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BG DISTRANS 12.19.00
Wizards Downsizes, Last Unicorn Moves

This bit of information comes from a post made by Padishahlapdog on his Dune Roleplaying Club. It has been announced that according to a press release,  Wizards of the Coast (WotC) is eliminating approximately 100 jobs as well as replacing their CEO. The club also reports that the employees of Last Unicorn Games were given the option to relocate to Washington where WotC is located. With the downsizing of jobs, some projects go on the chopping block as well and it is rumored that the D20 version of Dune that is set to be released in May 2001, may be on that cancellation list.
BG DISTRANS 12.06.00
Wizards Announces New Dune Products

Wizards of the Coast who recently purchased Last Unicorn Games, creator of the Dune CCG and Dune RPG ICON System, has announced their newest Dune product using their trademarked D20 rules system that other RPGs such as DnD is based on.

The core book seems to have taken its title after the already released Icon version, Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium and has a release date set for May 2001. There is an announcement of a followup adventure book as well, Dune: Voice from the Outer World which has a release date of June 2001. Thanks goes to mardukpath and padishahlapdog for finding this announcement information.
BG DISTRANS 11.29.00
Dune Sci-Fi Miniseries Starts Sunday

For you Dune fans, the Sci-Fi channel's long awaited production of its six hour Dune miniseries will air its first installment Sunday night, December 3, 8CT/9ET. For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the three-part production, check out the official Sci-Fi Dune website. Set your VCRs.

For those of you unfortunate enough to miss it, padishahlapdog has noticed that is taking preorders of the miniseries already and will be able to ship them by late January.

PBEM10 Reports Published in Sietch Community

The GM of the more recent play by email to start, boycat_oh (Pip) has posted creative updates of the progress of his game to the Sietch Community message board. The narrarator of the updates is one Lord Benedict as he moves from planet to planet commentating the actions in the Assembly.

Here is a sample entry. You do not have to be a memeber of the Sietch Community to read the posts, but if you want to reply to anything or use some of the other features of the club, go ahead and sign up. Everything is free and only takes a few seconds of your time to join.
BG DISTRANS 11.19.00
Westwood Makes Another Dune PC Game

Emperor: Battle for Dune is the latest software project for the people at Westwood who created one of the first real time strategy (RTS) software title and kicked off the RTS industry with Dune many many years ago. The most recent Dune-based game they released was Dune 2000 a few years back which practically mirrored their mega-hit Command and Conquer. Now they've decided to make another Dune sequel, this time it will be developed as a 3d RTS. 

For more information on the game, read the dailyradar interview with the game's producer, Chris Longpre.
BG DISTRANS 11.13.00
EOTS Booster Box For Sale

Intergalactic Trading Co. has setup shop on and one of their premiere items up for grabs are four Eye of the Storm booster retail boxes. A booster box contains 36 booster packs and a booster pack contains 15 cards. 540 cards going for $54.00. Just a reminder, no Imperial cards were stocked in EOTS booster packs. So if you're hoping to pick up Jessica in this bundle, you won't find her here.
BG DISTRANS 11.12.00
Boycat_OH Kicks Off PBEM 10

Eye of the Storm (PBEM 10) gets started by boycat_oh who tries his hand at a CCG pbem for the first time. Six players are involved and from what I understand, there are many distrans being passed between the houses.
BG DISTRANS 10.10.00
Seren Frog Starts PBEM 9

Seren Frog kicks off the 9th Play by Email sponsored by our community. The player slots are filled, decks are submitted and website is up. Good luck Frog.
BG DISTRANS 08.28.00

High Demand for Dune RPG

In response to the news that the Dune Roleplaying Game system developed by Last Unicorn Games was released at GenCon 2000, players have been anxious to get their hands on a copy of the limited edition release. If you didn't go to GenCon this year or knew someone who did, you probably did not get a copy. Currently, the title is not for sale anywhere else so players have to turn to ebay where they have been selling really well, despite the marked up price tag.

It has been reported that the books may be sold on the Wizards of the Coast ecommerce website, but no word as to when they might become available.
BG DISTRANS 08.24.00
Attempt to Release Second Moon Rising

Stuart Finlay, a Dune CCG fanatic from down under, asked Owen Seyler, employed now by Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) about the Second Moon Rising expansion that was fully produced but never saw the light of day.

