Milestone 1

The Spar by Zach Sherwood

Summary - My site is going to be a few pictures of my hunting adventures with some titles explaining what it is

Content - The site will contain pictures downloaded from my phone with some words describing the picture

Competition - Pinterest: I like how Pinterest has the photos with some description of the photo below it. One thing I dont like is that you have to click on the photo to get the full description. I want my website to be one main page with all the information.

Purpose - Users should care about this because it is going to give them inspiration to go out and have fun as well as make their own photo gallery for their family to see.

Desired results - I would like my users to look at the site and smile about all the past times that are in it. I want them to enjoy looking at me and my family and friends success out in the mountains.

Target audience - The people that are going to be visiting my site are going to be my family and friends. They are from ages 15 years old to 80 years old. I would think that more of my female friends and family will look at the site so that they get inspiration to do it for their own family as well.