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These are some images from one of my favorite vacation spots.

©Robert Sizelove2006

From another era

Found this neat old horse drawn hayrake in a wooded area of the island in 1984. This rake would have been used when folks of an earlier time would mowed the hay fields with a horse drawn sickle, and gleaned hay and straw for the winter. This one was probably used during the early part of 1900's. It has sat here unused for a very long time, and since become trapped in what is now an untilled woodland area. During a walk in the woods this past fall (2016), I noticed the rake still sets there. Farming ceased on this island just when WWII broke out. So, the last caretaker on this island was about 1941.

©Robert Sizelove2007

June Sunset

Every sunset on Lake Erie is beautiful and unique. Each evening paints a slightly different, but fresh palette of color in the sky.

©Robert Sizelove2006- Perry Monument

Ottawa County Island

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©Robert Sizelove 2007

The Fisherman

This photo of a dear friend, circa 1920, taken on the shores of Lake Erie.

©Robert Sizelove2006

Sunset on Lake Erie

©Robert Sizelove1996

My first cemetery project Zion Church Cemetery, Salt Creek Twp., Hocking Co., OH This cemetery contains many of my VanFossen & related ancestors.

©Robert Sizelove2006

Flower Gardens

Geb Sr.'s Roses & Hollyhocks

©Robert Sizelove2006

Roses & Hollyhocks

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