Hi Stuart:

I'll see what I can do about uploading the Second Moon Rising card set to the LUG website. I'll have to clear it with my new bosses at Wizards of the Coast as well as the Herbert Limited Partnership, so it may either take a while or never happen at all depending on the reactions I get. I think the recent 
release of the DUNE RPG warrants uploading the card set as lateral support material and
good customer support, and I hope the others will also see it this way.

So I'll see what I can do. Over the next couple of weeks, check out the LUG website ( to monitor my progress. If nothing seems to be happening, write back to remind me and I'll try to give you an update.

Thanks for carrying the torch. It's flattering to know that people are still playing the DUNE CCG, and it makes all of the effort worth the while.

Best regards,

Owen M. Seyler
Wizards of the Coast, Los Angeles

Collectible Gandalf

How can I go two months without an update and then have two updates in two days? 

Decipher Inc., the very same company that snatched the Trek gaming license from Wizards of the Last Unicorn, have announced the development of a collectible card game (CCG) based on the Lord of the Rings, a popular series of books written by J.R.R. Tolkien. The license actually comes from New Line Cinema, a company currently producing a set of trilogy movies based on the books. The first movie, Lord of the Rings is set to be released in theaters December 2001. No release date has been announced for the CCG.
BG DISTRANS 08.23.00
Sietch Community Turns Two

Well it's only been over two months for an update. Players are busy in their pbems or their usual get together to really see/cause anything in the CCG world. Something that might be noteworthy, the Sietch Community just turned two this week. It's an interactive site for players to post, chat, exchange ideas about Dune. It has 129 members and 987 posts. Not bad for a "dead" game.

Roleplay This

Unrelated to CCG's but related to Dune, Last Unicorn finally released the RPG version of Dune in Limited Edition at GenCon 2000. What that means is that they aren't making any more versions or supplements nor are they providing any support for the ICON version. Since the acquisition by Wizards of the Coast (WOTC), the decision has been made to redesign Trek and Dune to d20 format (although they may not get a chance with Trek, but that's a different story). Since GenCon is over and many of you who did not get the chance to pick up a copy do not have a time machine, there has been talk of offering whatever was left over from the convention and selling it on WOTC's ecommerce website. No date given on that though. See the DuneRPG club for any announcements.
BG DISTRANS 05.23.00
DuneCCG PBEM Announced

David Allen becomes the third person from the original Play By Email to GM his own pbem as an indication as to how fun it is to run one of these things.

Internal Struggle, PBEM CCG#8 is underway with four new players. No website for this game has been announced yet.
BG DISTRANS 05.19.00
New Addition to Deck Library, Water Sellers

Pauli (aka Hannibal) has made his debut to the Deck Library with his City of Water Sellers deck. Thanks Pauli.

There is plenty of room for more deck listings. Get your favorite ones submitted.
BG DISTRANS 05.10.00
DuneRPG Gets Its Own Website

With the latest addition to the Dune gaming collection from Last Unicorn Games on its way, Padishahlapdog (Keane Peterson) and I have put up a website for the soon-to-be-released Dune RPG.

For those of you interested in what looks like will be an impressive roleplaying game, stop by The Landsraad Report and catch the latest.
BG DISTRANS 05.05.00
Repeat Victory

Three play by emails have completed with only two unique victors. Merric Blackman claims the first and fifth games with congratulations in order. Why can't you finish these games in order of how they start?

See the Play By Email section for more information. Thanks to Paul Nomikos for GMing the 5th one using his Mentat Format rules. I think all the players enjoyed the unique spin on the game.
BG DISTRANS 04.14.00
Smuggler's Getting Crafty

The Deck Library receives yet another list of elements outlining how the Smuggler faction can gain Imperial admission.

Phillip Edwards authors this one which he titles, Fist Under Hand using a very alternative look on how to achieve victory conditions.
BG DISTRANS 04.10.00
Water Sellers Lose Holdings

Eric Poolman of House Azegao shows how the Water Sellers can gain admission to the Imperial Assembly without too many holdings. Sounds like they sold more than just their water. 

