's rule.
  • Release Date: December -  CANCELLED

Information on Dune: Fall of the Padishah (3 monthly installments) 
Fourth Expansion Set
End of First Book

"Rumors are abound in the Imperium. Findings show annual spice production has fallen far short of quota. Detractors say the people of Arrakeen 
are fearful, perhaps on the verge of revolt. Voices whisper that a new prophet has emerged among the desert Fremen. And insiders confide that 
the Governor has been falsifying his reports to the Emperor. The Guild has issued an ultimatum, and the Emperor is outraged. It is the close of an 
epoch, an end to the reign of the Padishah emperors. Long live the Fighters!" 

  • 180 card set.
  • The setting of FOTP will occur when Paul Muad'Dib and his army of Fremen rightfully took back the planet Dune (and the universe) from the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV, exiling the Emperor to a prison planet.
  • Release Date:  CANCELLED

  • Information on Dune: War of Assassins
    Boxed Set
    Specific Story

    Not an expansion set in terms of a sequel. This release will be set in a specific Dune story. It is organized for two player games and will concentrate on teaching it to them while they play. 

    • Release scheduled End of 1998 CANCELLED
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