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This my old Blog its

Talk correlation to 2005 August America New Orleands city Hurricane....

other major notes I put here, geocities..


------about 2001 Neew York City Terror atack,,,sep-11 Twin Tower collapesed... 

its TWO planes....TWO planes first time its 2001 April 1 EP3 中美-撞机 China-America planes collision EP3...the name is 王伟 wang-Wei....

Then,,,u know what? 1999 Sep in ottawa job fair I meet one chinese guy , his name Same as 王伟..






because in 2014 Sep-Nov my address is, 123 Parlmerston ,toronto.

then u know...Jan 23 its China WuHan 武汉 pandemic.



about why 1999 July Falun gong call my mother by my high school classmate Li-hon-Ying name,,,

say because Beijing maybe suspicious that May 8 bomb chinese embassy..

maybe correlated with my May 4 my immigration TB certificate in Harbin..



This is my ID numbers. SIN 526 892 27(7)8 Health Card  544 4425 020 EE- DM Citizen Card. A980 89119 ODSP  216 197 533 ....I phoned CRA number yersterday at maxwell shelter...say No this SIN number...1989name-mingzhi,1999name-mingzi,2004name-X-Z-Y..


email: [email protected]



many others CORRELATIONS..

1999 Oct 5 london train derails killed 31 people in my birthday...right after I landing canada sep 3,1999..

2011 Oct 5 apple computer boss ,steven jobs dead on my birthday.,

2013 July 6 my travel to monteral first day...Lac-megantic explosion.

Orlando nightclub shooting.,.montreal shelter brother involved.

Las-vegus shootings its could be correlation too.

2014 Moncton shootings...

Humboldt Broncos bus crash 2018 aprill 6..

many personnel individual like prince charmings but not recommended to talk personnel.,.,


etc....maybe too many of thems., 


school ideas.

2020 Oct, use samsung cellphone send me Sun distance school ideas.

2013 Feb,,,,send me 2013 March 27 Geocentric horoscope at ottawa 176 beasoliel,

2013 in ottawa main library...also vison me learn Earth Map landmark...