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These are some images from one of my favorite vacation spots.

©Robert Sizelove2006

From another era

Found this neat old horse drawn hayrake in a wooded area of the island. This rake would have been used when folks of an earlier time would hand cut, and glean hay and straw for the winter. This one was probably used during the early part of 1900's. It has sat here unused for a very long time, and since become trapped in what is now an untilled and since woodland area. During a walk in the woods this past fall (2016), I noticed the rake still sets there.

©Robert Sizelove2007

June Sunset

Every sunset on Lake Erie is beautiful and unique. Each evening paints a slightly different, but fresh palette of color in the sky.

©Robert Sizelove2006

Ottawa County Island

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©Robert Sizelove 2007

The Fisherman

This photo of a dear friend, circa 1920, taken on the shores of Lake Erie.

©Robert Sizelove2006

Sunset on Lake Erie

©Robert Sizelove1996

My first cemetery project Zion Church Cemetery, Salt Creek Twp., Hocking Co., OH This cemetery contains many of my VanFossen & related ancestors.

©Robert Sizelove2006

Flower Gardens

Geb Sr.'s Roses & Hollyhocks

©Robert Sizelove2006

Roses & Hollyhocks

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