Chapterhouse News Archives '98
BG DISTRANS 12.30.98
FRPG disbands Landsraad Council

I received this letter as a part of my membership to the Dune Landsraad Council that FRPG ran:

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Dear Landsraad Council Member,

My name is Andrew Finch, and I am the new Brand Manager for the Dune CCG. With regret, I am writing to inform you that the Dune Landsraad Council fan club will no longer be supported by WOTC/FRPG. We have cancelled the program, and will not accept any new members.

Unfortunately, recent market conditions have forced WOTC to reprioritize it's support of the Dune CCG and auxiliary programs, such as the LC. My goal going forward will be to find new ways to build and support the Dune CCG, but unfortunately that focus will not include the LC fan club. 

Enclosed in this letter, you will find six Dune boosters. Please accept these boosters as a token of our appreciation for your support of the LC. 

Information from the letter regarding redeeming Dune spice points cut out.

Wizards of the Coast
Andrew J. Finch
Brand Manager, Dune
BG DISTRANS 12.28.98
All Quiet On the Western Front

I trust everyone had a pleasant holiday season.

I haven't updated in over a month so I'd thought I'd add some words to say, I don't have any new information to add. I haven't seen a message from the duneinfo listserv in weeks. Although I get confirmations that I've been added to the list, I haven't seen a single message. If anyone knows what's going on, let me know.


In Other News

Since not much is happening lately with the Dune game, I am forced fill space with local events out here at Chapterhouse on Wallach IX. 

Mother Superior Laurbella has ordered an planet-wide refit of all the trans displays as reports are coming in that the old units strain the eyes and cause a slight discoloration on the blue within blue ibad.

Amendments have been made to the Missionaria Protectiva that is in place on IX to exclude their local Mentat school. Apparently many of the acolytes aren't falling for the 'pink salamander commands all in its inifinite wisdom' thing. 

The shop that is selling the new Sisterhood Aba robes made from 100% rayilk, is having a sale. Get an additional 10% discount if you say a Reverened Mother sent you.
Happy Thanksgiving -BG DISTRANS 11.25.98
Dune Singles for Sale

Still looking for that Dune card from the original Eye of the Storm release? House Delphin has a few for sale at his Fedaykin site. You'll find Dune singles from the expansion sets as well.

Taking Leave of Absence for a Fortnight

I'll be gone for a couple weeks as I will be folding space to Florida, Terra Region to visit the parents in the midst of the holiday season. There probably won't be an update until mid-December when I can charter a heighliner back to Chapterhouse.
BG DISTRANS 11.25.98
Image of the Day

Most likely obtained from a Museum Fremen, but it may be an authentic tooth from Shai-Halud. Crysknife Image.
BG DISTRANS 11.20.98
Image of the Day

Take special note of the shape of the shadow. Image.
Luckiest of Days - BG DISTRANS 11.13.98
TAT3 Spoiler List

Darryl Veigel has updated his webpage with the spoiler list from the third release of the Thunder at Twilight expansion, which completes his compilation of card lists for the whole set released thus far.

The info was pulled from the playtesting material, so if you see anything that shouldn't be in there, give him a yell.

Also, Darryl was kind of enough to post the Last Unicorn's NetRep's Errata of cards, which I've hyperlinked on the menu as well as in this paragraph..
BG DISTRANS 11.06.98
TAT3 Released, Player's Impressions

Well they're crankin' out the expansion. One player has had a chance to pick up the new cards and gives his impressions as well as a spoiler list. Thanks Paul.
BG DISTRANS 11.03.98
Happy Birthday Dune

One year ago, October 31, 1997 a new ccg called Dune: Eye of the Storm was released to the masses. Since then the game has already released two expansions and seems to be gaining wide public support.

Congratulations on making it to a milestone that leaves most ccgs buried in the sand (usually the result of a spice blow).

FRPG Maintains Sanctioned Tournament List

Five Rings has revamped their webpage (better design, same lack of content) and has created a list of Dune tournaments sanctioned by FRPG. Mindy (Mouse) promises to keep the list current.
BG DISTRANS 10.29.98
NetRep Writing in Stone

Russell McKown, official Last Unicorn Games NetRrep and da' man clears up some of the playing issues for many of the Dune cards. The list is too long to post in the news section but you can access it by clicking where should I put about here.

LUG Website Finallly Gets Content

The Last Unicorn website is earning its keep. They've added a section of material to cover an introduction, objectives, setup, card basics and a quick start (hmmmm) for the card game. The page is far from done as there are some HTML issues. Currently, if you try  clicking on a Card Overview Card Type, it will load the description in a third (very narrow) frame that is non-scrolling.

You do get the option of choosing a page that supports frames or no frames. Currently, the no frames doesn't work. So I recommend choosing the frames option.

On a related note, the link on the FRPG website that leads to the LUG site is broken.

Doh II!

An an unrelated note that has nothing to do with anything, Intel is making Homer Simpson their spokesanime for the PII processor. They're going to replace his brain  with the processor chip, turning him into a college professor. See related story.
BG DISTRANS 10.28.98
Dune Deck Deathmatch, Deals Day of the Dead 

Dune tournament on Halloween in Lafayette, Indiana. MC is HouseDelphin.

