Lili is one tough lady. She has to be. She earns her living by wrestling with men. No, don't stop reading here ... this is something different. She is powerful and sexy and loves the whole thing. She is in control. She calls the tune. No dates with clients, and certainly no sex ... not unless she decides to change her rules. Once she meets wealthy James Travers, she become hooked on him. He is good-looking, sexy and powerful and he loves to be dominated ... otherwise he'd never seek her services and keep coming back for more.

Who wouldn't change the rules for him? He's got it all. Everything a woman could possibly want. It comes as a shock to Lili to discover that her wrestling partner has his own agenda. He also likes to dominate. They both love the same things ... to dominate and to submit. A dream partnership just as long as they don't share the same needs at the same time. Then the sparks fly. Who will win? It becomes a case of mind games as well as the physical games.

Her manager and friend is Dexi, a real hunk who provides her with relief when she needs it. He is always concerned about her and takes very good care of her, if she lets him.

If you don't have your own dreams about sex and fun with more than a touch of fantasy, then you might not enjoy this book. If however, you crave something a little different and want a good turn-on, then here it is. Just take care your man doesn't grab it first, before you have time to enjoy the book to the full.

Incidentally, I would like to point out to American readers that the book was never officially published in the USA, but are now offering it through their re-seller program with shipping from within the USA. Click here to buy it this way.