Know Your Holds

Ron Farrar (Ace Sports Promotions)

The Hammerlock.

This extremely popular move is quite legal and is fine of the oldest moves in wrestling. It is a very simple yet effective hold. The opponents arm is bent at the elbow, forced behind his back and then bent from the wrist to the elbow and forced up the back until a submission is wrung out of the opponent.

The following illustrations amply show the style and effect of this age old move.

The illustration above shows Sue Brittain making full use of the hold, besides giving Lady Dawn a lot of pain with the twist of the arm she is adding to its effect by humiliatingly walking her around the ring.

The second illustration shows Vicky Montrose combining the hammerlock with a scarf hold, Miss Akala Jan is in obvious trouble with the hold.

The third illustration shows a small variation of the hold, here Lady Satan has the hammer lock on a seated Akala Jan. Akala having gone down to the mat was followed down by Lady Satan who then clamped on the hammer and is shown giving Miss Jan a painful time as can be seen from Miss Jan's expression, in close up.