Dune CCG Demo
 entered by [HouseDelphin]
Saturday October 31, 1998
11:30am - 1:30pm

A demo of the Dune CCG at Castle Comics and Cards in Lafayette IN - Free JOTC booster for all those that come. Contact me for more info.
[email protected]

Announcement was  also posted to the Calender section of the Dune CCG Club. If you're not a member of the club join here.

That enough hyperlinks for ya?
BG DISTRANS 10.22.98
Achtung German Dune Players

I received a plea in my email from a nice gent out in Berlin looking to find other retail stores that sell in the area. Apparently he bought out the store of its Dune cards but his CCG savvy demands he pick up more. To his dismay, he can not find anywhere else in Berlin, Dune is sold. 

Not being familiar with that area, in fact the whole continent it sits on, could someone please drop dear old Joachim Bergt an email and let him know of other Dune retailers in the area that may be able to satisfy his hunger (or thirst, depending on what state of matter  you view the game).

I'm sure he'd also appreciate hearing from eligible players local to the area.
BG DISTRANS 10.20.98
Dune Cardlists Gets a Webpage

Darryl Veigel has done an excellent job providing complete spoiler cardlists for all of the releases that are currently out. He's not a 100% certain about the cardlists, so he asks you let him know if you see a discrepancy, despite that it is very hard to find any way to contact him from the page. 

There is also a basic tutorial that holds your hand and walks you through the aspects of the game.

Log on to Darryl's Dune CCG website and check it out.
BG DISTRANS 10.20.98
Dune CCG Club Begins Planning

The Dune CCG club I have hanging on Yahoo's website is growing not only with members but new features are being added to accommodate the members.

The recent addition to the club is the calendar function not unlike the Events link I have here. Members are able to add their own scheduled event for the rest of the club to see. It could be anything you want to announce.

The main page is the message board where any member can  post. There's even a chat room to provide another forum for real-time discussion..

If you're interested in joining the club and you don't have a Yahoo ID, you can sign up here. (Everything is free).

If you have a Yahoo ID already and are interested, just go to the page and click join, listed in the upper right corner.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thunder at Twilight Month 2 Released? Oui.

Received this note from the other side of the pond. Thanks Sylvain:


A little hello from France, I can attest that I'm in possession of nearly all the cards of the 2nd chapter of TAT like many French players living in Paris or nearby. Cards are beautiful like the Atreides ones. The Harkonnens seem to get more powerful in battle and their new brigade ("Hellhounds") is pretty nice. It costs 4, has 3 power points in battle and 3 resistance points, you can also pay solaris to give them surprise talent.

BG DISTRANS 10.19.98

Thunder at Twilight, Available for Some Time

Many Dune players are reporting that the second release in the Thunder at Twilight expansion set is out and has been released for a couple of weeks now. There are also reports that Chessex Distribution lists the release cancelled.

Believe the former.

Encyclopedia Came, Went, Came Back

The Dune Encyclopedia that ws being auctioned off last week on ebay, sold for $20.50. A very good price for this publication (I paid $50 when I bought mine last year). Although the book may be slightly available in some areas, usually at small bookstores, it is still a hard find for the rest of the world.

Immediately after the end of last week's auction, another one went up on the block from a different seller. You can bid on the now out-of-print Dune Encyclopedia here. The bidding starts at $24.99. Auction ends 10/25. 
BG DISTRANS 10.15.98

Image of the Day

Third stage Guild Navigator hanging out.

Encyclopedia Salesman

The hard to find and out of print Dune Encyclopedia written by Dr. Willis E. McNelly which has the 'blessing' of Dune author Frank Herbert is on sale on ebay. The auction closes 10/17 and at the time of this writing, it's only going for $10! 

I own a copy of the publication it is worth much more than $10. Here is the link.

On the same auction website, there is a box of Eye of the Storm boosters starting at $39.95. Here is the link for that.

Dune Fan Wonders Down Under, Tournament Anyone?

From the man:

To any Dune players who live in Perth, Western Australia...

I am thinking of arranging a tournament, could you give me a show of hands (via email) as to whether or not you are interested in participating.

Sean Mackaay "Armatage"
[email protected]
BG DISTRANS 10.13.98
Petitioning Tithe Errated

From LUG's Official Dune NetRep, Russel McKown:

Straight from the gullet of Shaitan, The Great Maker, I his blind Prophet bring joyous news to many and tears of sadness to others.....

Petitioning Tithes HAS BEEN ERRATED!!!

Here is the new text for Petitioning Tithe:

***************************NEW CARD TEXT******************************
Duration Effect. Assign to the petition target. The victor must pay [X solaris of the final deployment cost] to you instead of the Imperial treasury. X equals the final deployment cost minus the listed deployment cost. Once deployed, no other house may deploy Petitioning Tithe.

What this means is now, PT only nets the deployer of PT the difference between the printed deployment cost and the actual deployment cost.

So no more massive solaris production.  Even when used on yourself, you will still pay the printed deployment cost.

The Collected Rulings File with Errata is due out very soon. I will have it up here as soon as it's released.
BG DISTRANS 10.09.98
You Say It's My Birthday

Well it's been 26 standard years since I put my mother through the worst pain in her life. And I'm thrilled to celebrate. Actually, after number 21, the rest don't really matter, unless you're into insurance rates and car rentals.

I didn't even realize what day it was until my Bene Gesserit Imprinting partner reminded me. Thanks Laurbella.