The Water Sellers Holdingless Deck gets a listing in the Deck Library.
BG DISTRANS 03.27.00
PBEM #6 Launched, PBEM #7 Accepting Applications

The Play by Emails for the Dune CCG have been very successful. Thanks to everyone contributing to its longevity.

Merric has announced that his seven player PBeM has begun and has even posted the first update to the Sietch Community.

In turn, Phillip Edwards has begun to accept new applications to his play by email. Here's the info on PBEM #7:

I need 6 people for a Dune pbem. The following rules will be used. 

   1) Only homeworlds that are Dune fiefs will be available.
   2) Only the "Control of Arrakis" victory condition will be used. 

Please reply to this list with the homeworld you choose. First come first serve basis, no duplicate homeworlds. Also, send me an email with your deck contents.

   [email protected]

   Phil Edwards 
BG DISTRANS 03.25.00
Thunder at Twilight, Hit and Miss

Many retailers are having no trouble selling their TAT Dune cards which makes them harder to come by for consumers who want them. David Bloomberg helps out with the TAT crisis and sends along this info. Many thanks.

Hi Sherlock,
Here's a contact to get TAT stuff very cheap.  I have bought from him several times with great results and as a number of people seem to be looking for TAT, I'm sure they will appreciate the contact:

            [email protected] (Jim Legere)
                    Jim's Collectibles

TAT starters are $3 Canadian and booster are $1 Canadian and he has all three chapters.
BG DISTRANS 03.21.00
Loops, Infinity

There's been an addition to the Archives under the Strategy heading, Gameplay Loops, a collection of irregular loops found in the card game. The first entry is from Eric Poolman that shows a nasty trick with a Physcian, a Baliset and a Privateer going to work on Fief with a Decree.

If you have any additions you'd like to make to this column, email them to me.

More Dune ebay Sightings

Lap "Diggety" Dog has discovered an auction on ebay that is selling Dune CCG cards in sheet form (uncut). The last day to bid on this item is March 24.

If you'd like to view other ongoing auctions that have Dune cards for sale, go to the ebay link at the bottom of the Links page.
BG DISTRANS 03.17.00
Regular Tournaments held in the UK

From MAAG_mail


Just to say the next Rainham, Kent Tourney will be on Sunday 26th March, 11 am start. Mail me or visit for more details.

House rules: 60 card deck min includes 15 card Sideboard. Players choose their 1st 3 Assembly cards. 

The tournaments have been scheduled on the Sietch Community's events calendar. 

Play be Email #6, Player Bash

Maniac Merric announced openings for the 6th Dune CCG PBeM and the minimum number of required players is 6. Apparently, there's no maximum.

See Sietch Community posts for more details or email the "Mad Hatter" himself. Note: You don't have to be a member of the Sietch Community to read the posts.
BG DISTRANS 03.10.00
Smugglers Trade Seeing Activity

Smuggler's Trade, the corner of this site that provides an open forum to trade your Dune cards with other members has seen an increase in activity advertising not only card singles, but even sets. 

If you're interested in making an exchange, be sure to check it out.
BG DISTRANS 02.28.00
Fremen Discovered on Terra

According to the Sister's Ancestral Memories, tomorrow is what ancient Terrans referred to as a "leap day" and they are making the whole school participate in the celebration by hopping around. Ancient traditions never made any sense to me.

I came across a communication in the Sietch Community from House Irhaln who has been conducting research on the origins of the Museum Fremen. Their researchers have traced their origins back to an ancient Terra civilization.

The indigenous peoples of North Africa -- collectively referred to as "Berbers", of whom the Tuareg are one branch, are the inspiration for  Herbert's Fremen.

To whit:
1. Certain desert dwelling Berbers are known for their blue-stained... skin -- a product of the strong dye in their typical blue garments.

2. Berbers live in an area famed for the production of an extraordinarily expensive red-brown "spice" -- saffron (the spice itself is the same color as melange, though when cooked it becomes yellow).

3. Well known for their ferocity in battle (same word root as "Barbarians"), Berbers holed up in remote regions of North Africa and resisted all attempts at colonial domination until this century.

4. Their word for themselves, Imazighen, in their native language, Tamazight, means "Free men".

The men with blue-stained skin, by the way, are referred to as "Izegzaon"; the singular is "Azegzao".

