This page houses a few select works of art by a mysterious eccentric craftsman known as Luke. Those Jazz wiki admins aren't woke enough to comprehend his intellectual excellence. His works mainly focus on fan-made characters for the totally rad smash hit “Jazz Jackrabbit 3D”.

Fan-made Jazz characters:

Fan-made (re)designs for Jazz's sons:


“His unofficial design was inspired by Robert "Vanilla Ice" Matthew Van Winkle Rapper from estimate since circa Anno Domini of year of 1980's-1990's.

His hairstyle was inspired by Duke Nukem videogame series,in reality by Cristopher Rutkowski,G-Man from Half-Life series,Tough Guy from MOTHER/EarthBound series,Blonde Guy Male NPC from Zombies Ate My Neighbors,Johnny Bravo(Elvis Presley impersonator).”


“His unofficial redesign was inspired by David Hasselhoff from original Bay Watch tv mini-series.”


“His royal unofficial original design was inspired by Hiphop fashion,trend from circa estimate since Anno Domini of year of 1980's-1990's. Most likely his royal brother Prince Coldano Earlong.”


“Her hairstyle original unofficial design was inspired by Hatsune Miku,Sailor Moon,Dee Dee from Dexter's Lab,Harley Queen.

Her royalty dress outfit was inspired by Sleeping Beauty.”


“His original unofficial redesign was inspired by Aldous Huxley book novel Brave New World portrayal of tribal melancholic people,Borneo Monkey memes about stereotypical Poles polish people obesse alchoholics,suffering with PTSD,OCD,ADHD,hipocritical schizophrenia,antisemitic,neurotic more like Ozjasz Goldberg also known as John Korwin-Mikke who and when he retired from politics during Covid-19 pandemy,outbreak. He has wearing short T-Shirt. I won't wait for Epic Games,CCP,People Can Fly,Tencent. When Epic Games will make their own old IP title popular I won't be waiting for eons to see that when we all gonna die. Anyway Prince Homey Earlong loves drinking carrot alcochol a lot of for instance as an example Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty. So he's very often drunk. Just let me be like Takashi Iizuka and Ken Penders to future of Jazz Jackrabbit series. Let's hope administrators are not gonna delete my article. User Delacroix and I are interested in unofficial revival of Jazz Jackrabbit 3D. I wish we could collaborate. I think in fall of estimate since circa Anno Domini of year of 2021/2022 this game gonna unofficially finally ready. As full game version no more as tech demo. He loves drinking his carrot beer. Well I'm opened to administrators and moderators helping me I mean each other to upgrade I mean update this article unfortunetely to avoid copyrights infringement,NDA,DMCA it has to been done tremendously quickly. I would be excited to collaborate with them. It would such big pleasure to be Earlong's dynasty royal guard I'm better than Undertale Papyrus the Skeleton.”

“I guess my mindblowing commented text post speech disallowed you verbally” ‒Luke, 2021

Let me outta here!!!

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