There probably won't be any updates until Monday. Have a good weekend.
BG DISTRANS 10.08.98
Wormsign Has Been Spotted

Daniel Stahl, webmaster of the Dune CCG online board Wormsign, has released the address and it is open for business. He also promises more features are in store for the page in the near future.


Demo and Tournament Announcement, Missouri

Dune demos beginning Nov 6 and a tournament on Nov 13 in the "Show Me State" Overland, Missouri will take place. The tournament will be held from 6p to 9p at Games & Crafts. Contact Bill Thomas for more information.
BG DISTRANS 10.06.98

Where Werebear?

Larry Barry retires his Dune CCG fan site this week after a long-running and successful standing. The site that used to be, serving partially as a mirror of this site and with additions from his own work is no more. It was a great site and served its purpose to support the online Dune CCG community and we wish Larry the best of luck in whatever he is planning to devote a portion of his life to next.
BG DISTRANS 10.05.98
10,000 Maniacs

Whoever was the lucky one to roll my counter over to 10k...thanks and thanks to everyone that can claim one of those hits that got this page to that big number. 

Guess it's time to rotate the tires now.

Roddy McDowall Dead, 70

Roddy McDowall the actor best known to sci-fi fans for portraying Cornelius in the Planet of the Apes series and the voice of the Mad Hatter in the animated Batman series, died Saturday from cancer.

"Beware the beast man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him, for he is the harbinger of death." -Cornelius, Planet of the Apes

You can read here for a more extensive bio on McDowall. His real name was Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowall.
BG DISTRANS 10.02.98
Dune Tournaments in Nova Scotia and Provo, Utah

Here are a couple of announcements regarding local Dune tournaments,

Pat Usherwood is holding a sanctioned tournament on October 25 at Falcon III in Halifax, Nova Scotia, O Canada

Lon Franson aka |:| (how do you pronounce that), will have a sanctioned Dune tournament on October 17 at Alliance Comics & Collectibles in Provo, Utah. It will be constructed deck, multi-player matches. Address is 275 North University Ave. Call 801.374.9058 for any information. Tournament starts at high noon, pardner.

I have updated the Events page to reflect the new additions.

Mumbler's Can't be Choosers

Want to know how to sanction a tournament with FRPG? Here is the info from FRPG coordinator, Mindy (Mouse) She recommends you tell her which game the tournament packet is for and also not to have your auctioneer leave the phone message.

Hey everybody!

Just a note to remind you that if you (or a store near you) wants a  tournament information packet, you request them by sending me an email message at [email protected] or by calling me at (425)254-2285 and giving me the following information:

Your name (or the store name) full postal address or fax number and (most important!) WHICH GAME you need a packet for

I have been getting a lot of requests for packets lately where the  person forgets to tell me which game they need info for, and it slows  down the process when I need to email  back and ask...

Please remember if you are leaving a phone message, to speak clearly and not so fast that I can't understand half of what is said.

BG DISTRANS 10.01.98
Picture of the Day

Here it is.

See Beast Rabban's nice smile? I'm sure they tried to make an evil grin but instead came out looking like Barney. And the Baron's face...he could be in modeling. They're trying to bring out the feminine side of Leto, and Feyd truly looks like a rock star. Or insane.

These action figures are actually for sale on an auction at ebay

Just had to share with you all.

The Chapterhouse Times Celebrates its first Anniversary

A year old! This site and more importantly the game it supports has been around for a year! The official release date of the game Eye of the Storm was actually 10.31.98, but I was gathering information long before that.

Thanks everyone for the support you've given over the last year. I'm curious to know if anyone reading this remembers when I started this page last year? Drop me a note.

Now on to more important things...

The Dune Smugglers are Coming, the Dune Smugglers are Coming

Time to warn the residents of historical Lexington, Kentucky. Dune tournaments will be featured at Sci-Fi Con (EarthGate) this year. Here's the incredibly detailed information submitted by the man, Russell McKown, Dune NetRep extraordinaire.

Con:            EarthGate
Date:           November 20,21 & 22 (weekend before Thanksgiving)
Location:       Continental Inn - Lexington, Kentucky
Event Coordinator:  Tom Barish - (423) - 482-2552
Reservations and Advanced Memberships:  1-800-423-9388
Memberships:  $30 (before 1 Oct 98);  $35 at the door
Special Latinum Package:  3 days/2 nights $130 & Each additional
membership $30 (Price includes Continental Breakfast Sat & Sun)

Currently scheduled items of interest:

As many Dune tournaments as I can get product for.
As many Dune demos as I have time for.

Richard Biggs - Master of Ceremonies - Dr. Steven Franklin (B5)
Carl Lundgren - Artist Guest of Honor
Lowell Cunningham - Father & Creator of Men in Black
Denise Crosby - Tasha Yar (Next Generation & Pet Cemetery)
Lighthawk - Musical guest

As many Dune tournaments as I can get product for.
As many Dune demos as I have time for.

So anyone who can make it, come join the fun.

BTW - Did I mention there would be Dune tournaments and demos??

Alternative Ways to Purchase Dune Cards

I know I'll get my jeep egged by retail store owners for posting this, but if you absolutely can not find any Dune cards in your town, I would recommend getting them online. Most places can ship to almost anywhere in the world and their prices are usually low enough to offset the cost of shipping.

But this still doesn't beat walking into your local hobby store and picking up a few boosters. This is just a way to provide the game to areas that can't get it by walking into a store.

So far, I have three sites that I know sell Dune cards. If you know of any others, please e-mail me so I can add it. 

