Why Wrestling?

By Stephen (HM001, Plymouth)

No doubt it would be true to say that most males would find this form of body-contact with a female a pleasurable experience - to say the least!

But how many fall under its spell to the extent of it being the most wonderful experience they could possibly imagine? One in a thousand, one in ten thousand? Even amongst heterosexual wrestling enthusiasts there is much variation as to the degree and the nature of the interest. Whilst some may wish to wrestle in a fairly gentle manner - a playful tussle so to speak - there are those who would choose a more authentic style in which classic holds are quite forcefully employed.

There may be complex reasons as to why some people are intensely excited by this sport, whilst for others it offers little or no excitement at all. But the following brief account of my own story suggests that a single incident at a young age can permanently shape and determine one's sexual fantasies.

When I was about 12 or 13 I found myself, quite unintentionally, in a wrestling situation with a strong, determined female. At that age I had the foolish notion that women were the weaker sex. So even though my eyes could see a formidable figure standing before me, the programming in my head was still saying "This is only a 'mere female', try not to hurt her or make her cry else you'll be in big trouble". In fact, although I didn't know it at the start of the encounter, not only was my opponent physically superior in every way, but also she was genuinely interested in wrestling and knew exactly how to apply a good many of the holds.

Within five minutes into the action, I began to realise that members of the opposite sex were not such delicate creatures after all. After 10 minutes she had me very much on the defensive. And by 20 minutes I was more or less at her mercy - although, being fairly supple in body, I was just about able to twist and wriggle out of danger.

There was, however, one hold in particular which she'd been trying to put me in for some time, and of which I had good reason to fear - I'd seen it from watching the wrestling on TV (Saturday afternoon at 4) and knew it was a very effective way of gaining a submission.

So here we were - me trying desperately to avoid being taken into what I knew must surely be one of the most painful wrestling holds, and Janet (yes, that was her name) equally determined to apply the Boston Crab and extract a submission by this means.

As Janet had a lot more stamina and was at least two stone heavier, you can probably guess the eventual outcome. But the point of my story is this: At some point in the aforementioned manoeuvres my thoughts and feelings were irreversibly changed (awakened). No longer was wrestling just another sport or physical activity. It had become fixed in my mind as the most pleasurable and exciting experience imaginable.