Know Your Holds

Ron Farrar (Ace Sports Promotions)

The Surfboard

The aim of this submission hold is to put so much pressure on the arms and on the spine of the opponent that a submission is obtained.

The best start to this move, if possible, is from a standing back arm stretch. Force the opponent onto the mat face downwards, then concentrate on the opponent's legs. Cross the opponent's feet as though going for a leg lock, rake the opponent's back and mount the opponent by sitting on the crossed legs. Seize the arms and begin to stretch as shown above.

Pull the arms back and thus by doing so one will lift the opponent's body. Make sure that the full weight is maintained on the legs of the victim so that a break out is impossible. The raising of the victim's body continues until the pressure on the spine and body gives the desired result.

This shows the painful effect this hold has, and it must be stressed that a complete release must be made as soon as the opponent has signalled their submission.

A variant of this hold is made by interlacing one's legs with the opponent's at the start of the hold, ensuring that the soles of one's feet are against the opponent's outer thighs. The hold is continued exactly as above but if no instant submission is forthcoming then the person applying the hold simply lays back until their own back is touching the mat and at the same time thrusting forward with the legs. This will have the effect of raising the victim over one's head at extended arm and leg height.

This hold in all its forms is very popular amongst all pro-wrestlers and was the one that gave Sue Brittain the B.W.A. ladies title in the final at Morley in January 1971. With the inception of the B.W.A. in 1970 a series of eliminators were held nationwide to find the B.W.A. male and female champions.

The final on the girls side was a showdown between Milica Milan and Sue Brittain. With the score at 1-1 in round six, Sue took the title with the very hold described above.