This page is all about Card Captor Sakura music. These songs and music background are very beautiful, and I hope you all can enjoy them ! . (The following may sound a bit hypocritical, but this seems to be the standard disclaimer, and I'd like to be able to continue this site... ^^; ) These mp3's are for *evaluation purposes only!* After 24 hours from the point the download finishes, you must delete these files unless you own the album or single 
the songs come from or you've already bought the album.
Please download one by one! Don't download multiple songs at once! If you do that I'll banned your IP ! 
Please give chance to another visitor!


                               CD   FULL  VERSION 
Track 1 UMP3 3.41MB
Track 2 UMP3 1.57MB
Track 3 UMP3 2.48MB
Track 4 UMP3 2.17MB
Track 5 UMP3 1.56MB
Track 6 UMP3 1.93MB
Track 7 UMP3 1.10MB
Track 8 UMP3 1.12MB
Track 9 UMP3 1.10MB
Track 10 UMP3 3.97MB
Track 11 UMP3 1.53MB
Track 12 UMP3 1.07MB
Track 13 UMP3 1.10MB
Track 14 UMP3 2.51MB
Track 15 UMP3 4.21MB
Track 16 UMP3 1.63MB
Track 17 UMP3 986KB
Track 18 UMP3 2.60MB
Track 19 UMP3 2.41MB
Track 20 UMP3 3.89MB
Track 21 UMP3 1.57MB
Track 22 UMP3 1.57MB
Track 23 UMP3 1.63MB
Track 24 UMP3 1.54MB
Track 25 UMP3 1.77MB
Track 26 UMP3 3.91MB


                               CD   FULL  VERSION 
Track 1 UMP3 1.56MB
Track 2 UMP3 3.41MB
Track 3 UMP3 1.05MB
Track 4 UMP3 1.04MB
Track 5 UMP3 1.92MB
Track 6 UMP3 1.61MB
Track 7 UMP3 1.41MB
Track 8 UMP3 1.56MB
Track 9 UMP3 1.49MB
Track 10 UMP3 0.99MB
Track 11 UMP3 1.32MB
Track 12 UMP3 1.97MB
Track 13 UMP3 1.22MB
Track 14 UMP3 1.67MB
Track 15 UMP3 4.65MB
Track 16 UMP3 1.00MB
Track 17 UMP3 1.10MB
Track 18 UMP3 1.82MB
Track 19 UMP3 1.48MB
Track 20 UMP3 1.88MB
Track 21 UMP3 3.89MB
Track 22 UMP3 789KB
Track 23 UMP3 1.53MB
Track 24 UMP3 1.61MB
Track 25 UMP3 1.40MB
Track 26 UMP3 1.52MB
Track 27 UMP3 1.47MB
Track 28 UMP3 3.29MB

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