we are evil and we have no culture - right? well, at one point we did have a culture, which has since been ruined by degeneracy, miscegenation, etc... but it's been destroyed. we can only reminisce about the likes of family values and virtue. if more people realised what >they< did to our society then maybe we could reclaim it, maybe there would be hope. but as it is it's pretty much a crime to even insinuate that there has been any sort of tradition lost, or that >they< aren't as innocent as they try to make out. we aren't allowed to be proud of ourselves and it's >them< who perpetuate the propaganda that forces us to hate our own kind and convinces everyone that loving who we are is somehow against every other kind of person in the world.

what these people don't know is that the more they try and make us hate ourselves, the harder it will bounce back and we will only start to believe the opposite of what they say - resist all authority. they condemn us and thus create us. in my own case, i found that every time >they< tried to get me to hate myself and my race i was frustrated at them, the people sharing that bullshit, and eventually i cracked under that and went from one extreme (hardline antifa communist) to the one they told me was the most evil of all - national socialism. even i find it unbelievable sometimes, but what did anybody expect? tell me i should hate myself and i'll end up hating you.