Syed Mahmood Mohiuddin


Sensei Syed Mahmood Mohiuddin joined karate in the year of 1994; he is 2nd Dan Black Belt and Chief Instructor and Examiner of Yamaguchi karate International Hyderabad India.

Syed Mahmood MohiuddinParticipate in so many championships in successfully like First A.P Open Karate Breaking Championship Under the Auspices of the A.P. Olympic Association on 2000. And many more he have so far won lot of local events, which comprises of the National Events in the India too. Sensei Syed Mahmood Mohiuddin has trained so many student including police and government officer and more of them have given performance in main city of Hyderabad – India. On Completion of the training student are awarded and honored by the academy which is registered by the government of Andhra Pradesh- India.

He has devoted his full time for the art. R.K Krishna Grand master and Founder of Yamaguchi Karate International and Chief Instructor of Sensei Syed Mahmood Mohiuddin Give coaching to police recruits and defense people.

Sensei Syed Mahmood Mohiuddin has been in the art of Karate-Doh for 8 Years, He has had Experience of training in various Martial Arts Under the Guidance of R.K. Krishna Grand Master and Founder of Yamaguchi karate International 6th Degree Black Belt in Gojo Ryu Style.
Sensei Syed Mahmood Mohiuddin in has been training in Martial Arts since 1994 Under the Following Masters

(1)Syed Rehan Ahmed – 3th Dan Black Belt (1994 –1997)
(2)R.K. Krishna – 6th Dan Black Belt Grand Master of Y.G.K.I (1997-1998)


  • 1998 – Black Belt In Hyd-Under Grand Master R.K. Krishna 6th Den Black Belt
  • 2000 – Black Belt 1st Dan In Hyd -Under Grand Master R.K. Krishna 6th Dan Black Belt

  • 2002 – Black Belt 2nd Dan In Hyd -Under Grand Master R.K. Krishna 6th Dan Black Belt

  • 2003 – Black Belt 2nd Dan Martial Arts Association-International. (MAA-I). Certified by the International Founder & Head Master Council Grand Master Bernd Hohle.

  • 2003 – Black belt 2nd Dan World II-Do-Kwan Federation. Certified by the World President Dr.A.P Davies 8th Dan
  • 2003 – Black Belt 2nd Dan International Martial Arts Academies. Certified by the Founder & Chief Instructor Master Mike Vamplew.
  • 2003 – Black Belt 2nd Dan International Combat Aikido & Jujitsu Federation. 1st Dan Nagashimatsu-Te Aikibudo Humbo Dojo 1st Dan in Combat Aikido Certified by the President & Founder Soke Jorge L Garcia-Ortiz.
  • 2003 – Black belt 2nd Dan K.I.K.A/K.B.M.A. Certified by the Founder Soke David Kacperski Master.
  • 2003 – Black belt 2nd Dan Tamashii Ryu Kempo Karate-Do & Kobudo Federation.(TRKF)Certified by the Founder Josι R. Planas-Huertas.
  • 2003 – Black belt 2nd Dan World Elite Black Belt Society.(WEBBS) Certified by the Founder Shihan Bryan Cheek.
  • 2003 – Black belt 2nd Dan, Combat Self Defence Academy.(CSDA) Certified by the Founder John Paul Corrigan. .
  • 2004 – Black belt 2nd Dan Valandez Kenpo Association.(VKA) Certified by the Founder Lawrence Valandez.
  • 2004 – Black belt 2nd Dan Elite Freestyle Karate & Kick-Boxing.(EFKKI) Certified by the Founder Gordon Scott-Russell.
  • 2004 – Black belt 1st Dan, World Karate Federation in Style Koga Ryu Ninjitsu Black, Dragon Fighting Society.(BDFS) Certified by the Founder Soke Stoffel van Vuuren.
  • 2004 – Black belt 1st Dan, True Force International Martial Arts Alliance.(TFIMA) Certified by the Founder Michael Hornsby.


    Austria, Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Europe, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Iran, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Scotland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, United Kingdom.


    Sensei Syed Mahmood Mohiuddin aim to participate at International Championships and win at least a gold medal for his Country India, Sensei Syed Mahmood Mohiuddin is from Middle Class family, he is seeking for good sponsor for his future championship.

    JOB TARGET: Martial arts Instructor

    CAPABILITY: Design Beginners, Intermediate and advance Karate Classes with the added Knowledge of Self-defense & Self-discipline.


  • All India Full Contact Karate Championship – 1997, 1st Place

  • 1st A.P.Open Karate Breaking Championship – 2000, 2nd Place

  • 5th National Open Karate Championship – 2000, 1st Place

  • 1st A.P.State Level Karate Championship – 2000, 1st Place

  • 1st A.P.Open to All Styles Karate Championship – 1999, 1st Place

  • State Level Open to All Martial Arts Championship – 2001,1st Place

  • Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad Sports Section – 1997,1st Place

  • Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad Sports Section – 1999,Instructor of the Year

  • International Martial Arts Academies (England,UK)–2003,International Instructor of the Award.

  • Professor Gerardo B.Alcuizar Sr,PHd MA Authentication Officer of the Department of Martial Arts Affairs,Formar University Physical Education Instructor Certified as a “Doctor of Martial Arts Philosophy in the Asian Martial Arts” of the WOMA,U.S.A.Word Organizer of Martial Arts.

    Educational Qualification : B.Com (Osmania University Hyderabad).
    Height : 5.9 Inch
    Weight : 85 Kegs

    Syed Mahmood M
    Syed Mahmood Mohiuddin
    Yamaguchi Karate International
    H.No:16-4-206 ,Malakpet,
    Hyderabad – 500 024
    Andhra Pradesh,India.

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    Written By: Syed Ali Mohammed Hussain, 2006. Hyderabad – A.P. India.
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