Know Your Holds

Ron Farrar (Ace Sports Promotions)

The Scissors

The scissors hold is a very effective hold that can be dangerous if misused. The effect of the hold is to constrict a part of the body, cause pain and thus obtain a submission or at least weaken one's opponent. The animation comes from the film Below the Belt.

The female on male body scissors shown to the right comes from a recording made from a a Bill Wicks video, Sportshape #SV6. You may be able to get this from L.Scott Sales Note the bent knee suggested by Scott Caruthers for safety whilst playing with this hold. Internet polls on the newsgroup usually produce this hold as the most popular.

Various parts of the body are vulnerable to this hold, the chief parts being the abdomen, the neck, the lower rib cage or the thigh. In female wrestling the bust is also sensitive to this hold.

Though there are standing versions of this hold, i.e. the person applying some on the mat whilst the opponent is standing, the effect is greatly diminished. The hold is essentially used when both parties are laid on the mat. The aim is to squeeze a part of the opponent's body between your legs and to lock the legs tightly around the part taken. The most dangerous parts to be taken are the lower rib cage and abdomen, as severe pressure on these parts can cause real harm. It is suggested that if a person is taken in such a hold (s)he submits before any real pressure is applied, so that no harm comes of the hold.

Applied across the upper chest to a male opponent, the hold is a waste of time as the pressure cannot ever cause a real submission. But in the case of a woman so taken the hold can bring a submission as it tightens across the bust.

The neck scissors, here illustrated in pro-bouts can be applied from the side as shown in the photo of Lady Satan taking Lynne Stevens.

Also it can be applied from the front of the body as shown in the photo of Akala Jan of India with such a hold on Sue Britain. For interest, both these illustrated holds brought submissions in the ring.

In friendly wrestling, it is imperative to apply the hold with caution and not to use full power.