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Very slow news year...

BG DISTRANS 05.02.02
Play By Emails Update

PBeM's 13 and 19 end with victories going to House Delphin and House Vinaigrette respectfully. Congratulations to those players.

And an announcement of a new pbem, as if Pip (Boycat_OH) did not have enough games to run, he begins a new one. All players have their decks in and the game has begun. Insurrection begins play with all four players being native to Dune and with a twist to the rules, no Imperial events will be allowed.

Old Owen Interview

Owen Seyeler who was cofounder of Last Unicorn Games and Head Designer of the Dune CCG  is recorded here in an interview with one of our Sietch Community Members talking to Owen at a convention many years ago, close to Dune CCG's initial release date.. Thanks to house_of_luzers for the interview. Owen is asked about many of aspects that went into designing this game. The audio file does not have the whole interview and will end abruptly, unfortunately the rest is unrecoverable but most of it is there. 4 Mb download, mp3 format.
BG DISTRANS 01.27.02
Chapterhouse Oracle Published

Merric Blackman, a prominent member of the Dune CCG Sietch Community has complied a list of clarifications for the game which currently has no official support. The clarifications listed in this document are assembled by a team of game experts, mostly composed of official playtesters and play by email GM's who have extensive knowledge and history with the game. The results of their discussions are printed into a document titled Chapterhouse Oracle. The document is in no way considered official on how to properly play the Dune CCG, but it's as close as we can get. For too long certain rules and play for the game have been too ambiguous and have caused many debates. With the Chapterhouse Oracle, it provides a suggested way that the game could be played, an effective way that this group of experienced players believe the game should be played and to consolidate all of the frequently asked questions hopefully giving many players the guidance they need to play a full game.

The Chapterhouse Oracle will be updated frequently. All that is listed now is a few topics that have been discussed. Over time, it will grow and hopefully contain all of the answers players are looking for.

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