Flesh and Wire

Flesh & Wire

From the creators of Postal, the game that had many a parent and 'old guy' up in arms over it's content and plot to go around shooting innocent bystanders, Running With Scissors is back with yet another weird but downright kewl game by the name of Flesh & Wire.
Flesh & Wire puts you in the 'shoes' of Angus the half-cop, a man only defined as a policeman by the badge that he wears. This guy is crooked and useless, and has the peanut-sized brain to match. While 'resting his eyes' one day, the Earth gets taken over by a mass of alien lifeforms, devouring everything in sight. Angus awakes to find his lower half being eaten away by a great gob of slime, which after much thought and convincing, becomes his lower half slave, and aids him in destroying the aliens and search for the supreme bad guy.

Flesh & Wire is just oozing with kewl features. From reading all the info on the Official Site, you'll be able to control Angus and the blob in so many fun ways! Use the attached blob as a ladder to reach high places, a bungee to get down from high places, and a shield to protect Angus from extraterrestrial deviants. A range of weapons, including the slime, will be included, along with a large range of very original characters to exterminate. All these kewl features, and the graphics which I have no idea on haven't even been explained yet. The only thing representing something very cool in this area is a quote simply saying:
Oh yeah� can you say "next generation platform"?

No set release date at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled for more info.

Thanks to Running With Scissors and The Official Flesh & Wire Site for this info!
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