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Streets of Rage Remake (also known as Bare Knuckle Remake) was released by Bombergames in 2011 for Windows. The game has 18 playable characters. It has all of the playable characters from the first three games, including Adam from Streets of Rage 1 (who was redesigned to have special moves like the characters in Streets of Rage 2 and 3). The game was programmed from scratch (i.e. there was neither reverse engineering nor code taken from the originals). Development occurred from 2003, with over 20 collaborators. Just a few days after its release, Bombergames had to pull the game from its website because Sega gave them a cease-and-desist order (despite Sega not having released a new Streets of Rage game since 1994). .

Download Streets of Rage Remake v5
Download Update Patch v5.0a
Download Update Patch v5.1
Smart FPG Editor
Change language
SORR v5.1 BMP Resources
Annet Character by Vanza Crandle
SoR1 Axel Classic Character by SpideyKeiiti, Puzirkov, and Serrr
v5.1 COMPLETE data folder .zip

Download Streets of Rage Remake v4.01b
Windows Vista / Windows 7 Patch
All SORR Betas in one package
Now for a special surprise! All SORRv4 character mods!

Download Streets of Rage Remake v52_rev550
Download Streets of Rage Remake v52_rev550(Update)
Is your Streets of Rage Remake 5.2 up-to-date?
DOWNLOAD v52 SAVEGAME Credits to Sshadow5001
v5.2 COMPLETE data folder


Streets of Rage ROM Hacks!
Sor2 & Sor3 Hacks.rar (109Mb)
Streets of Rage Hack By Klares.rar (34Mb)
Kratus's SoR2 Hacks.zip (3Mb)
SOR2_ALL_HACKS_2017.rar (Kratus)(9Mb)
Streets of Rage 2 - Hack Sonic the Hedgehog.rar (Sonic Wars)(1.2Mb)
Streets of Rage 2: Mortal Kombat CX.rar (1.5Mb)



The Streets of Rage trilogy was released on the Sega Megadrive / Genesis from 1991 to 1994. The games gained a cult following, enough to spawn fan-games i.e. unofficial Streets of Rage games created by fans. Many of the fan-games were developed using the OpenBoR (Open Beats of Rage) 2D game engine (which can be found sourceforge.net).
Rage of the Streets
Rage of the Streets is a remake of the Streets of Rage series, using the OpenBoR (Open Beats of Rage) 2D game engine.
Bare Knuckle Vacuum (v3.01)
Bare Knuckle Vacuum (v.4.01)
Bare Knuckle Vacuum introduces new moves for each character, including a move similar to the magic attacks in Golden Axe. There are four playable characters: Axel, Blaze, Shiva (Mr X’s bodyguard from Streets of Rage 2) and Yuki (an unlockable character). Max (from Streets of Rage 2) occasionally appears as an NPC (non-playable character). The characters can pick up and use guns.
Bare Knuckle VI
Bare Knuckle VI: Turn The Tide
Bare Knuckle VI was intended as a sequel to Bare Knuckle Vacuum. It is a game for up to four players. There are six playable characters: Axel, Blaze, Adam, Max, Zan and Shiva. Much of the game text is in Chinese.

Streets of Rage Z: Return of the Hero
Streets of Rage Z 2
Streets of Rage Z: Return of the Hero is a game for up to four players. Much of the game text is in Chinese. There are six playable characters: Axel, Blaze, Adam, Max, Shiva and DKnight (a new character).

Shiva & Lisa
Shiva & Lisa is a Streets of Rage spin-off fan-game, which has two playable characters: Shiva and Lisa (bosses from Streets of Rage 2 and 3). The ‘juggle’ gameplay feature is introduced, which allows special combo attacks to be performed.

Shiva & Lisa 2
Shiva & Lisa 2, introduces ground-to-air combos.

Shiva & Lisa 3
Shiva & Lisa 3 [v.3.0 Build 2635].7z
Shiva & Lisa 3 has four playable characters: Shiva, Lisa, Shin and Mona.
Note: This game works with build 2635. Link has been updated

Streets of Rage Silent Storm
Streets of Rage Silent Storm has vastly different graphics to the original Streets of Rage games, with custom sprites rendered from 3D models.

Final Rage Chaos
Final Rage Chaos is a Streets of Rage / Final Fight cross-over. There are five playable characters: Axel and Blaze (from Streets of Rage), and Haggar, Guy and Cody (from Final Fight).

Hulk vs Streets of Rage
In addition to playable characters from the original series, Hulk vs Streets of Rage also has the Incredible Hulk as a playable character.

Bare Knuckle: The Next Generation
Bare Knuckle: The Next Generation features the usual cast of playable characters (including Adam from Streets of Rage 1). The story scenes are written in Slovakian

Streets of Rage XXX
Streets of Rage XXX is a game for up to four players, but was designed specifically for four players. There are 10 playable characters including newcomers Allen (an ex-convict) and Deejay (from Super Street Fighter 2)

Streets of Rage 4
Streets of Rage 4 is a Streets of Rage fan-game with hand-painted sprites, backgrounds and cutscene artworks.

Prototype Mod

Las Calles de la Rabia

Chinese School

Streets of Rage Plus

SOR: The Lost Levels

Nas8400's Mod

The Chase is On

SOR: The VR Missions


SOR IV: Rage in Time

The Return of Mr. X

Streets of Rage: Manhunt

Way of the Warrior

The Rise of the Black Dragon

Crocodile Isle of Rage

Final Rage Trilogy

A Syndicate Story

The Hydra

SoR1 Collection for V5 Vecta  
SoR2 Collection for V5 U  
SoR3 Ultimate Mod for V5  
Gangs of Fury  
Double Dragon Remake  
SOR3: Adam's Story Extended  
SoR - At The Movies  
H.U.N.T.E.R MotYv.10  
v4 Remake  
Streets of Rage Megamix 1 2  
Golden Rage v2  
The Aftermath  
Streets of Rage - Vendetta  
Operation Nightsweeper  
Path of Shadow Dancer  
Streets of Rage: Dead on Arrival  
Brutal Justice  
Rushing Beat Remake  
Metal Slug SE  
Mods by Cm_Blast  
Double Dragon II Advanced Mix  
For Justice  
For Justice 2  
My Streets Of Rage I  
My Streets Of Rage II  
Syndicate Chaos 1  Palettes  
Syndicate Chaos 2  
Syndicate Chaos 3  
Vendetta: Dead End  Palettes  
Burning Fight Remake  
Combatribe Remake  
Dragon Unit Remake  
Fists of the Street D.F 1.2  
Fists of the Street 2  
Battle For Rio 1  
Battle For Rio 2  
Bad Girls club  
Final Rage [Original]  
Halloween Night  
Christmas Odyssey  
Battle Dash  
Neon Park  
Sailor Moon - Returns Sailors  
Happy new year 2017  
Sailor Moon  
Evil Elle RETURNS  
Search Rudra  
Mega Battle  
Sor Mortal Kombat  
Sor Turtles Hyperstone Heist  
Evil Elle  
Death Shiva (Hard Mod)  
Cazalbe's Adventure  
Crime City  
Manhattan Dealers  
Dark of the Moon  
Eight Worlds of Rage (Hard Mod)  
Streets of Gotham  
Riot City Remake Beta v3.0  
Evil City ep.1  
Evil City ep.2  
Rise of Lucia  
SoRR Beta Revival  
Yume Nikki  
Bare Knuckle Next Generation  
Syndicate Chaos The Darkside Chronicles  

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