The sites are also listed in the Links section.
RC Hobbies
J&B Cards
Potomac Games
All-Star Trading Cards

What's up with Beanie Babies and why are Card shops selling them?
BG DISTRANS 09.30.98
Toledo or Bust

I just uploaded Rich Smith's enthusiastic review of the tournament at the Game Room in Toledo, Ohio this past Sunday.

Excitement was in the air!

Nothing In Their Sleeves

Thunder at Twilight was released minus one card originally slated for production. Here is the explanation for the missing card which Russell McKown, Dune NetRep was kind enough to find out for us,

Mr Bolme, Product Manager for FRPG, responded to the question about there only being 59 cards in the Thunder at Twilight Episode 1 set with:

"Some artwork was not received by the time we had to go to press with the cards, so we unfortunately had to cut some cards from the set to meet our release date."

It is clear Bolme is speaking in plural terms. It is unknown how many more cards will be dropped from the rest of the TAT release.
BG DISTRANS 09.28.98
Thunder at Twilight Not Striking at many Retailers

It has been reported that players are being told by their local Dune retailers that the lastest addition to the Dune expansion set, Thunder at Twilight has been cancelled. At least that is what the retailers are being told by their distributor, Chessex/Armory Distribution.

TAT is definitely out. The fact that a major distributor is telling its retailers that it is cancelled, may make the product difficult to come across.

Gambit Games a Hotspot for Dune Tounaments

Here is the next scheduled tournament info sent in by T. Harms. Gambit Games is in Bend, Oregon.

The next scheduled Dune tournament will occur on Sunday, October 18.  It will be a constructed-deck match.  Please contact Gambit Games, (541) 330-8196, for preregistration.

The results for an August 30 as well as this tournament information is available in the Events section. Congratulations to Bruce Williams for taking first with his Sisterhood Deck and a card called Lady Jessica.
BG DISTRANS 09.18.98

Cardlist is Official

The Thunder at Twilight cardlist resident at is said to be official, handed down by Shai-Hulud himself.

Thanks Steven J Baumrucker (Waku) for posting the list.
BG DISTRANS 09.16.98
Cardlists for Thunder at Twilight

A couple of places have come to my attention as having unofficial copies of the cardlist for the newest Dune CCG release, TAT Chapter 1.

Darryl Veigel maintains a cardlist assembled from his playtesting material at

Waku has a version of the cardlist of unknown origin at

I will assemble a cardlist in the traditional format I have provided in the past as soon as I receive my TAT cards.

Box of Boosters Hard to Come By

To correct a statment made last week about boosters not showing up in retial stores. The problem seems to be that some retail stores are receiving starters and boosters mixed in the same display box and that players are unable to buy a box of only booster packs. 

Last Unicorn is aware of the situation and is investigating. 
BG DISTRANS 09.10.98
Dune Gathering in St. Louis

The "Gateway to the West" will have a Dune get together known as Archon 22 on Oct 2-4. 

There will be five rings reps there as well as dune demos and possibly tournaments. If anyone needs info, have them send me an e-mail.

Your friendly contact for this event is Bill Thomas. I have updated the Events link with the info.

Dune 2000 - Mostly Command & Conquer

I ran out and got a copy of the Westwood strategy based game, Dune 2000. I didn't even crack open the booklet and just started playing. Amazingly, I knew how to play the game right off. Is the software designed to be user-friendly? Maybe. But I was using what I knew about Westwood's older title, Command & Conquer. Dune 2k uses all the same interfaces, macros, select, drag and click methods as C&C.

The game is just C&C set in the Dune universe. Harvesters are even still called Harvesters (rightfully so for Dune).

A few things did impress me. Their knowledge of the Dune storyline is somewhat accurate. A few of the names have been changed (to protect the innocent?). For example, House Harkonnen's Master of Assasins is a Mentat Ghola named Hayt DeVries.  The Padishah Emperor is Frederick IV.  Not entirely accurate, but close.

Sandworms will come up and eat your equpiment. You even have spotters watching for wormsign. You can see a lump in the sand giving off static electricity.

The cinematics of the movie clips for the intro and in between missions are very impressive. I've never seen an ornithopter in action until this game. 

I'll end there on the critique so I don't turn the Chapterhouse Times into a Dune2k website. I just bought it because it was Dune. I'll buy anything Dune.

Here's an image from the startup screen.
BG DISTRANS 09.08.98
Thunder At Twilight Strikes

I am in the middle of moving from one apartment to another and as a result, I do not have phone access thus no internet access. So I must apologize for failing to bring you the up-to-date news in the Dune universe which is supposed to be the premise of the Chapterhouse Times. Better late than never. 

Thunder at Twilight, Dune's second expansion set has been spotted in retail stores. There have been reports that only starter decks have been shipped without any boosters. Last Unicorn is investigating. 

Darryl Veigel is a fellow playtester for this release and has posted a cardlist.

LUG Dune NetRep Passes the Torch

Matthew Coleville, Last Unicorn's primary Net Representative for the Dune CCG has stepped down and handed the title to playtester, Russell McKown. 

I am officially stepping down as Dune NetRep and moving on to other Dune-related responsabilities.  I leave you in the capable hands of Russell McKown who, among other things, has been a playtester for quite some time.