And the only "Water of Life" (El-Ma Haya) I've had is homemade fig liquor.

Eric Poolman
House Irhaln
Former Peace Corps Volunteer/Morocco 
BG DISTRANS 02.22.00
Who Wants to Marry a 100aire? 

The Dune CCG club (aka Sietch Community) sits at 99 very active members. Who wants
to be 100? There's no prize, but you do get a forum to talk about Dune all day long with
very intelligent people. 

Stop by and view the latest topics. 
BG DISTRANS 02.15.00
Dune Economics, Thesis Published

Things were a little hectic yesterday here on Wallach IX. Almost all of the Sister's Ancestral Memories inserted themselves into their psyches and demanded that they all remember an ancient Terra holiday referred to as Valentine's Day. All day long I watched Bene Gesserit women shed their aba robes, running around the planet naked and mating with their breeding partners (more than usual). Must be something air. 

Anyway, back to business. Eric Poolman of House Irhaln writes a document on the Economics of Dune and Control Arrakis Decks, which has been added to the Archive link. The document first appeared in the Sietch Community Dune CCG Club.
BG DISTRANS 02.12.00
Smuggler's Trade Has More To Offer

A couple of new additions to the message board, Smuggler's Trade dedicated to providing a resource for all of your Dune card trading needs.

Please check it out.
BG DISTRANS 02.10.00
Corrino Get Tough, New Deck

Eric Poolman makes his contribution to the Deck Library by adding one mighty force of a deck. With about a billion Corrino personas, you know your domain is going to have quite a bit of muscle power. Stop in and read up on Eric's Stifle the Insurgency Corrino deck.
BG DISTRANS 02.01.00
Transcript of Dune CCG Diplomacy (Backstabbing)

Ever wonder what players talk about behind your back during a game? The email transcripts of the communication between all of the players in the first play by email is now available online for public viewing. You get to see all of the scheming, treachery and backstabbing (all the great things) that went on in the first Dune CCG PBeM. Emails such as this gem that got misdirected to the wrong House:

I am House Tuek. I have already taken my turn. I suspect your distrans is directed at your rivals, House Delphin. Thank you for the knowledge of the plans you are about to inact against House Tuek. As we see it, House Delphin poses more of a threat and showing their Act of Cowardice would be a more appropriate plan. If you choose to reveal my Acts of Cowardice instead, I fear you will be ultimately losing to House Delphin.

Ah, technology's effect on how we live and making it easier to mistake identities. This and other pbem related information can be found in the Play by Email section.
BG DISTRANS 01.17.00
Get Your Dune Singles

If you've ever done ebay, check it out this week. Massive dune singles for sale. Thanks to Padishah Lapdog, the ebay junkie.
BG DISTRANS 01.15.00
Another Water Seller Addition to Deck Library

The second edition of Top Deck came out last month and in it contained Russell Keenan's Water Seller's play deck. Russell was nice enough to email me a copy of it for the Chapterhouse Times' Deck Library. The Water Sellers Budget deck is now on display.
You're Not Dead - BG DISTRANS 01.04.00
Chapterhouse Times Reopens Smuggler's Trade

For those looking for a place to make your Dune Trades, I have set up a forum that is somewhat accomodating to your needs. I'm hoping Yahoo can add some features in the near future to make things a little more organized, but until then, use the Smuggler's Trade link, listed as a part of the Main Menu now, to post all of your card needs.

Changes to the Menu

I moved the DuneCCG Club link into the Main Menu and retitled it Sietch Community. The Rules link moved up and is now Collected Rulings, Errata was moved with it. PBEM was moved and is spelled out, Play By Email and finally the Card Store link was moved as well and is now called Card Sellers Union.

Water Sellers Represented in Deck Library

Come out of your bunkers. Power grids didn't shutdown. Nuclear facilities didn't meltdown. Commercial airlines didn't fall down. You're ok.

The Padishah Lapdog (Keane R. Peterson) has added a Water Sellers deck to the Deck Library to compliment the Water Sellers Strategy Guide he wrote. If you have any decks you'd like to publish, send them to me to be posted in the Deck Library for all to see. The Strategy Guides can be found in the Archive section.

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