This is for people who are wanting to save some space on their xbox hard drive by removing some unnecassary files in their xbox games. If you are here for the replacement bik file get it here, if you want to know what to do with it ;-) read on

A very comprehensive list of games that can be reduced in size can be found at chefelf's excellent "game trimming" site

Often there are .bik files that are in the game that are basically full motion video footage (developers intro, intro files, credits etc.) that take up considerable space but can't be deleted completely otherwise you'll get a dirty disc error.

I followed a tutorial on replacing such bik files, and rather than you having to carry out what I did I have provided a very small blank bik file that you guys can download and use.

I'll use Splintercell Pandora's Tomorrow as an example (wanted to bring it down to get another game on a multi)

Part of the files that can be trimmed are the movie replacement files which you can't just delete otherwise you get a dirty disk error.

From the pal version of the game:

Movie Replacements






To save some serious space you can replace them with other bik files. To create bik files do a search in google for Rad Tools that can convert many formats, avi, wmv, mpeg, bmp, jpeg to .bik files. You can do it your self with an input source of your own choosing but i converted a 640x480 blank black jpeg to a bik file which you guys can use here. (Relax its 1kB unzipped)

Unzip it and use it for every bik file (remembering to rename it exactly the same as the file you are replacing) I was a little concerned cos rad tools which is capable of playing back .bik files, couldn't play any of the original bik files, but i tested it with SCPT (the files mentioned above) and it worked.

Now when i load it up from hd or from the multi, There's no ubisoft logo, selecting credits from the main menu just returns you back to the main screen straight away, and when you start the game you don't get that intro movie of that dock/port in the sunset (sorry for the crap description).

This is the only game i tested it on, and I hope/assume that this method'll work for other games where replacing the bik file is an option. I'd suggest you rip the game to the hd fully, back up the files that can be replaced to somewhere on your pc or xbox hd, and try it before burning to disk.

I like this way rather than just reusing the smallest bik file there (this bik file is only 1k ) as i think getting the ubisoft logo when selecting the credits looks a little silly- plus this one saves more space.

Maybe if you guys try it with other games (making sure to back up orginal files) we can get a list going on what games this'll work with.

This is only a .bik replacement solution, .xmv's are a whole other issue and i'm not sure it'd be legal to even host a .xmv file even if i knew how to encode it (i can't so please don't email me asking either)

Worked for me with SCPT, but don't start flaming if it doesn't work for you and always be sure to make a back up- I won't be held responsible

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So Far the Games I know this will definitely work for are:

Splintercell Pandora Tomorrow (Pal-Multi)

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