I want to let everyone on this list know that I truly *enjoyed* being NetRep.  Getting the opportunity to help everyone understand the game better (including myself) was a very rewarding experience. Hopefully I'll still get the opportunity to meet you all at conventions and talk Dune.

Russell is supremely competant and vigilant.  He and Last Unicorn will be working closely together to answer your questions in an accurate and timely manner.  Russell's a pretty good guy, too. . .I think you'll like him.

So!  Thunder At Twilight is out!  You must all have a considerable amount of questions. Russell, you're on!

"Bi-lal Kaifa"

Good luck Matthew in your new ventures. It's good you got out before going completely gray and all I can say to Russell is good luck! 


On a semi-related note, the Collected Rulings File that Matthew (used to) maintain is being rewritten and may be available at a different site. I will have the Rules and Errata links pointing to the new site when it is available. 

Wormsign! Hard to Spot

Daniel Stahl, Webmaster of the popular Dune bulletin board Wormsign! is givng the page a facelift. He promises Wormsign! will surface again soon. 

Dune 2k In Stores

It has been reported to me that Westwood's long awaited strategy-based game and Dune sequel Dune 2000 is finally out in stores. 
BG DISTRANS 08.28.98

FRPG Requests Additional Fedaykin Demo Team Members

From [email protected]

***We are still looking for more participants for this Demo Program. 

Dune Feydakin Demo Team Program 

We are looking for a few good people to become part of the Dune Feydakin, the Demo Team for Dune. 

What’s involved, you ask? First you must fill out an application & take a test on your knowledge of the rules. Once we receive your complete application, we review your test and then follow-up with a phone interview. If you are approved as a member, then we send you out a demo kit with instructions and guidelines about the program. 

We ask that you demo at stores, conventions and game clubs. The expectation is one to two demos a month, more if you are available. You must schedule all demos through FRPG. You will be paid for each demo you do, either in a check or product points. 

Here is an overview of the expectations of the Dune Feydakin Demo Team Program: 

The Golden Rule: If you do not have anything nice to say about someone, or some other game, please say nothing at all. It is not our job to tell people bad things about other games or companies to make our own game sound better. It is our job to show how well our game plays. Comparisons between games are inevitable, but try not to downgrade other games. Bad mouthing other games or their parent companies can be grounds for revocation of a your status as a Dune Feydakin. 

Ego: “The customer is always right” is one of the primary rules of retail. You should never, ever have an argument with a player, or heavens forbid a game store owner about Dune, Five Rings Publishing Group or any other matter. They will not remember any of the good work that you have done, only the disagreement you may have had. It does not matter if you are right, and they are wrong, do not argue. Now, a good rules discussion is a whole other thing, but even then, do not let it approach the argument level. 

Politeness: We get over 100 calls a day from customers. Some have good questions, some have silly questions, and some just call to chat. We try to be polite to all of them. As a representative of Five Rings Publishing Group, you will be required to be on your best behavior at all times. A customer should never have cause to call the corporate office and say that a Feydakin was rude or would not take the time to help them. Remember that the job of a Feydakin is to spread goodwill and information. In this same vein, we ask that you leave your opinion at the door. Try not to express an opinion about any controversial matter within the gaming industry when you are out being official. Remember that someone always loses a debate, and try not to be the cause of one. 

Presentability: The official uniform of a Dune Feydakin is a clean pair of jeans, khakis or shorts (depending on the weather) and a Feydakin t-shirt. We will send you a t-shirt when you are approved as a Feydakin. Remember that stores will be reporting on your appearance when you do demos and always do your best to be well groomed and presentable. 

To participate in the Dune Feydakin Program, email [email protected], please include your real name, your mailing address, your phone number and a store where you may want to demo.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Best Regards, 

Laura Carroll 
Demo Teams Coordinator 
Five Rings Publishing Group 
[email protected] 
BG DISTRANS 08.24.98

Gamer's Inn Tournament Results Are In

Rich Smith sends in the results from his Dune tournament held over the weekend and announces that he had so much fun with the last one, why not hold another one in a different state? 

Just to remind anyone who is in the area I will be running another Dune CCG tourney 9-27-98 in Toledo Ohio. It will be held at The Game Room, and anyone who needs information can contact me at [email protected]
BG DISTRANS 08.20.98

The He-Man Woman Haters Club

"And How," as Alfalfa would say. 

Ever since I started this page, I've wanted to add a message board and a chat room but I'm too clumsy with Java coding. So why not let someone else do it? 

The Dune CCG club on Yahoo is open for business. You'll need to join as a member to be a part of the 'community' (can anyone say Geocities?) to really be useful but it's absolutely free. 

I hope you find it as beneficial as I want it to be. 

Before I get any flame mail, I'm not sexist. The headline is a tribute to the Little Rascals. It's sad that I would have to say that.
BG DISTRANS 08.15.98
Holoimage Worth a Thousand Words

I have added visual aids to the Chapterhouse. This particular image was done by Orlok which he developed for's 'Thopter game

Orlok was gracious enough to let me use his image. It is one of many he has designed and I strongly recommend you check out the rest of his Dune-related artwork listed at his site. He even borrows images from the CCG and seems to be a fan of the Leto card. I particularly like the Gom Jabbar piece. 

Let me know what you think. 
BG DISTRANS 08.14.98
To Errata is Human

Matthew Colville releases a quick errata for the Judge of the Change expansion giving corrections to mostly JOTC Chapter 3 cards. 

