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BG DISTRANS 10.08.01
Chapterhouse Times Turns Four

The lovely and all-encompassing website for the Dune CCG - The Chapterhouse Times has turned four as of October 1. The card game was originally released later in the month (closer to Halloween) so that means our beloved game is about to turn four as well.

Speaking of this website, thanks to Pip the Boycat for pointing this out: The Wizards site has the Chapterhouse Times listed on their Vault page as the Dune source on wizards.com.
BG DISTRANS 08.21.01
Dune Card Utility Released

I am announcing the release of a program - Dune CCG Snooper v1.0. It is a utility used to search the Dune CCG library for a specified keyword and list all of the occurences of that search. You can then select the entry to get a full listing on the card. Useful for running pbems, deck building and just having fast and offline access to the Dune card library.

See http://www.geocities.com/sherlockazulu/dunecardsnooper/ for more info. The Dune CCG Snooper program was built using Java 2. 
BG DISTRANS 08.11.01
Sietch Community Moves

Our caves at the Yahoo Clubs are being abandoned for a a bigger and better Sietch. After three years of running the Sietch Community, over 100,000 page views, 160+ members and 2000 posts I have decided to move the forum to the newly improved Yahoo Groups which offers a wider variety of resources including larger online storage, polls, databases and more general control of the forum for the members. If you were a member of the Club, then you already have everything you need to switch (Yahoo ID). If you are not a member of either, everthing is free and easy to setup, just go to on the new Sietch Community to get started and start communicating with the members of the Dune community right away.

PBEM#9: Spice Addiction Concludes 

Congratulations to Pip (Lord Benedict) of House Gotham for establishing his Harkonnen dominance over the other players in PBEM#9. I think this is the first game I've seen where everyone's house hoard was empty except for the winner's. Thanks to Lacrymata, Weotch and Asad for playing and thanks to Stuart for getting the players together and kick starting the game. I finished the game for Stuart after he left Australia for South Africa.
BG DISTRANS 07.06.01
Another Dune RTS

Westwood is enjoying the success of Emperor: Battle for Dune, a software game for the PC that popularizes Real Time Strategy (RTS) format. 

There's another RTS-type Dune title being developed by a company named Cryonetworks called Dune Generations. A preview of the game was featured at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and is described as:

"a real-time strategy game in which the main feature is playing via the Internet in a permanent and massive multiplayer world. Much more than a simple RTS, DUNE Generations offers control over a Dynasty in Frank Herbert's Universe."

Dune Generations is slated for release in November 2001.
BG DISTRANS 05.20.01
Emperor: Battle for Dune is Gold

That's the headline on GameSpot's News page. The report came from the E3 convention during an interview with Westwood's cofounder.

Emperor: Battle for Dune is a PC software title that uses real time strategy and 3D graphics. It should start appearing on store shelves in early June.
BG DISTRANS 04.01.01
Yet Another PBEM Finishes, Corrino Victory

Internal Struggle, play by email #8 has just finished with Kevin Laster's Corrino house gaining admission to the high council. Congrats to Kevin and House Vinaigrette. Also, many thanks to David Allen for GMing such a successful game.

New Dune CCG Expansion Released

Sh'yeah! Got a bridge to sell ya. April Fools. There really is no planned expansion.
BG DISTRANS 03.21.01
Emperor Battle for Dune Near Completion

For the Dune computer game fans, Westwood is set to release another Dune sequel in their PC videogame projects titled Emperor: Battle for Dune. Check out the Emperor official website for all the details. Thanks Brandon.

Dune Miniseries Released on DVD

The Dune miniseries that aired on the SciFi channel in late December has just been released on DVD. Amazon has a listing for it retailing at $18.74US. The VHS version of the program has been available for over a month, NTSC format only.
BG DISTRANS 02.28.01
Force of Nature Tramples Wizards

From wizards.com: (Thanks Mark)

Hello, this is Wizards of the Coast. We have had an earthquake here in Renton,WA on Wednesday morning February 28th, 2001. Thankfully there were no personal injuries, but the building sustained significant damage. For safety reasons, we have closed the offices until further notice and have no phone staff on duty. We hope to return to normal operation as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

BG DISTRANS 01.10.01
Wizards Cancels the Dune RPG

The official word on what has been feared for weeks has finally been released. The D20 version of the Dune Roleplaying Game that Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) was to develop for a spring release, has been cancelled according to a WOTC press release. This means that the limited edition ICON Dune RPG that was released last August by Last Unicorn, after over a year of delays is currently the only Dune RPG product released and will probably remain that way for a very long time. The D20 cancellation is contributed to the downsizing that WOTC has been going through recently.

(Dis)favorable Guild Deck

If you want to know the tools used by House Irhaln for such a dramatic victory in pbem #10, check out his Guild deck posted to the Deck Library. Thanks Eric.

DreamCatcher Games Develop a Dune PC Action Game

Sietch Community member Ilkka Holm found a news blurb on the announcement of the development of a Dune-based PC game. I contacted DreamCatcher Games to confirm the news and received this  reply from an employee of the company, Marshall Zwicker:

...there is indeed a Dune game in the works. We are planning a launch in around May however we haven't sent out our press release yet. Keep checking our web site for updates!

I took Marshall's suggestion soon after receiving the reply and sure enough, I found a Dune release announcement on their website. Note: Marshall referred to a release date in May and the website shows September.

The game is being developed as an action/adventure and you play the part of Paul after he and his mother Jessica take refuge with the Fremen on the planet Arrakis. You and your band of Fremen take part in striking at the Harkonnen presence on the planet until you are ready for the final showdown.

The people involved with the development of this game are the same ones who previously released the delightful title Worms - Worms > Dune, good combination.
BG DISTRANS 01.09.01
Couple of PBEM Winners

Congratulations to Baron Lumikko (Sietch Community name skarppa) for House Ilmapallo becoming a Great House of the Landsraad in Play By Email #4 and also to Eric Poolman (azegzao) of House Irhaln for winning pbem #10 with the notorious and extremely effective Guild deck. That game was pretty much decided by round three! Thanks goes to Pip for GMing such an exciting game and his alter-ego Lord Benedict for providing such detailed and colorful reports on the actions of the game.

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