Which OS-tan are you?
1. The alarm goes off in the morning. Your first thought is:
“Oh no, I'm late!”
“Good morning world!”
*sigh* “Another hard day of work…”
“Time to get up and fight evil!”
*Yawn, stretch* “Time to show off.”
“I want to hide under the covers more…”
“What’s for breakfast?”
“Is anyone around?”
“I’m up, I’m up…”
“I don’t wanna get up”

2. You get out of bed and start to get dressed. Today you are wearing:
“A nice, comfortable, yukata.”
“I wanted to wear my dress, but it has a stain on it… where are my socks?! Why can’t I find my hairbrush?!”
“A long coat, some high boots, my glasses.”
“My armor, horned helmet, and spear.”
“Something cute and casual, probably a pleated skirt. And my box, of course.”
“Something cute and a bit space-age, with my favorite logo.”
“I’m not dressed yet…”
“something a bit tight or skimpy, because I know I can pull it off.”
“sexy schoolgirl style, and my favorite hairclip.”
“It doesn’t really, matter, does it? No one will notice me anyway…”

3. Now that you’re dressed, you check your reflection in the mirror. How do you look?
“Cute, I guess, but mostly nondescript and forgettable. But I like it that way.”
“Cute, a nice figure, and I’m ready to go!”
“I’m pretty cute, when I’m not hiding in my box.”
“People say I’m cute, but I don’t see it… look at my hair! And I need a shower! And I’m still running late!”
“Yup, I’m cute!”
“I’m cute in more quiet and mature sort of way.”
“I’m probably cute, but I’m too busy to look in the mirror.”
“I am a catgirl. How can I not be cute?”
“I have a mysterious charm. And I’m probably pretty cute, too.”
“I’m a bit on the short side, but I have a nice chest and even people who don’t like me say I’m cute.”

4. Okay, so you’re pretty cute. Now how about some breakfast?
“Just something normal, like cereal or applesauce.”
“Does it really matter?”
“A proper Japanese breakfast for me, I think.”
“An apple, of course!”
“Something quick and healthy.”
“No time for breakfast! There’s work to be done!”
“I don’t really need to eat much…”
“Yes, please! Pancakes, eggs, toast, sausage, orange juice, milk, cereal, and maybe some fresh fruit. Is there seconds?”
“I don’t have time for breakfast… but I’m so hungry… but I don’t want to be late again… but…”
“A quick high-powered breakfast to prepare me for the day ahead!”

5.Okay, now off to work! Are you a good worker?
“I’m a good worker, but I’m not the most socially adept.”
“Good enough, I guess.”
“Most of the time, though I do have my quirks.”
“I’m sort of daydreamy, but I never have any important work anymore, so it’s okay.”
“I have to be, with these lunatics around.”
“No one knows, now do they?”
“I can handle massive workloads with grace and charm, but when I take on too much, sometimes I have to drop everything.”
“I’m an expert at behind the scenes work.”
“I’m not as good as some people think, but I’m attractive and easy to work with, at least.”
“No! I miss deadlines, I’m always late… why am I such a spaz?!”

6. Work can be quite stressful. Just how stable are you?
“Pretty stable, but when I lose it, you don’t want to be anywhere near me.”
“Easily the most stable in my family… but that’s not really saying much.”
“I’m probably not well-suited for any sort of high-stress work.”
“No one’s ever seen me crash. Then again, how many of you have actually seen me?”
“Not stable at all! I’m always crying, or spazzing out, or forgetting things.”
“I’m usually pretty stable until I blow up your monitor.”
“I’m okay most of the time, I guess.”
“I’m very stable, but most people don’t really notice me anyway.”
“I’m famed for it. Not that I quite live up to my reputation, but usually you can count on me.”
“I’m supposed to be, but actually I don’t handle stress all that well, especially when I’m hungry.”

7. Well, how about siblings?
“My sisters await.”
“No, I am a loner.”
“Yes, and my older sister still helps me out with lots of things.”
“I’m a middle sister of a bunch. Plus I have my box.”
“Yup. I’m not the oldest, but I’m probably the most responsible.”
“Yes, I love my neechan-tachi!”
“Yes, but I sort of do my own thing.”
“Yes, lots of younger ones who I care about, even if they do steal all the attention from me.”
“Yup! I’m sort of jealous of my little sister, but I help her out as best I can.”
“I’m not really sure if you can call them siblings, but I do feel like an important member of the family.”

8. So how do you feel about rival OSs?
“The apple girls will die!”
“I get along okay with the apple girls.”
“I battle daily to bring about the downfall of windows.”
“Um? Apples are okay I guess… I don’t really think about them much.”
“I don’t love the windows girls, but I’ve learned to work with them.”
“I usually keep my distance from macs.”
“I hate Windows!!!”
“Meh. I can deal with apples. They don’t impress me, though.”
“They usually don’t pay any attention to me…”
“The Apple girls will someday fear my coming… if I ever come.”

9. So, are you popular?
“Well, I’m really spazzy sometimes, but some people really like me anyway.”
“Not really, but nobody hates me either.”
“Nobody notices or pays attention, and that’s fine by me.”
“I’m not as popular as some, but all the cool artistic people like me.”
“My sister has stolen a lot of my fans, but lots of people still love me.”
“People know I’m reliable, even if I’m not their favorite.”
“Most people don’t know or like me much, but those who like me are devoted.”
*sigh* “I was quite popular once…”
“I’d definitely say so.”
“Nobody knows…”

10.And now the question no quiz is complete without: what is your favorite color?
“Black and white, or possibly red.”
“Light blues and purples.”
“Navy and blue-grey.”
“That information is classified.”
“Good, solid blue.”
“I’m not much for colors… grey, I guess.”
“I love all colors, but I’m especially fond of wearing white.”
“The primary colors, especially blue.”

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