The errata is not set in stone as it has not been added to the Collected Rulings File, but there is a good chance these amendments will show up eventually. 
BG DISTRANS 08.13.98
Dune World Championship Results

Daniel Stahl writes the results of the Dune tournament held at GenCon this past weekend. Congratulations to Cliff Yahnke, "Kwizatz" for taking home the grand prize. And how can this be? For he is the Kwizatz Haderach. 

Results of Dune World Championship - Daniel Stahl
BG DISTRANS 08.06.98
Dune Expansion Releases Delayed

According to Ed Bolme of FRPG, the release dates for the Thunder at Twilight expansion, slated to be released August 31, and Dune: Stormfront (Second edition printing of the CCG) set for August 10,  are no longer valid. 

Ed Bolme writes: 

TaT is going to press. D:SF will be shortly afterwards. 

The dates I think have been shifted (our graphics guys are tragically overworked). I'll post as I can. 

Send Your Dollars to Help My Ministry

I received an email today in regards to the BG 08.03.98 post regarding the newsletter FRPG sends out, the Imperial Distrans. The author of the email asked if they could use a credit card to pay me for the newsletter instead of a check.

I let this person know what's stated in the bottom of this page and on the about page. I am not affiliated with FRPG or LUG or any official contact with the Dune CCG. I'm just a fan like everyone who reads this page. I forwarded the email to FRPG.

If you want to send me money anyway, I don't take responsibility if it's accidentally deposited in my account. No refunds either.
BG DISTRANS 08.03.98
Imperial Distrans Dispatched

Members of the Landsraad Council should be seeing their fan club letter and first publication arrive in the mail soon. FRPG has sent out Volume 1, No. 1 issue of the Imperial Distrans (136k) which contains descriptions of each of the Dune Houses/Guilds and also pages devoted to the commercialism of the game, Smuggler's Bazaar which specializes in T-shirts, official card list and card singles. Dune T-shirts go for 200 spice (also listed at 250 for some reason) and the trading cards go for 20 spice. 

If you're interested in joining FRPG's newsletter, you'll need to send $15 US to: 
     PO Box 707 
     Renton, WA 98057-0707
BG DISTRANS 08.01.98
Rochester, MI Tournament

Here is a Dune Tournament announcement from Rich Smith

I will be running a tournament on Saturday, August 22, 1998. The tournament will be held at Gamer's Inn, in Rochester MI at 1 pm, and there will be a $5 entry fee.

If you are interested in attending, or need any  other info (such as
directions or the like), my email address is: [email protected]

Athens Tournament Results are in

The Fantasy Zone tournament held in Athens, GA last weekend has finished. Congratulations to Shadowflame for coming out on top and shame on the other five of you who couldn't keep him from winning.

Here are the results submitted by Shadowflame. What is it they say? Winners write the history books.

VMS Certified

More like certifiable. I'm finally back from my business trip in Chicago (Schaumburg actually) and it was a grueling two weeks. I tried to enjoy myself while I was there and the highlight was Medieval Times which is a very cool place. It's a restaurant that puts on a pretty good show. If you've ever seen Cable Guy, you'll know what I'm talking about.

"Excuse me, but there are no silverware."
"There are no utensils in medieval times, thus, there are no utensils at Medieval Times. Would you like a refill on that Pepsi?"
"There were no utensils but they had Pepsi?"
"Dude, I have other tables."

I'll have a picture scanned in for your viewing pleasure as soon as I can load my scanner drivers.

I had a few updates to make. Thanks for your patience.

the sherlock
BG DISTRANS 07.18.98

Gone Fission...

The FAA is sending me to Chicago for Advanced VMS training for two weeks. You won't see any updates until at least August 1st. 

For the people who send me the results to their local tournaments, please continue doing so and I will post them as soon as I get back. 

See you in a fortnight. 

the sherlock 
"It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion." 
BG DISTRANS 07.15.98

Cardlist Corrections

Thanks to Ziggy for informing me that I had left a card entry off of the JOTC card list (Pyretic Conscience) and had another one in the wrong section (Smuggler Frigate). I have updated all copies of the cardlist to reflect the more accurate changes and they're ready for download

I also added a copy of the cardlist for Excel 95 format. Some of you may not have been able to read the Excel 97 copies I used so I added an Excel 95 copy of the JOTC cardlist as well. A txt copy of the list is still available too. 

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 
BG DISTRANS 07.12.98

Bend Goes for Third-Times the Charm

The folks in Bend, Oregon are hosting another sanctioned Dune tourney. Here's the lowdown from Tracy Harms

Another sanctioned Dune tournament will be held at Gambit Games in Bend,
Oregon on Sunday, July 26.  This will be a sealed-deck event.  Please
contact Brad Irwin, the store owner, for preregistration information.

     Gambit Games
     1037 NW Brooks St
     Bend, OR  97701

     (541) 330-8196

This announcement has been added to the Events calender.
BG DISTRANS 07.09.98

The Dune World Championship is announced

GenCon is hosting a Dune tournament, (among a myriad of Magic CCGs) but first you have to qualify before you can compete in the Dune World Championship. 

Here is an excerpt from the GenCon Events calender: 

Dune World Championship Qualifier

'Fear is the mind killer.' By earning a seat on the High Council, you acquire not only the status of a Great House, but also a hereditary claim to the Imperial throne. Your actions will shape the future of the Imperium. Bring you best deck to earn your place in history. Basic set and months 1 & 2 of Judge of the Change. Saturday, 12:00 p.m., Friday, 12:00 p.m.

