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Welcome to my new and improved MK website. Plans are in the immediate future, next year, I will host my own website and forum board. Now my focus is totally on MK right now since it seems to be very intriguing at this age.

I'm also looking for a partner to help me with all of this as well so, if your into Mortal Kombat as well as I am, I will be accepting you as my co-admin for my site. If you think you have what it takes to be my co-admin, I will ask for your complete name, why you would like to be my admin, and what do you know about MK. I also will give a little quiz to test your knowledge because I want the best.

Here's who I'm looking for.
Co-Admin: Open
Co-Mod: Open
Sprite Ripper: Open

And the Forums, I'm looking for
Forum Director: Open
2 Admins: All open.
4 Moderators: All open.

For applications Click the right bar. 

For Co-Admin


For Co-Mod.


For Forum


For Sprite Rip.


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