Collaborative poetry by Norman Darlington with other poets

Evening Star
An Ura Shiro renga dedicated to the memory of William J. Higginson

The Light of Vermeer
A Nijuin renku composed on the occasion of the World Haiku Festival in Leeuwaden, Netherlands, with Ion Codrescu, Bruce Ross, Sylvia Forges-Ryan, Daniel Py, and John Snyder

La lumière de Vermeer
The above poem translated into French

She Brings Me Smoke
A Nijuin renku with Carole MacRury and John W Sexton
(The Scaldy Detail)

A Bowl of Oranges
A Triparshva renku with John W Sexton and Moira Richards

Un bol cu portocale
The above poem translated into Romanian

In From the Cold
A Triparshva renku with Frank Williams and Andrew Shimield
(Blithe Spirit)

Saint Brigid's Day
The first Triparshva to appear in English. With John Carley and Patricia Prime

Garlanding the Mallet
The first renku to be published in Ireland. A Jûnicho with Sheila Windsor and John Carley

Whiskey for the thing
A winter Jûnicho renku with John W. Sexton

Online elsewhere:

Things to do new
A zip shisan led by Eiko Yachimoto

Somewhere in this Vast Sea
A Junicho with Kathy Earsman and Ken Wanamaker

A Cup of Steam
A Triparshva with Herbert Jonsson, Sheila Windsor, and John Carley (sabaki)
(Simply Haiku - originally published in the Swedish Haiku Society's journal, Haiku)

Beneath Thin Snow
A Triparshva composed online at the Facebook Renku Group, using a hokku by Shohaku
(Simply Haiku)

Beneath Thin Snow - Notes
An annotated version of the above Triparshva
(Simply Haiku)

Uncrumpled Wings
A Triparshva led by Indian poet Kala Ramesh with a team of nine international poets.
(Muse India)

In the Foothills
A Triparshva led by US poet Linda Papanicolaou.

October's Moon
A New Shisan dedicated to the memory of William J. Higginson, written with Moira Richards
(Simply Haiku)

Floating on the Wind
The first renku to be published in India. A Triparshva written with Kala Ramesh, Rohini Gupta and Bhavani Ramesh

Backs to the Wind
A Triparshva written with Eiko Yachimoto, Karina Klesko, Betty Kaplan and John Daleiden

Our New Nano
A Junicho renku written with Susumu Takiguchi and others at the 9th World Haiku Festival, Bangalore, in February 2008.
(World Haiku Review)

Quintet for Neonlight
A Triparshva renku written with Gerd Börner, Angelika Wienert, Moira Richards and Sprite (Claire Chatelet).

Quintett für Neonlicht
The German text of the above renku.

A Plate Between Us
A New Shisan renku written with Jim Wilson, Lynne Rees, CW Hawes and others.

On Mother's Knees
A New Shisan renku written live during a Renku Day organised by Haiku Ireland in Club na Múinteoirí, Dublin in May 2007, with HI members and guests
(Haiku Ireland)

On Mother's Knees
A PDF version of the above, with photos and comments.

The Summer Grass
A Triparshva renku with John Carley, Hortensia Anderson, and Agnes Eva Savich
(Words on the Web)

Crows in Snow
A Triparshva renku with John Carley (sabaki), Johnye Strickland, Sheila Windsor, and Cheryl Crowley
(Haiku Ireland)

Springtime in Edo
A Kasen renku to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of Kikaku, one of the most highly regarded of Basho's disciples. Composed bilingually in Japanese and English, and led by Professor Nobuyuki Yuasa. Includes an audio file of Norman reading the poem.

The Hawk's Grand Swoop
A Triparshva renku reflecting India's classical six-season calendar, with Kala Ramesh and Yajushi.
(Simply Haiku)

The Hawk - Schematic
An annotated version of the above poem, illustrating how the Indian seasons have been incorporated.
(Simply Haiku)

The Click of Mahjong Tiles
A spring Kasen renku with William J. Higginson, John Carley, Hortensia Anderson and others.
(Renku Home)

Covered by the Wind
An interlingual Jûnicho renku in Croatian and English with Tomislav Maretić.
(Simply Haiku)

Pokriven Vjetrom
Croatian version of the above renku.
(Simply Haiku)

Kovrata de la Vento
Esperanto version of the above renku. This is the first renku to be published in Esperanto.
(Tempo: scanned)

Upright Stones
A Kasen with Jane Reichhold, Moira Richards, and others.

What have you done with my head?
A Triparshva with Kala Ramesh, Moira Richards, and Brian Zimmer.

Drinking from an Icicle
An interlingual Jûnicho renku in Russian and English with Zhanna P. Rader.

Whose nag is this?
An autumn Jûnicho renku with Carole MacRury
(World Haiku Review)

Let's raise our glasses!
an interlingual Jûnicho renku in Russian and English with Zhanna P. Rader, Karina Klesko and Hortensia Anderson.
(World Haiku Review)

Young Locust Pod
an interlingual Nijûin renku in Russian and English with Natalia Levi, Zhanna P. Rader, Yuri Runov, Natalya Sedenkova and Zinovy Vayman.
(World Haiku Review)

Through the Shadow
a Nijûin renku with Rachel Ní Shomacháin
(Simply Haiku)

Summer Dawn
a solo Jûnicho renku
(Simply Haiku)

The Triparshva
a proposal for a 22 verse renku pattern designed to facilitate a closer approximation of the classical style, than that afforded by other short patterns.
(Simply Haiku)

'The Triparshva permits far more subtlety than any other shortish pattern for renku' - John Carley

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