Dune World Championship

'A storm is coming -- our storm. And when it comes it will shake the universe.' This card game is set amid a rich backdrop of political intrigue and economic rivalry. Cards will be provided to help you assume the role of a minor house noble vying for admission to the Landsraad High Council. Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Note that the only cards to be allowed in qualification is everything released up through chapter two of the JOTC expansion, so no Dune Smuggler's.

For more info on GenCon, check the Events link.
BG DISTRANS 07.07.98

No Origin Oscars for Dune EOTS

From Owen Seyler of LUG... 

Well everyone,

I've returned from Origins to deliver some disappointing news…  That's right, DUNE™ EotS didn't take an Origins award for '97.  The Shadowrun CCG claimed both awards, and I must say, it's no embarrassment to lose to any FASA product, especially one so nicely designed and packaged.  For those of you who correspond with anyone at FASA, I hope you'll offer them hearty congratulations. It was a good competition and I hope to contend with them for another award next year.

Which brings me to my next point. We've got lots of DUNE™ TCG expansions coming out in '98.  Whether Storm Front will be eligible for best new CCG in '98 is yet unknown, but I've got high hopes for all of our coming expansions -- especially War of Assassins. 

So lets turn our '97 defeat into a rally call for '98.

Long live the fighters!


Information on the expansion sets mentioned above can be found in the Expansion section of this page. 

Athens had so much fun with their first tourney...

...they're doing it again. Here is a tournament announcement from Athens, GA. 

I have just sent in the application for the next (this time *really* sanctioned) DUNE tournament to be held in Athens, GA at the Fantasy Zone.

The tournament will be on Saturday evening, July, 25 starting at 5:30 PM. It will be a regular constructed (read, not sealed) deck tournament. One-on-one play.  The format will either be round-robin (everyone plays everybody else) or swiss (everyone plays all rounds, best W-L record wins) dependent upon the number of players show.

Last time, only 3 people turned out for the tournament, so if you play, come on out and join in the fun!  It's easy pickings for the good prizes, which will be:

3 Logo T-Shirts
3 Uncut Card sheets (1 rare, 1 uncommon, 1 common house from EOTS)
3 Spice Certificates (200,150, and 100)

The entry fee will be $5, to make up for the price of the prize package, and to put some into reserves for the next tournament, which will be announced following the tournament.

If you need directions, just drop me a mail.

Jon Freeman
[email protected]
BG DISTRANS 07.06.98
The Smugglers Have Landed

Today is the official release date of the third installment in the Judge of the Change expansion set, The Dune Smugglers. The set looks very promising. 

A cardlist of the whole expansion set is available in Excel and Txt formats. 
BG DISTRANS 07.04.98
Bend Tourney Finally Draws to a Close

Tracy Harms and his gang out in Bend, OR finished the last half of their ongoing tournament. I posted the results in the Events section. 

Congratulations to Brad Irwin for putting a stop to the ongoing battling, Max Zelaya for taking the silver and Alex for pushing Tracy out of the third place spot with his Fremen deck. 
BG DISTRANS 07.02.98
The Smugglers Get Smuggled Early

Eloriam has already picked up a Dune Smuggler's starter and a few boosters. He's cracked them open and he has a few things to say about the release and confirm a rumor I started about an 'allegiance-less ally' 

Hi James, I just got a Dune Smuggler' starter deck and a few boosters and I can tell you that Soo Soo Nejhre indeed does NOT have an allegiance.  An imperial card without allegiance, who would have thought.  I have only taken a cursory look at the Smuggler's and its main theme seems to be arbitration, battle, and to a lesser extent, intrigue.  It has several cards that center on resources (i.e. discarding resource to gain solaris or a charter that puts out a resource at no cost.  My first impression is that the Smuggler isn't as impressive as the Water Sellers or the Spicer Miners but then again, it is
only a first impression.

Here are some of the cards I think that really stands out:

Quasi-Fief: Decree.  Cost 3.  Assign to Dune.  You may deploy your homeword as if Dune were subdued.  When deploying your homeworld, do not transfer cards from Dune to your original homeworld. 

Production Quota: Imperium event with Guild allegiance.  Cost 3.  Engage all desert to produce X spice in the Guild Hoard.  X equals to 1 spice per desert so engaged. 

Trafficking Partnership: Charter with Smugglers allegiance.  Cost 3.  Engage to deploy a resource card from your hand at 0 deployment cost.

Irrevocable Directorship: Decree with Harkonnen allegiance.  Cost 5.  Assign to a target directorship.  When engaged to produce solaris, target produces +2 solaris.   The directorship may not be targeted during arbitration rites.

Grumman Fiat: Tactic/Declaration.  Cost 2.  Duration Effect.  Assign to your homeworld.  Assign initiative rank from the lowest to highest declared favor, with the lowest favor earning rank 1, the second lowest winning rank 2, and so on.  Break any tie as usual. 

Thanks Eloriam.

Oscar Night at Origins

Owen Seyler, da man at Last Unicorn Games is packing his bags for the trip to Columbus' Origins Con this weekend. One of the reasons he is going is to see if the Eye of the Storm release can pick up the awards it's been nominated for: 

For any of you not aware of it, DUNE™ EotS has been nominated for awards in 2 categories "Best new CCG" and "Best graphic presentation (CCG)." So everyone keep your fingers crossed and your knife arms free.  ;)

I predict a sweep. 
BG DISTRANS 07.01.98
Smuggler's Have Escaped

FRPG should have released the third installment of the JOTC expansion today to retailers (or rather given the word to distributors to send the product to their retailers) in time for the official on sale date of July 6. 

If past releases are any indication of how retail stores move their items, you could see the cards on sale anytime this week. 

Player's Take on Booster Sorting

Mudboy Shag of House Muffshag (don't ask) took some time and analyzed the breakdown of the cards you get in a JOTC booster. 
Bureaucracy at its finest

The Sisterhood has requested that I develop a new timestamp format for keeping their records. The archives can get big really quick so a reorganization is called for. 

Tourney went 'round the Bend.

T. Harms had his Dune tournament at Gambit Games in Bend, OR. I've posted the results of that tournament in the Events section in what Tracy refers to as a "sort-of isn't over" match. 
June 29, 1998
Cardlist Goes ASCII

Just uploaded a text copy of the Judge of the Change cardlist to the Files section. The list contains all three chapters, The Spice Miners, The Water Seller's Union and the Dune Smugglers. 

For more info on the expansion, see the Expansion Info link. 
June 26, 1998
Diamond me no diamonds. Prize me some prizes!

Scott Magner of FRPG talks about running Dune tournaments: 

If you want a tournament in your area, or are interested in running one, please contact our offices at 888-45rings for sanctioning information.  We'll send a packet out right away, and we should be able to set up a tournament in your area within a month. Faxing your application to us is the best and fastest way to get it in, and would give you the fastest turnaround time.

No fax number or application template was included..
June 24, 1998
Every gift of noble Origins

Russell D. McKown of House:  Silence of the Lambs has this to say about the upcoming Origins event. 

The one and only Dune event is on Saturday at 10:00AM (EST) and is scheduled for 7 hours.  The Origins book lists it as up to 64 ya better get signed up early!!!

It appears to be a constructed deck tourny and I for one am really looking forward to it!!!

FRPG also reports sealed deck tournaments will be held everyday of the convention. 

See Events for further information about the Origins convention. 
June 22, 1998
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses

...and your Dune announcements. 

The Events link has been created to announce upcoming Dune CCG activities. If you have anything you'd like to share with the world, by all means email me

Anyone notice Saturday's Haiku headline? 
June 20, 1998
Dune Players Needed
Demo Game At Convention
Volunteer Today


We are looking for a few good people to help us out with Dune demos at
Origins - July 2-5.  If you are planning to be at the convention and would
like to be of some assistance, please email me directly at [email protected].

Thanks in advance!

Laura Carroll
Demo Teams Coordinator
Five Rings Publishing Group
[email protected]
June 19, 1998
DuneCon '98

Just kidding, there's no DuneCon, but there is a GenCon (Aug 6-9) and Ed Bolme of FRPG gave out this press release, 

RENTON, WA -- Last Unicorn Games, Inc., and Five Rings Publishing Group
today announced that this year's grand prize for the Dune World
Championships will be the original "Thunder at Twilight" painting by Mark
Maxwell. The painting, which measures over 14" x 18", was originally created
for the trading card game Dune, which has been nominated for an Origins
Award for Best Trading Card Game of the Year.

The Dune World Championships will be held at GenCon, August 6-9, in
Milwaukee, WI. The Dune trading card game was released in October of 1997,
and has gone through two printings. As of this writing, over 425 cards have
been released for the game, with more on the way. The Thunder at Twilight
expansion and a second edition of the basic game will hit the shelves in
late August.

All Rise for the Judge Of the Change Cardlist

Welp, I'm done already. You can now download the cardlist for the complete set of Judge of the Change, Dune's first expansion set. 

I found an Ally that didn't have an allegiance listed. I'm sure he belongs to some House. Probably a Dune Smuggler but he is noted with '?' for an allegiance and I wasn't sure where to put him on the list. 

Player's List for JOTC. Excel 66k
June 18, 1998
Tournament Around the Bend, Oregon

I received this Dune tournament announcement from T. Harms

Sunday, June 28 1998, 12:30 pm

Gambit Games
1037 NW Brooks St
Bend, Oregon
(541) 330-8196

Customized decks, multi-player format.
Preregistration is appreciated but not required.
June 17, 1998

This is how it starts. One person has a successful talkshow and now everyone thinks they can have one. That's what Daniel Stahl is thinking and he may just have it. 

Wormsign! is a new Dune discussion board. It has good organization, allowing the option to post under seperate topics (decks, strategy, trade, general). Besides, it's much more attractive than the Dune Discussion board by capturing a much more fitting atmosphere and making you feel right at home in the Dune universe. 

It's the USA Today of dune discussion boards. Oooo pretty colors. 

Definitely worth a look. 
June 1, 1998
Top Ten List

According to this month's issue of Scrye, the top 10 EOTS cards are (in no particular order): 

  • Bodies in the Well
  • Buyout Agreement
  • Chaumurky
  • Full Reverened Mother
  • Guild Heighliner
  • House Atomics
  • Liquidation measures
  • Poison Gas Tooth
  • Shigawire Bonds
  • Spice Addiction
All cards are rares and currently worth $5.00-$5.30 in mint condition. 

Currently, other mint rares go for $4.25. Uncommon are $.55 and commons are $.25  in value. 

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